Building Permits Required While Remodeling

Everyone who has encountered home remodeling, redevelopment of rooms, and any construction activity understands all the subtleties of obtaining a building permit. Most of these projects require such permits since home remodeling is an energy-consuming process.

As a rule, even when selling real estate, many homeowners do everything possible to increase the cost of the house. It includes various repair projects and reconstruction. However, unfortunately, obtaining construction permits requires not only money but also time. Before you get such a paper, be ready for some difficulties.
In this article, you will learn about building permits and ways to get these documents. Moreover, the overview describes many remodeling projects during the implementation of which you will need a construction permit.


Projects required building permits

In general, the building regulations for remodeling vary from state to state. Therefore, before the reconstruction of the house, review the building regulations of the state in which you live.
You may get a permit from the relevant municipal institution by applying. Otherwise, if you do not get a building permit, you will not remodel the house.

Indeed, you will need a permit for the following repairs:

  • Installing any new electrical wiring
  • Addition and dismantling of load-bearing walls
  • Installing the fence at a certain height
  • Construction of decking at a certain height
  • Roof replacement
  • For any actions with the sewer line
  • Construction of an extension and garage
  • Installing a new water heater
  • Cutting down a tree on your territory
  • Replacement of doors or windows
  • Skylights and attic pull-down stairs

Overall, it is not an exhaustive list of projects in which you need to have a construction permit. For instance, even moving the sink entails laying new water and drainage lines. Such plumbing work must be carried out in compliance with all the rules, having permission to do so.

By the way, the authorities always check whether the remodeling work complies with the established safety standards. At the same time, in case of illegal actions and non-compliance with the requirements for construction work, homeowners risk fines and even lawsuits.


Remodeling works without a building permit

Although most remodeling work requires building permits, not everything is as hopeless as it may seem at first glance. So, when working on updating an existing structure, you do not need to have permission. Before carrying out the home update, consult with the municipal authorities and review all the detailed information.

Below is a list of projects that do not involve obtaining construction permits:

  • Installing a dumpster on your territory
  • Laying of a new roof made of similar materials
  • Laying of hard floor coverings (wood, laminate, vinyl)
  • Renovation of the house with new siding
  • Wall painting
  • Installing the retaining walls with a height of fewer than four feet
  • Replacement of plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen without changes sinks and toilets
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • On-grade patios, decks, and porches
  • Recreational equipment (swings, jungle gyms)
  • Portable ventilation equipment
  • Portable cooling unit
  • Replacement of minor parts

Undoubtedly, home remodeling is a great way to renew life and give it new colors. Any redesign of rooms, even the most insignificant, may fill with new energy and strength to realize plans. However, remember that in any remodeling endeavors, appropriate documentation is required, including construction permits.


Obtaining a construction permit: primary steps

As a rule, getting such permits requires a lot of time and patience. Unfortunately, all the paperwork and filing of applications is an energy-consuming process. Almost no one likes to fill out various documents, stand in queues, wait for permission. However, it is a mandatory process for home remodeling, so be patient.

To obtain a construction permit, you must complete the following steps. This plan will allow you to save time and get the necessary documents for construction on time.

1) Apply for a building permit

Firstly, you need to apply to the local authorities. Depending on the complexity of the repair work, municipal authorities may issue permits for a long time. For instance, if the home reconstruction requires a thorough check of the plan, complex plumbing work, redevelopment of premises, you will have to wait. On the contrary, if these are minor repairs, the municipal authorities will issue you a permit in a short time.

2) Consult with employees of municipal authorities

Municipal authorities issue building permits based on local regulations. As noted earlier, there are no uniform building standards and regulations, so such norms vary from state to state.

To avoid unnecessary paperwork and any difficulties, find out all the information on obtaining construction permits in advance. Call the municipal authority or go to the official website. You needn’t always have a construction permit, as some remodeling works don’t require it. As a homeowner, you are the responsible person for the lawful execution of all repairs.

3) Get a construction permit

The final stage is perhaps the longest. Municipal authorities may check your home renovation plan for up to six weeks. Indeed, some municipalities charge one percent of the total construction cost for issuing permits.

By the way, another significant reason for obtaining a construction permit and carrying out reconstruction by the laws is the sale of a house. Thus, the bank may refuse to lend if the reconstruction work is carried out without obtaining permits. If your home renovation does not negatively affect the layout of neighboring buildings and does not violate safety standards, you will receive a construction permit.

If you follow these instructions and legally carry out construction work, you will not face any lawsuits and fines. In any case, do not neglect the safety rules and apply for a building permit on time.


A+ Construction & Remodeling Services

To sum up, any home remodeling requires a lot of effort, resources, and energy. Repair is not an easy task: people perceive remodeling works as something long and troublesome for a reason.

However, it is not a reason to neglect the building permits required for some design work. Since each state has its laws and regulations, check out the official website for detailed information about obtaining such a document. Regardless of who performs the reconstruction, the responsibility always lies with the homeowner.

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