Custom homes design trends

Custom Homes Design Trends in 2023

Our homes should evolve together with their owners!

One of the most satisfying things for a person is to have a home in line with the expectations and needs. It should be an adequately arranged space with a sufficient amount of appliances and cost-effective design. Everything connected with the word “custom” concerning home remodeling may cost a fortune. However, a wisely designed living space will be your shelter for years ahead. It will be a home for your kids and the kids of your kids. If you’re planning to build or remodel a house to make it custom, you’ll get a chance to create your residence planned and arranged the way you and your family members want it.

Custom Homes PROs

  • You get complete freedom in matters of design and unconventional functional and decorative elements of your choice. Skillful designers and builders will be able to reproduce almost all of your needs. However, the more sophisticated your desires are, the more financial troubles you’ll get.
  • You’ll have a chance to combine trendy elements of home design with your personalized options.
  • Your floor plan and the functionality of the living space will boost up your life. You’ll wake up in the bedroom furnished the way you want to see it daily. Your bathroom will be arranged so that you won’t have to search for anything in the piles of bathing items and mountains of bottles. Your kitchen will be safe and comfortable if it comes to a party with friends.

TOP Custom Homes Design Trends 2023

  • Minimalism
  • It offers clean aesthetics;
  • It increases the home value;
  • It makes potential renovations effortless;
  • It expands your living space;
  • It simplifies the cleaning and overall maintenance.
  • Monochromes
  • It’s the most straightforward option for the newbies in custom homes;
  • It will help you to prioritize specific areas of your living space while leaving the background plain;
  • It will help you to arrange the space visually and accentuate certain areas making them lighter or darker.
  • Finishes
  • They will improve the functionality of your home;
  • They will create warmth and coziness;
  • They will help you arrange storage space;
  • They are a possibility to add a personal touch to your dwelling without sacrificing the budget.
  • Technology
  • It saves energy;
  • It distributes energy;
  • It makes your life effortless;
  • It helps you lead a healthier life;
  • It makes your dwelling more appealing to potential customers.
  • Health
  • It means proper personal and social zoning, as well as the arrangement of the private space;
  • It’s about greenery and fresh air;
  • It’s about correctly maintained natural materials within your living space;
  • It implies safe plumbing and electricity systems combined with a stably working ventilation system;
  • It involves maximum natural lighting with wider windows and glass doors;
  • Underfloor heating is a very beneficial invention.


A minimalistic custom home design solution is the simplest one. Besides, it’s one of the most practical options. You don’t have to overthink about the design — minimalism can be converted into anything in the future. If you’re not planning to live in your current residence for years ahead, consider this home design the only option — a basic design like this adds up to the value of your home. The following tips will be useful if you’re new to minimalism in the home environment:

  • Start with the design of a floor plan that will be sufficient for all family members and their needs or allocate the existing area before you proceed with the renovation;
  • Pay more attention to a design that gives more light — if you turn to have too much lighting, you’ll always have a chance to correct it with a thick and stylish curtain;
  • Opt for the airy ambience — be prepared to create the atmosphere with a minimal amount of clutter;
  • Don’t forget about the minimalistic and simple exterior of your home — the view from your windows should be in line with the interior;
  • Simple and natural materials and décor elements made of wood, stone, and metal are acceptable — make sure you stick to one particular color scheme.



Monochromatic schemes are in trend when it comes to custom homes. Do you have troubles choosing the colors? Do you want to spice up the atmosphere of your home with your unique personal touches, but feel worried about the combinations of colors? Just pick one of the pastel colors you feel convenient and mix it with white. A design like this will give you a chance to make contrasts and dramatic accents at certain elements of the room. Stick to the following:

  • Don’t be afraid of high contrast — stark white combined with an extremely darker color is in home renovation trends;
  • Choose pastel colors for the base of the interior if you’re not brave enough to use dramatic contrasts;
  • Kitchen is one of the most appealing places for a monochromatic design — this will allow you to add and replace functional elements without ruining the atmosphere.



Pay special attention to the final finishes if you’re willing to follow the latest home remodeling trends. It’s all about the finishes when we talk about personalized space. It’s one of the most appealing elements of your dwelling customization. The following might be handy:

  • Don’t cut on the expenses on metal finishes — brass, rose gold, and black metallic hardware elements have always been and still are in fashion;
  • Try using plywood items as decorative or functional elements — it does not look glamorous, but it’s cheap, durable, and has fine grains perfect for a minimalistic custom home design;
  • Use cinder blocks to create unconventional storage systems and shelves and combine them with natural, non-polished wood — this will create a chic warehouse design;
  • Consider using cheap acoustic tiles for your living room or bedroom — they will help you reproduce the retro atmosphere while saving you from unwanted noises;
  • Choose copper finishes as legs for glass tables, hardware elements, and racks — try copper pipes combined with regular plumbing elements as bases for shelves and hangers for kitchen stuff;
  • Buy cork sheets and cover the walls and ceiling with them — it’s a very cheap solution that will help you create a very cozy atmosphere and keep the warmth inside;
  • Install a pegboard in the hall to expand the storage space and have a possibility to remove and replace shelves and hooks.



If you have nothing against developing technologies, and if you are not pressed on a budget, consider a smart home custom design. Install solar batteries that will help you store energy free of charge without a negative impact on nature. Seek for help of a skillful software engineer to find out how you can integrate your electronic tools and appliances into a wise electronic system. This solution will be pricey and priceless at the same time. You’ll save money later, you’ll reduce your negative impact on the natural environment, and you’ll boost up the rhythm of your everyday life.

  • Automatic technologies will help you smartly arrange your space and move your household functionality to a new level;
  • The use of smart automation will help you make your home safe and energy-efficient;
  • You’ll be able to control your household remotely via your smartphone and network technologies;
  • It’s a very pricey solution, but over time, you’ll get a chance to restore your expenses — smart appliances and electronic devices for your home will help you cut on electricity and utilities thus saving your money.

A healthy home is not only about smart technologies and integrated household systems. This concept is based on putting yourself first. It’s more than a custom property design. The idea of a healthy home implies the presence of a significant number of plants and fresh greenery. Besides, you should make sure your house is free from substances, chemicals and dust particles triggering allergic reactions. Check this out:

  • Make sure your home has enough room for greenery and potted plants if you don’t have sufficient space to arrange a garden;
  • Don’t ignore the outside — the abundance of flowers and greenery will fill your home with fresh air and pleasant scents;
  • Design a separate working space especially if you have kids;
  • Social space is essential, but you should also understand that each of the family members should have personal space to stay alone when needed;
  • Human health is not only about a clean environment and fresh air, but it’s also about socializing — invest in a couple of stools or surfaces to sit at even in your bathroom so that you can communicate with your partner while she has a shower;
  • Consider arranging a small garden office within your home or create an inner greenhouse surrounded with glass walls and having the mains power;
  • Let the natural light penetrate your home — cut the excessive foliage outside, use more glass for doors, enlarge the windows, and paint the walls in light, warm colours;
  • Invest in continuously running fans especially if you live in the warm climate — bathrooms and kitchens situated in the wet environment need proper insulations to keep you away from mould and toxic fumes;
  • Never underestimate the underfloor heating — it will save you home from excessive humidity and provide with a satisfying warm feel under your feet when you get out of the bath naked.

Custom Homes: More Tips on Design Trends 2019

Have you ever tried room dividers made of steel and glass?

Transparent dividers framed into stainless steel will make your interior look more spacious and open while adding a bit of privacy and smart zoning. You won’t have to sacrifice natural light — glass panels will keep it inside your home while supporting the privacy. The divider will also help you to control the noise.

Have you ever considered using shiplap panels for the walls and ceiling?

Panels like these have always been used for rustic buildings and sheds for the animals. If you install them properly, they will bring an incredibly touching and cozy look into your home. They don’t need any maintenance at all if the installation process was carried out correctly. Natural wood will serve you for years ahead.

Do you know the way to create an eye-catching space in the kitchen?

Make a creative and unpredictable backsplash wall surface above the sink or a cooker. If the overall colours in your kitchen are neutral, don’t be afraid to create an unpredictable mosaic backsplash wall above the sink or a stove. Putting tiles above the particular areas of the countertops will help you arrange your space and also make it easier to deal with the clean-up after cooking or washing-up.

What about the wooden vanities?

Even if you opt for minimalism in the atmosphere of your bathroom, a wooden vanity will not spoil it. Natural wood with metallic finishes will make your bathing area look warmer and more appealing. Don’t cut on your expenses when buying furniture pieces made of natural wood for your bathroom — they will last a lifetime while looking solid and aesthetically pleasing. Natural grains and knots on the surface of a natural wood look very catchy.

What about black custom home design elements?

Black is back. Large areas covered in black serve as a perfect background for bright and unconventional furniture pieces, appliances, electronic tools, and decorative elements. Black is an ideal base for a monochrome design. Dissolve it with cold or warm shades of grey depending on your choice and don’t forget about the natural fabrics for your furniture and decorative pillows. Dark colors perfectly combine with potted plants and greenery. This combination creates an astonishing atmosphere.

Have you ever thought to add an outdoor space to your kitchen?

If you are an owner of a house, you have a chance to expand your kitchen area utilizing partially open space. It’s a sort of a patio with partial glass walls and screens. This solution will add light to your kitchen and give more space to your guests. Large sliding doors will add comfort and style to your dining space.

What do you think about the fourth wall?

Try to paint one of the floors in the room in a contrasting color or cover it with something unconventional — cork, natural stone, plywood, stainless steel tiles, mirror tiles, or bare concrete. One trimmed and molded wall can be a very impressive solution in the simplest atmosphere.