DIY Home Remodeling Pros and Cons

DIY projects have been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. The reason behind it might be lying in the fact that people want to get rid of typical and looking alike home designs, although some professionals like A+ Construction and Remodeling offer great personal solutions. Moreover, do-it-yourself things can bring a personal touch to your home and with a number of YouTube videos and Pinterest posts it should not be a mean feat to get down to home renovation yourself.

It all sounds very tempting, but naturally, there are some drawbacks and hurdles that can be encountered during the makeover process. We recommend that you evaluate the input you are ready to make before engaging yourself in the process: for example, how much time and money you have, how complex and safe the design is, and whether you are ready to fully commit to it.

In this review, we are going to take a look at what benefits DIY could bring, and what you need to be aware of in order to be fully prepared for the renovation.


1. Pros of DIY

People decide to go for their own DIY projects and designs for different reasons – some take their budget into consideration, some excel at making things with hands, others strive for saving time. Let us review all the possible advantages DIY can boast.

  • It is cheaper

When you do everything yourself, it is cost-saving for several reasons. First, you can choose the materials and objects you are going to be using in your renovation. Second, since there is no need to hire workers, you will not need to pay extra for the work to be done (although some companies like A+ Construction and Remodeling regularly have offers and promotions for its clients, and it can also save you a penny). In other words, for those on a tight budget, DIY can become a real lifesaver.

  • It offers great control

If your choice is DIY, you feel like a project manager and take responsibility for everything that is going on. For one thing, you can be sure that the picture you have in mind will look exactly the same in reality and live up to your expectations. For another, if you are the one buying, picking up, delivering and working with all the materials, you will know exactly when the things you need will be at hand and completed. DIY means there is no miscommunication, delays, or mistrust and the only person you need to rely on is you.

On top of that, only you know what works best to satisfy your needs, and you are free to make any changes to your design at no extra cost.

  • It is more fulfilling

To start with, when you get down to the renovation process, you need to learn a lot. What types of floors are there? What can I do to make my room look cozier? How do I fit in a new cupboard, or how do I knock down the wall? When asking such questions, you need to do a lot of research and really plunge into the topic. And who knows, maybe one day you will become this expert who will be teaching others on best home renovation ideas?

Also, when you see the result, and you realize that it was you who started it from scratch and led it to its logical completion, nothing can boast that sense of pride and satisfaction. There are some estimates saying that people tend to love their homes more if they were responsible for its building or decoration, and, what needs to be extra highlighted here is that DIY can reduce stress and improve your mood in most cases.

  • It is active remodeling

Rather than lying on a sofa watching others doing the job, you will be actively engaged in the process of renovation, meaning that you will not only make your home better but also will be able to keep fit during the process. Not only that, exercise can be mental as well, since you will have to do all the calculations and estimations, which is far from being a no-brainer.

  •  It allows you to spend time with your family

It is true that nowadays many people lack quality time with their nearest and dearest because we are too busy with work, school, sport, hobbies which are not shared. DIY projects can really bring the whole family together and help build closer ties between family members. This starts from choosing the most suitable design options for everyone and ends with giving a hand during the renovation itself.


2. Cons of DIY

It goes without saying that everything has its disadvantages, and DIY designs are no exception. Let us go through the possible hardships and downsides you may face when doing the makeover yourself.

  • Completion time

Even though you are the boss when you are renovating a house yourself, it can still be hard to do everything quick enough, especially if it is your first try with the projects of such a kind. Apart from doing something about the house, you have other jobs to do – as an employee, as a child and as a parent – meaning that you cannot fully devote yourself to being a construction worker only. That is why hiring professionals like these in A+ Construction and Remodeling can save you a lot of time.

  • Keeping on schedule

If we think of some minor upgrades like changing tiles and floor or painting the walls, it is quite easy to perform on time because it is a single action. However, if we talk about a full home renovation, it apparently involves more work to do, on a variety of levels, and simultaneously. You might be behind the schedule, either because you do not have enough expertise or time to allocate to completing what you have planned to do in a timely manner.

  • Quality of work

We learn from our mistakes, but is your place of living the right choice to practice? Unless you have done things like plumbing and fixing before, it might turn into a bit of a challenge to acquire skills like plumbing, wiring and other in a short term. One more thing to consider here is that you may not know all the ins and outs of every side of the process, and this means you would have to go back to square one and start everything from scratch, which is quite demotivating.

  • Codes and permits

Much of the renovation work comes along with acting according to certain rules. What you will need to do if you decide to go for DIY is to study the latest updates of codes and permits. Unless you do that, you may even end up paying a fine.

Some work types could also require a certain certification from you, which is hard to get if you are not a registered professional. In this case, you will need to ask for help and hire a person with all the necessary papers to perform an activity.

  • Renovating safely

Safety comes first, and this is what you need to consider when planning your renovation. To begin with, some materials are toxic, and you need to be extra careful when working with them. Also, some deviations from standard processes may lead to things like black mold, which is hard to get rid of and has a bad influence on health. Finally, you will need to take care of things like ladders so that you do not damage yourself when painting the ceiling or hanging pictures.

  • Finding subcontractors

In case you decide to not fully give yourself to a team of professionals, some work may still need to be done by experienced or/and certified people. Looking for the right person to hire might take longer than you expect and, if you have to turn to more than one subcontractor, you will need to manage the schedule accordingly so that there are no overlaps. Also, when you rely on companies specializing in renovation (like A+ Construction and Remodeling), you can be sure that they will provide you with the best professionals in the field whereas you look for some workers on your own, you may have to do business with someone who is not trained well enough or even face fraud.


DIY Remodeling Takeaway from A+ Construction & Remodeling Contractor

Here we have reviewed the pros and cons of running DIY projects. There are different variations of engaging in them – from doing everything fully yourself to asking subcontractors to help you out in some cases. All in all, it is totally your call whether you are up to learning a new skill and mastering one you already have, or wish to hand all the process over to professionals like A+ Construction & Remodeling – Sacramento home remodeling professionals in your area.

While hiring someone can save you time and help avoid unnecessary stress, jumping into do-it-yourself means that you are the one responsible for the whole process and will be proud of the result you have achieved by the end of it. Think carefully, consider your budget, do some research to find a project to your taste, plan the scope, find the best solution and start implementing!