Home Remodeling during COVID

For almost two years now, we keep being affected by the pandemic, and every part of the world still suffers in one way or another. The COVID-19 waves keep hitting, but with a dozen of different vaccines being released, it becomes a bit easier to live like we used to live before the pandemic started in 2020.
Even so, no one can deny that the disease and its spread are still affecting many spheres and people, and some things that were accessible before are now either limited or unavailable. While we are waiting for things to get back, there is always something that you cannot postpone or something that you want to do for many years and just cannot wait anymore. For example, the remodeling of your precious home.

This question also rises considering the fact that during the pandemic, all of us have spent so much time at home (than never before). This, of course, leads us to a thought that our home should be a comfortable place where you can stay for many days in a row if it’s ever needed again.

The pandemic is still here, but today, there are much more options to start implementing your massive home remodeling project or at least begin with changing smaller details here and there. In our guide, we will talk about the pros and cons of remodeling during these odd times, recommend what you shall pay attention to, and provide you with some hints to use if you plan your home remodeling during the coronavirus pandemic.


So, how does the pandemic case affect your home remodeling plans?

There are a couple of things for you to think about, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to them before. If you are still thinking about whether to spend a significant sum on your home or rooms remodeling or leave the idea for a while, maybe our considerations below will help you to make up your mind. We will also define the pros and cons of renovation during these interesting times.

Consideration 1: We Spend Much More Time Home (and We Don’t Know If It Ever Changes)

Since the pandemic has started, we tend to spend more and more time at home. At first, we were forced to do so because of the widespread lockdown and the disease being everywhere. Then, we got used to it, and now many of us feel like staying home instead of going to the office or hanging out with friends on a Friday.

And because now we spend more time at home, it is vital to make the living space as comfortable as possible. Sometimes we don’t even notice how the interior affects our mood and wellbeing. So, a great remodeling project will for sure improve the quality of your life significantly. Think about it, especially if you can barely remember when was the last time your home renovation occurred.

Consideration 2: You May Have Even More Money Than You Used To

This may sound weird for those who lost their jobs or had a drop in revenues during the pandemic. However, there is plenty of people who keep their work and gain more or less the same in salaries. Moreover, they might have some savings that are not spent.

The reason for not spending is simple: many of the entertainments that we used to have before the pandemic hit are unavailable anymore. We cannot travel that much now, restaurants and bars in most of the areas were closed for a while, and staying home means that passengers don’t have that many transportation expenses.

So, all of this money you didn’t spend during the past two years (almost) can now easily go to the home remodeling budget. And believe us, you will need this money because the COVID situation has changed the market, and this relates to the building materials and supplies as well.

Consideration 3: You May Need to Think and Act Faster Than Before

Now, with all the vaccines developed and people tending to get their normality back, some homeowners have already booked their remodeling teams to complete the renovation. So, if you want to remodel your living space, remember that you may face a queue of clients with the same aims and plans.

Before it’s too late, try contacting a decent contractor, if your remodeling plans are solid. Below, we will give you some tips regarding choosing a great company from the variety available on the market.


Pros and Cons of Home Remodeling during the COVID-19 Outbreak

There are also some advantages and disadvantages of home renovation during the pandemic you shall think through and take into account. Maybe they will also help you to make a decision quicker and easier.

So, here are the pros:

  • You can save time with all the online meetings

Almost everything becomes possible via the internet during the pandemic. Contractors have adapted as well since the outbreak beginning and now offer their customers to meet virtually. These meetings may include consultations and tours as well as designers’ presentations and project discussions.

You don’t have to go anywhere anymore — most of the preliminary work can be done via the internet. However, if you need to visit your contractor’s office, normally, all of the companies now follow the security measurements proposed by the World Health Organization.

You will be asked to wear a mask and people who will surround you at the meeting will keep social distance and have their masks on, too. Remember: if you have any symptoms that may seem to be coronavirus symptoms, having an offline meeting is an awful idea.

  • You can get the service faster than usually

Even though customers now are more willing to contract remodeling companies than, for instance, a year ago, still, there are many available spots right now. Many people who had planned home reconstruction before the pandemic are still uncertain about the idea.

So, now is the perfect time to start your project and avoid queuing with other potential clients seeking their homes update. Also, this raises the chance to work with this or that fantastic contractor which was not available before.

  • There are more discounts than ever

Although materials and supplies have become more expensive and the delivery right now is not easy, you can find amazing discounts and offerings because the demand currently is not that high. Contractors also offer discounts to attract clients, and some of these offers are extremely profitable.

Having a good contractor also means that you won’t need to do research by yourself: your agent will give you the best prices and offerings.

Sounds great, right? Of course, it would be too easy if there were no disadvantages.


Here are some cons of remodeling during the pandemic:

  • It is still a risk

Unfortunately, the economic situation is still unstable, and the crisis keeps going. You may feel solid in your current position but you cannot predict the future. Every remodeling project is a massive thing and a huge risk at the same time.

So, before you contact your potential contractor or start planning the DIY remodel, estimate all the risks and count your budget wisely.

  • You may need to compromise

Because there are some problems with products’ delivery, you may plan to buy a certain tile or paint, or any other item you need for renovation and discover that none of this is available due to the COVID issues. This may happen all the time until your renovation ends, so you shall be ready to compromise and purchase other things than planned.

  • Prices are still volatile and going up

Despite all discounts offered today, some supplies and materials keep growing in price. There is nothing we can do about it, so you have to be prepared for it as well. Most likely, there is no premise for the prices to drop down, and we will have to bear with the situation, so this disadvantage cannot change.

We have shared our thoughts on the current situation for home remodeling. In general, what happens now with the disease is much easier than it used to be. So, if you want to renovate your home, maybe it would be best to accept all the cons and go for it.

We hope that you will agree on this thesis, and we are ready to share our tips and recommendations for those who plan the next step: a start of a remodeling project.


What Is Important If You Plan to Renovate Your Home during the Pandemic

Although we have touched on some points already, we hope that our set of recommendations will be useful for you, and your remodeling project will be an absolute success. Check our hints out below.

  • Be careful when choosing your perfect contractor

There are so many contractors providing clients with remodeling works on the market today that you have to be attentive when you choose the one that will remodel your home. There is a couple of things you shall take into account so that your project implements smoothly and without any problems.

Don’t pick the first random company you find online or anywhere else. Contractor selection is a thorough process that requires time and interest from the one who seeks. First of all, try asking some of your friends, family, or colleagues: maybe there is someone who had their home renovation recently and can share a great recommendation?

If there is no one who can give you such a piece of advice, then try searching online. Thanks to tons of clients’ reviews, comments, and ratings, the process of choosing has become much easier. Still, be careful when reading the online content: some companies fill in fake reviews to attract people, but the quality can be worse than the competitors provide.

When you find a company or two that fits your needs and budget, remember to check their portfolio before contacting them. Every company has a different approach for design and materials, so it is a smart move to understand whether your preferences coincide with the company’s style and projects it implements.

Lastly, when you find a contractor that suits your demands and fits your budget, do not forget to check that the company has all the licenses needed to perform reconstruction works. This will guarantee that the works will be done securely and the quality will be great.

  • Don’t hesitate to hire a contractor

After you have chosen the company that will perform all the renovation works for you, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s manager and book your first meeting. If you are wondering why the answer is simple: there might be a line of people who wait for their projects to be complete already.

So, it is better to begin the remodeling process as soon as you can, until all people who wanted to renovate their homes wake up and start booking contractors around you.

  • Select virtual consultations and discussions for safety reasons

To avoid health risks and problems, you are recommended to go for as many online meetings as you can. It is better to stay safe and sound and do some preliminary works on the internet rather than visiting showrooms all the time and face another bunch of people.

Although the showrooms work in accordance with the COVID protocol and safety rules, try to book meetings online instead of offline consultations.

  • Await higher expenses

This is not a new thing, but we should remind you again that the economic situation is still uncertain, and the crisis is still happening. Even if you think that you have counted your budget fully and considered everything that needs to be considered, there might be some corrections and changes that will make you spend more sums on your remodeling project.

This has happened to homeowners even before the pandemic, and this is typical for home renovation. But now the risk of spending more money is quite high. Don’t be scared, but be prepared.

  • Develop a smart design for the new reality

You have had a long period of over a year to understand what you are missing in your own home. Together with smart designers, you may develop an outstanding project that will help you to feel more comfortable and content about your new home.

Don’t neglect such a magnificent opportunity and think twice about all the things you would like to change and do in terms of design.

  • Be flexible

Remember that you are taking a risk and try to compromise with ease when a contractor says that there is a delay in the work or you will not get the materials you wanted. There are so many stores and offerings today that you can always find a similar product somewhere else. Be patient and keep going to the house of your dream.

  • Think of the insurance

To avoid additional risks and troubles, you can purchase an insurance certificate that will make your project and deal with the contractor, in general, more secure. Consult the insurance company you trust to see what options you have and what insurance type will make sense in your case.

  • Don’t get too disappointed if something goes wrong

Always keep in mind that with insurance, you are protected, and the risks are minimized. Another thing to remember is that we live in a volatile time, and the most important now is to finish the renovation and move into the home that you wanted for so long. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, and your remodeling process will be a fantastic adventure with a marvelous outcome!