Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

It does not matter where our house or apartment is located and how long we have been living there; eventually, all buildings and apartments will have to go through a significant renovation process.
Plumbing and electricity systems might get old and unfitting, furniture become outdated. We get tired of the walls’ color schemes and the whole design is totally not what we want now… These and many other reasons may lead us to thoughts and ideas about our hopefully upcoming renovation projects.

Every renovation project is a long-term event that can be exhausting if you do not plan it well before you start. In this brief review, we will try to help you by offering some renovation tips. We will give you a list of the most common mistakes homeowners make when they decide to renovate their living space.

We hope that you will thoroughly read our list of top 10 mistakes and be careful when planning your renovation: remember our hints, and the procedure will become much easier for you and your family.


1. Think Your Renovation Through

The first thing you have to do when the thought about your home’s renovation comes to your mind is detailed thinking about what exactly you want to change in your house. If you are a part of a big family, all members’ opinions matter.
Discuss your renovation together. Find some references that show the idea of what you do and do not like in the interior design. Walk through all the rooms you have wisely and get a clear idea of what the space here and there looks like. Colors, materials, and furniture are essential because a renovation is something you do in less than 15-20 years (if it is a good-quality renovation).

When you define what each room should look like and what supplies, colors, and furniture pieces you prefer, it is time to find a contractor and contact its managers. Before understanding each room’s look and purpose, it does not make much sense.


2. Do Not Rush into Renovation Right Away

Homeowners often buy houses and apartments they do not really like visually, and they try to start remodeling the whole place right away. Although living in a space you do not like can be pretty annoying, we suggest that you become patient about it and wait.
Why? Because you probably cannot understand what you want to change and what everything should look like the moment you move in. Take your time to get used to the place and determine every spot’s functionality and opportunities. Who knows, maybe you will wish to reorganize your new home fully, and it will require massive changes.


3. Choose a Professional Contractor

This is an essential point when you plan your renovation works.
Without a professional team who is capable of remodeling and construction of any difficulty, it is hardly even possible to complete your project well. There are so many details to take into account that it is easy to get confused, especially if you know too little about renovating.

So, how to choose the best contractor in your area? Here is what you should bear in mind before you apply to this or that company:

Expertise and portfolio

It would be best if you hire an experienced contractor that has been remodeling and building other people’s homes for years. This will lessen the chances of various failures during your project.

When you contact a company that you have chosen to perform renovation for you, ensure that it has existed for a long time and has completed dozens of projects before yours. Another great thing to do is to check the team’s portfolio and see their work’s results.

License and permits

Professional contractors should have special licenses and permits that allow them to work legally in your location. Before you sign a contract with the selected company, ensure that you have checked their documents, and they are not expired or fake.

Word of mouth

Plenty of remodelers on the market offer their services and promise they will provide you with the best quality performance. However, unfortunately, these promises vanish away, and some companies have inexperienced workers who demonstrate awful results.

To avoid disappointment and other bad things that happen when you hire someone inexperienced, you can think about someone from your friends, family, or colleagues who have had their homes remodeled recently. If you know such people, do not hesitate to ask for their advice and recommendations regarding local companies that offer renovation services.

Online reviews

If you cannot think of someone who has just completed their renovation, consider checking online reviews left by homeowners about local contractors. Pay attention to negative reviews to avoid selecting an unprofessional team for your project.

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Like an experienced remodeler, A+ has everything you need to make your renovation successful, including the following:

  • Professional designers and architects capable of all your ideas implementation
  • Carpenters, plumbers, and electricians with licenses and qualification
  • Attentive and careful managers who will help you to survive in a renovation marathon.

Hiring a company like this will be the best decision you can make for your future project! Contact A+ managers to start planning your home’s makeover right away.


4. Remember to Get a Permit for Renovation

Most likely, you will need the local authorities’ approval of your renovation plan and a permit that comes afterward. You can apply for it at the municipal government’s office in your area.
Sometimes these permits are given right away; in other cases, it can take days and weeks to get the desired paper. The term depends on the renovation’s scale and other factors. Also, there is a chance that you will have inspectors visiting your site during the project implementation and checking how it is going.

Luckily, if you hire a professional company, it is aware of all the rules that apply in your region and can help you with getting the permit you need. The procedure will go smoothly and effortlessly.


5. Try to Avoid DIY Works

Some people wish to save money this way, others simply love to make something using their hands and are fond of renovation works, and there are many other reasons why you might want to complete some works in a DIY format.
Although this idea might seem attractive, we strongly recommend you avoid working by yourself on your renovation project. If you sign a contract with a skilled company that will be fully responsible for your home’s makeover, performing any kind of DIY-works will not make much sense.

Rejecting the idea of DIY works has solid advantages: you will avoid possible mistakes during the renovation and thus will save plenty of cash and time. Besides, you will not have to spend your nerves and feel anxious about the whole thing.


6. Pay Attention to the Budgeting

Wrong counting of your money and renovation budget is an enormous mistake some homeowners make when they order renovation. Another enormous mistake related to money is not having spare cash that will cover unexpected costs (which will arise for sure).
Unfortunately, renovation is a complex procedure, and there is almost no chance that you will exactly guess how much money you need (up to cents). In 99 cases of 100, you will face expenses that you have no idea about. We do not want to scare you and sometimes these are low expenses; however, they can and probably will occur, and you will have to find money to cover them.

So, work closely with your contractor to see how much your renovation will cost. After the calculation is ready, do not forget to count how much additional money you are ready to give away if something does not go as planned.

It might happen that you do not have enough cash to cover costs that appear during the project. Do not worry: you can apply for credit in one of the local banks because most banks offer credits tied to renovation and construction in affordable and reasonable conditions.

A+ Construction & Remodeling specialists will count your project’s budget, and you will be able to discuss each point with them. If something bothers you, and you wish to reduce costs, managers will help you understand what you can cut and what cannot be changed.


7. Do Not Try to Count on Design Trends

The design has its trends that change every year or two. Materials, colors, furniture, and other elements of your home’s look go in and out of fashion and change each other season by season.
However, we do not recommend you follow the trends when you plan your renovation, especially if the current design trends do not match your taste. Imagine how hard it is to live in a house or apartment that you do not like and to wish to change something in its appearance each and every day…

As you already know, a makeover is something you want to do once in 15 – 20 years or even more, and you will not be able to change your home’s look in accordance with all trends you see. So, pay attention to your feelings and preference, choose something more classic that will look great at any time, and use only those trends that will not spoil your home.


8. Consider Your Future

Again, because you will probably not start your renovation for many years after the current one, we suggest you think well about your future. Of course, you never know if everything goes as you plan, but you might have some dreams and aims, right?
For instance, let’s suppose that right now, you have no children and partner but eventually, you dream about a big family and maybe moving in with your own parents. You will need a large and well-organized space for that and a certain room design. So, do not forget to consider your dreams and goals when you speak with a designer and discuss what you want to do during your renovation.

While many people consider the question “where do you plan to be in five years?” stupid, it can help a lot when you think of your renovation project and home design.


9. Do Not Expect Quick Renovation

We have already mentioned that renovation is a complex process that requires your patience. You should never expect that it will be fast; moreover, you should keep in mind that you might face various delays even with the best contractor!
Sometimes it can happen that during your renovation, workers discover something behind your walls, above your roof, or under your flooring that will significantly postpone the project’s finish. Sometimes the materials or furniture you have ordered and are expecting in a couple of weeks arrive after a couple of months. Sometimes there are other reasons.

In all these circumstances, you just have to be patient and remember that eventually, you will arrive at the final point of your renovation.


10. Do Not Try to Save Money on Materials and Workforce

Another widespread mistake made by homeowners is trying to save cash while having their places remodeled. Renovation is something that requires significant sums, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Prices on materials, supplies, and furniture might be shocking sometimes; however, you always should remember that your home’s renovation is a long-term investment that is required for your well-being.

Speaking of spending money on the workforce, we will mention again that it is vital to have qualified employees working on your renovation, and this costs a lot, too. Like almost everywhere, the more experienced workers are, the more money you pay. This rule surely works for construction and renovation fields.

These were the top 10 tips for you if you plan your home’s renovation in the near future. We hope that you will not make any of these mistakes and that your place’s makeover project will go as smoothly as possible!

And remember: if you are in Sacramento, there is no better company than A+ Construction & Remodeling for your renovation project. The A+ managers are waiting for your call or message!