How Kitchen Architect Can Help You


The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the whole family gathers for lunch, where aromatic food and a cozy atmosphere shimmers, where family members start their day. On cozy evenings, we gather with friends for a glass of wine or eating a pizza in the kitchen, and in the afternoon, the younger family-members do their homework here. It is for these reasons that the arrangement of the kitchen requires special care, and you cannot let its design take its unpredictable course, especially if you are a newbie in the design industry.


If you think about repairing the kitchen, you should not immediately look for the phone number of the designer or architect of the kitchen. First, you need to learn a little about the features with which specialists work kitchen repair. This is necessary in order to properly formulate your wishes to the specialist in advance.
Think about what exactly you will use the kitchen area for. How often are you going to cook there? Do you gather friends or family at the table every morning? Or do you use the kitchen as a work area? Look for kitchen design options and keep the ones you like the most. The visual solution will explain most of all to the designer what you expect from the kitchen.

In addition to style and design, pay attention to the modules that are needed in each kitchen. Having analyzed them, you will understand in what quantities you will need shelves for food, dishes, and appliances. In kitchens, you should consider the following areas: pantry, cooking area, sink, and fridge.


There are several types of kitchens. The choice of one of them depends on the space in which the future kitchen will be designed, as well as on the number of people working in it. Types of kitchens determine how the movement takes place in it. Based on these factors, the design and decoration of the kitchen are formed.
Remodeling of the kitchen also involves the correct placement of equipment. Some types of appliances can not be placed next to each other. For example, the dishwasher, hob, and oven are better not be located between two modules. In this case, they take more space than expected. And it can also create difficulties when installing water pipes or electrical wiring.

Wall Space

When planning your kitchen, you should consider that the kitchen is not just a set of furniture with built-in appliances. It is a complex modular design that must follow the logical course. If the furniture design is modeled incorrectly, the kitchen may be inconvenient to use. The upper parts of the walls should also be used. This is a great storage space, and wall cabinets free the kitchen from a lot of utensils.

Tabletop Coating

The choice of material for kitchen furniture is also important. A worktop is the main working area in the kitchen, and its surface requires good quality and the right materials. The most commonly used materials are laminate, acrylic, or stone: marble, quartz, or granite. The choice depends on your preference, financial investment, and the style of the kitchen. The most popular surfaces are now thin acrylic or stone.


Explore the latest fashion trends when choosing modules for your kitchen and its design solutions. Because of the large number of shapes and colors, you can easily get confused in the selection of available details. Also, due to the wrong choice of materials, the kitchen may lose its functionality and appearance.
It all depends on the details. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what the latest innovations designers offer. For example, thin countertops are now at the peak of fashion: they facilitate the appearance of the kitchen and are very practical. Inset handles make cabinet doors more elegant and minimalistic. Also in trend is the automatic opening of cabinet doors, which open cupboards at the push of a button.

New technologies exist in all areas of consumption, and kitchen design is no exception. New strong small cabinets can withstand heavy loads and can hold more items. The location of the shelf for spices and convenient racks for dishes are constantly updated. New technologies make the kitchen more individual and comfortable.

Also, a new trend is the installation of lighting inside cabinets. Designs of the newest laminates allow making the kitchen as unique as possible for each user. With the help of different colors, it is possible to combine several patterns of laminate and make the kitchen more traditional or fashionable.

Architect as Designer

There are several people who can help you renovate your kitchen: designers and architects. A kitchen designer is responsible for your renovation, planning, and assessing the space. He will create your kitchen’s style, depending on your preferences, and choosing the right shapes and light. Most of them are familiar with the latest technology and designs, so with a designer, you can be confident that your kitchen will be as state-of-the-art as you need it.
To become a kitchen designer, one needs to take courses. Online courses are extremely popular at the moment. To become a kitchen designer, you need to get an IV certificate in kitchens and bathrooms, which will take you an average of 14 months.

Architects are a vast and serious profession that requires at least five years of studying in university and studying the science-like subjects of designing buildings and premises. With this knowledge, architects can plan how your kitchen will become part of one global home project and ensure that everything looks organic. Therefore, if you are the owner of an open space where the kitchen is integrated with other house areas, you should first take the architect’s advice and make a general plan of the premises.

Architects are more competent in drawing and planning the kitchen. They can provide layouts according to the customer’s wishes. The order can be for a standard kitchen. In this case, the architect takes into account the classic plans, chooses the optimal one for the kitchen space, and sends the project to the designer. The designer finishes the project by selecting the kitchen, suitable materials, and decorative elements. If the client wants to make a kitchen in the general style of the house, the architect works individually. Drafts, in this case, may not meet general standards, but in the end, the kitchen will be functional and maintained in the style of the house. For individual orders, individual furniture is designed. It is also created by the architect, following the order made from the contractors. Very often, architects with education acquire a qualification in room and kitchen design. If you have found such a specialist, you have won the jackpot.

Architect VS Designer

After enumerating the advantages of architects and the limits of their competences, clients may have a question, “Can an architect replace a designer?”
With a good search, you will undoubtedly find an architect who will do a great job as a designer and will design for you an excellent kitchen. But the kitchen designer is a separate profession. It requires extensive knowledge in various spheres, as well as constant self-development and knowledge of current trends. It is impossible to follow the innovations and novelties of furniture and accessories if this profession is not the main one.

The architect sees the location of the future kitchen in a very particular way. But if there is no knowledge base on the design of rooms, you can miss the moment of functionality. It is the designer who knows what forms of cupboards and countertops will suit the kitchen of the customer. As well as all the most modern cupboards and shelves with high capacity and functionality, there are suppliers of competent designers.

Designer Competence

For your kitchen to be stylish and cozy, and functional, you need a professional’s opinion. Kitchen designers will choose a beautiful dining table for you and design many nuances for comfortable cooking that you may not even think about.

What exactly does a kitchen designer do? Let’s find out!

  • Before designing a kitchen, the designer gets to know your family and your way of life, assesses how much time you spend in this room and for what purposes. Based on this, the designer develops a project with space zoning, including furniture design, cabinet design, kitchen appliances, the location of wires, sockets, as well as a sufficient number of sections for the smooth operation of the equipment. To begin with, the designer examines the room where the future kitchen will be located, evaluates its size and available occupancy.
  • The designer checks elements such as adequate wiring, electrical outlets, shelf niches, and plumbing pipes. The designer knows in advance where these elements are missing and which ones need to be fixed. Of course, if you wish, you can implement any kitchen design on a different basis. The main thing is to know how to fix it correctly.
  • The designer sees non-obvious things that can disturb the comfort of cooking. For example, the area where the future shelves will open, how much space is between them, and how to prevent their malfunction.
  • Also, the designer carefully measures everything so that in the process of work, there is no embarrassment in the form of a lack of space for any cabinet, rack, refrigerator, or sink. Everything should be scrupulously measured, down to such small details as space for spacers between cabinets and places for electrical wiring and plumbing.
  • The designer also plays a significant role in the selection of furniture. All details are important: whether it is wood or natural stone, the designer knows all the pros and cons of the structure in which the cooking area is planned. The designer notes the compatibility of the furniture. There were cases when the owner decided to order the furniture themselves, and eventually, the sink did not fit into the countertop. To avoid these, a designer’s help is a must-have. Also, the designer will tell you what textures are suitable for the kitchen apron.
  • Designers work closely with suppliers of furniture and decorative elements. This allows for a wider choice of elements, and the price is generally lower than in furniture stores.
  • Usually, the designer works on several kitchen projects first to give the customer a choice. The customer considers each of them and agrees with the one project that has sunk into his soul.

Finance Part

A kitchen renovation is a big investment for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended not to spare money on kitchen equipment. And yet, each customer is individual and owns a certain amount of money for kitchen renovation. The kitchen designer also takes the financial moment into account when designing space and choosing furniture and appliances. At the stage of project development, the customer can make any changes to the project. In this case, it is good when there is a designer-architect because this person can warn you at the stage of any edits. Sometimes, however, a kitchen will have to be redone, which will incur large financial losses. It is better to deal with such cases in advance before the renovation of your kitchen begins.


The last stage of the designer’s work is joint work with the customer. Together they choose tiles, lighting fixtures, and small details that create coziness. You are responsible for what you like and how you feel about the elements proposed by the designer. For the designer, it is important that all the details are compatible with the main project and are of high quality, and correspond to the project’s original vision.

Takeaway from A+ Construction & Remodeling

In remodeling the kitchen, you need not only to pay money for its installation. You should have a little expertise in repair and design, too. This will help you decide on the design, and in the end, enjoy the result. However, it is not recommended to take the entire layout and design into your own hands, as you may not take into consideration the many details that might destroy all the look and functionality of your kitchen.
If you are going to make repairs in your kitchen or even in the entire house, we strongly recommend using the kitchen remodeling services of an architect and kitchen designer. They will undoubtedly help you add value to your home through renovations and make your kitchen the most enjoyable space that suits you 100% and has a comfortable and modern design.