How to Pay for Home Remodeling


A lot of people wish to change the surroundings in their house because living in the same place for a long time makes it a routine. Some equipment is becoming too old to work with, some furniture and devices are always needed to be repaired when you have not remodeled your living place for years. Home remodeling has become an easy procedure nowadays as there are a lot of companies providing this service to clients. However, problems with finances still stop people from changing the environment in their houses.

In this article, we will tell you how to estimate the budget for home remodeling and get rid of constant worries about lack of finances. Correct planning of the budget for remodeling increases the probability that you will afford it and do not have problems with payments for materials and services of workers.


Costs to Consider in Home Remodeling

Probably, saving money for home remodeling is the most common and safe way to manage the whole process of repairs. Nevertheless, the world is rapidly changing, and you cannot be sure that the budget you have saved is enough for a full home remodeling project.

There are emergencies when you need to spend money for extra costs, and that is why you have to take into account all possible factors that can influence the price of work:

  • Project’s size;
  • Estimated duration of the project;
  • The value of investments for home price increase;
  • Ability to split payments to parts and others.

So, you can make approximate estimations based on the project of home remodeling. Sometimes, you can improve your living conditions in different rooms separately, which will make it easier for you to not pay for remodeling. That is why you should firstly consult with a remodeling agency and evaluate your ability to pay for remodeling.


Get Funding for Home Remodeling

Saving money is not the only approach to home remodeling payment. Here we will cover seven available opportunities for you to afford home remodeling.

1 — Save Money

As we have already said, it is the most obvious way to pay a huge sum for home remodeling. This approach makes you free in the selection of projects’ features, terms, and organization of the process. You will not need to be responsible for paying back to the bank or other people if you pay for home remodeling with your savings.
However, if you are planning to remodel the whole house or introduce significant changes to its design, you will need to pay a lot for services. Thus, the process of money saving can become long for you, and it will influence your everyday life.


  • Freedom in the organization of home remodeling process;
  • No necessity to pay the money back.


  • The high cost of remodeling projects requires you to wait longer until you collect enough money.

So, if home remodeling is not an urgent thing you want to do, try to save money for possible projects in the future.

2 — HELOC: Home Equity Line of Credit

HELOC is a program when you can obtain funding for your house remodeling, but the main deposit for a credit line is the house itself. As you make a guarantee for the bank that you will pay off the loan with your house, they offer lower interest rates than the usual credit line. Also, it allows borrowing money at any moment you need them and set the sum of the loan by yourself. Of course, this sum should not exceed the price of your house.

At the same time, the bank has a right to take your property if you do not comply with the terms of your credit line contract. That is why you should control the process of payments and manage your time properly according to set terms. One more thing, the interest rates are not stable for the HELOC program — they fluctuate according to the situation on the market.

Usually, banks require you to have some savings in addition to deposits because they should be sure of your ability to pay the money back. So, you still have to own at least 15% of the cost of your property to request the HELOC.


  • No limitations in time and amount of money taken from a bank — you can develop your remodeling project during work.


  • High risk of losing the property if you cannot pay it back.

This option can be interesting for people who find it difficult to estimate expenditures for home remodeling in advance. However, they should be sure of the stability of their financial position to not lose ownership.

3 — Governmental Loan

A governmental loan can become a suitable option only if you can request it. They usually have better conditions of payments and insurance than private loans, but they restrict your choice on money spendings as well.
There is a special loan — HUD Property Improvement Loan, which allows people to get funding for investments into their house even without providing equity. You can take up to $25,000 for home remodeling, and this amount will be enough for an upgrade of the surroundings in your house. However, you need to confirm the fact that the received money covered expenditures on home remodeling.

By the way, Veteran Affairs also let some groups of people refinance the previous mortgages and get cash for investments into house remodeling. In case when a lender asks you to prove that you have money to pay off the loan, VA can provide such a guarantee.


  • Governmental loans have more beneficial conditions than private ones.


  • Governmental loans are available only for some groups of people.

Check if you have the opportunity to request a governmental loan and use it as funding for home remodeling.

4 — Loan for Home Renewal

Bank does not oblige you to present your property as a deposit for this type of loan. It means that banks check your experience as a debtor and ability to pay the money back more thoroughly. Nevertheless, the checking process is fast, and you do not need to wait a lot to get money for remodeling. The bank will transfer money to your bank account just right after signing the contract and its processing through the bank system.

While HELOC can be a long-term alternative for money borrowing, the usual loan is more suitable for short-term repairs. The reason for this is that banks provide less beneficial conditions: higher interest rates and shorter payment cycles. So, if you wish to upgrade a room in your house, a loan for house remodeling can be a great opportunity to get funding for this purpose and pay them back to the bank in a while.

A lot of banks and agencies provide this type of credit line today, and the offered conditions vary. Thus, it is more beneficial to spend time searching for the most appropriate offer for your case, compare interests rates and requirements of financial organizations.


  • No necessity to have any budget and provide a deposit to request a loan.


  • The budget can be limited, and it is suitable only for small remodeling projects;
  • Higher interest rates in comparison to other programs.

A home remodeling loan is a convenient alternative for you if your project does not need big expenditures and you do not have any free money to invest in it.

5 — Credit Cards

Banks offer lots of options for credit cards with different rates and conditions of payments. If you find a profitable alternative when you have zero rates at the beginning of card usage, it can become favorable funding for home remodeling. Moreover, some cards provide rewards for buying, so you can even compensate for some expenditures with cashback.

Introductory APR credit cards are suitable for small remodeling projects or even just tiny renovation of furniture in one room. The main consideration for this is a short payment period and the necessity to deposit money to the card at the end of the month. If you violate some terms of your contract, the bank will increase rates for you. Besides, rates can change according to fluctuations in financial and estate markets. Some banks increase rates in time, and that is why you should carefully choose the provider of a credit card.

Thus, there are situations when people pay even higher rates for credit cards than they could pay for home remodeling loans. Selection of the most beneficial credit card for you will take time as it is important to learn all the details of banks’ offers.


  • Possibility to find the money for small expenditures with the interest-free card;
  • Rewards from the bank for purchases.


  • High-interest rates after the end of the introductory period;
  • Obligation to pay back the money before the start of the next billing cycle.

This approach can be profitable for you if you want to renew only small parts of your house. In addition, the most beneficial way is to use an introductory period with rewards and pay the money back in time.

6 — Home Equity Loan

If you are ready to provide your property as collateral for a loan, you may be interested in this type of funding. It is a credit line when the bank gives you a determined sum of money at one moment. However, you guarantee your ability to pay back with your house.
All regulations that you need to follow during payment cycles should be agreed upon with the bank in advance. If you are not complying with determined terms, you can be punished by the financial organization, and it will put at risk your ownership. In contrast to HELOC, the interest rates are fixed when you request a home equity loan. So, there will be no changes in your monthly payments regardless of fluctuations in the market.


  • You get the whole requested sum in advance;
  • Rates set in the beginning will remain the same.


  • Banks can transfer your estate if you violate the rules of the contract.

Therefore, you can obtain a home equity loan if you prove that your income is stable and you can pay off the credit line. This type of loan may let you find the money for all expenditures set by the remodeling project.

7 — Cash-out Refinance

Cash-out refinance means requesting a new loan based on the previous one with more profitable conditions. The only case when you will have profit out of this procedure is when you use more beneficial offers for a new loan than was your previous one. So, you can remain your payments for loans the same but get a small budget for home remodeling operations.
However, the procedure of refinancing requires you to pay for paperwork. That is why you have to estimate all costs and profits from this approach to understanding its value in your case. One more drawback of cash-out refinance is the prolongation of your loan period. If you are already tired of being obliged to pay back, it cannot be a good option for you.


  • You can avoid two monthly payments with a refinance program.


  • More time to pay the loan off.

So, if you are not ready to take one more loan in addition to the mortgage, you can refinance it. You have to find offers with lower interests for refinance to get some profit from it.


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