Bathroom remodeling tips and tricks - a complete makeover

Bathroom is the smallest space in the place you live, that’s why it’s the trickiest one in matters of renovation. You’ll have to do intensive work in this area – plumbing, electricity and lighting, counters, baths, sinks, and toilets… Every single detail is important and all alterations you’re planning to make with your bathroom remodeling should be sensible, because bathrooms are mostly tiny spaces destined to provide us with maximum functionality every day and every night. Bathroom upgrade is a step-by-step process demanding creativity and patience. You don’t want to spend weeks on a bathroom project, do you? We’ll help you out with simple solutions that you can recreate yourself.

Remodeling vs a new room: what’s better?

Refinishing will be good for worn out bathtubs, sinks, showers, and basins. Buying a new bathroom plus extra materials for the installation and more cash for the professional workers will blow your budget. Refinishing will cost you only about 10% of the cash you may pay for the full replacement. Your old bathroom appliances will look like new and you won’t have to get them to the landfill. Therefore, you save your money with refinishing and don’t spend much time on complete repair.

Bathroom upgrade shouldn’t be something to cost a ton of money. It can actually be as simple as a floor or faucet change. You’ll be surprised at how an insignificant detail drastically changes the overall looks of your bathroom.


Mind the Budget

That’s the initial thing. It influences the choice of materials and helps you make further renovation plans. Bathroom makeovers will have certain boundaries and when you know how much you can spend, you will become more creative, thus saving your time and unpredictable expenses. You don’t have to replace every single item with a new one – there’s a lot you can renovate and recycle at low cost.

Get Help

The only thing you should invest your money in is the help of a professional designer, who will be able to analyze your bathroom space and adapt the room to the needs of you and your family. You won’t have to remodel anything on the spot and spend more than you can actually afford. An experienced designer will provide you with a step-by-step plan of actions. Here’s what you need to discuss:

  • A BATH or a SHOWER. Massive tubs taking too much space of a tiny room are getting out of fashion giving way to compact shower cabins. Be practical about this choice. If you don’t take a bath so often, changing it for a shower cabin can be a huge advantage – you’ll get a ton of free usable space.
  • Number of SINKS. If you want to install the second one, don’t forget that plumbing works may cost as much as a new sink.
  • Universal Bathroom. If you’re planning a bathroom for a family, try to make it comfortable for all ages – grab bars, wider doorways, steps to the bath and other tiny, but significant details matter.
  • Plumbing replacement. That’s one of the key issues of a sensible bathroom makeover. It looks easy on the surface, but when you decide to switch positions of tubs, toilets and sinks you slowly get to a dead end result – the expenses are growing, the time is going on and your bathroom looks even messier than it was before you started the renovation. Plumbing is a very tricky and pricey thing to work with.

Add Fresh Wall & Floor Tiling

You don’t have to change it all over your bathroom walls – do that only around the tub. Use a fresh color or pattern. Invest in water and stain resistant tiling and enjoy the renewed bathroom look! Fresh tiling on the floor will brighten your bathroom, your spirits, and won’t cost much, if you manage to change the tiling yourself.


Lighting in the bathroom has a very specific value. Install the lights at the level of your eyes if you want to have lighting concentrated on your face. Add more light and make the room look cohesive by using stainless steel, nickel and bronze elements. Don’t forget about overall lighting if your bathroom is tiny – it will add visual space.


It will save you from moldy walls, foggy mirrors, and moisture mayhem while taking a steamy bath or a shower. Make sure your bathroom is free from moisture. That’s the worst enemy your bathroom may have. If you want good ventilation, remember that you’ll need one vent fan installed for a square foot. It’s rough but close to reality. However, the number of vents also depends on the climate of your region. Of course, you’d better trust the installation to the experienced professionals.

Other crucial details

In order to create a bathroom of your dream, you need to think about every detail in advance. Check for bathroom furniture prices and look for models that would look perfect in the room and combine with the new design. Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Shower Door

Protects the room from unwanted moisture. Keeping water in while taking a shower is a tricky process, especially if you use a curtain. Invest in the installation of a shower door and your bathroom won’t have to take a shower together with you!

Medicine Cabinet

It’s a great space saver hidden behind the mirror above the sink. Besides, everyone at home will know where the vital medicines are kept. Look for models made of water-resistant materials, because a medicine cabinet is always exposed to moisture.

A New Faucet

It can significantly change the overall looks of your bathroom. Devote a bit of time to a shiny new element of your sink and you’ll see how much satisfaction it will bring. Choose a deep and well-designed faucet that won’t let water out.

Creativity Matters: Fresh Ideas for Old Bathroom

Practical bathroom makeovers demand creativity. Estimate you DIY experience in order to understand whether you actually need somebody’s help or whether you can do the most part of the work yourself. Post a request on social networks and try to find someone to deal with the remodeling of your bathroom through your friends.

Add vintage elements. Before the invention of plumbing people used to install washbasins in their houses. A vanity can be a nice addition to your bathroom. Combined with a modern plumbing system it will give you more space to keep various washing chemicals, towels, and other bathroom clutter.

Traditional furniture items for the bathroom are mostly boring. Make a unique personalized towel rack with your own hands. Vintage taps will be perfect for hanging towels, gowns and other clothing items while you’re in the bathroom.

Natural materials and products made out of them are as functional as the synthetic ones. They’re also healthy and free of chemicals. If you’re environmentally friendly, try painting the doors of your bathroom cabinets instead of changing them for the new ones and throwing away the old ones.

More Guidelines for Bathroom Upgrades

  • Think about investing in a radiant heat system for warm underfoot before you start dealing with floor tiling. This investment will certainly prove itself useful for all members of your family. Besides, you won’t suffer from extra moisture.
  • Get a comfortable seating – a soft chair with pillows or an ottoman. No matter what you’re planning to do in the bathroom, you’ll always have a chance to relax and make yourself comfortable. It can be especially good if you live together with aging family members.
  • Invest in a stereo system with several speakers – it will fantastically change your mood while you take a shower.
  • If you spend most of your morning in the bathroom while getting ready for work, get a water-resistant, low voltage TV and place it at your eye level. You’ll be able to listen to the latest news while shaving, doing your hair and make-up. Of course, take care about proper ventilation before you install a TV.
  • If you’ve got enough money and space, make a fireplace in your bathroom. It will look extremely cool if your bathroom shares a wall with the bedroom. Put a double-sided fireplace between the rooms and double your pleasure.
  • Build in a bench in the shower. Tile it to match the walls and the flooring of your shower.
  • Add interest to your bathroom by adding extra storage solutions. You won’t be overloaded with make-up tools, brushes, and cosmetics. Use frosted glass, blend open spaces with closed ones.

A+ Construction & Remodeling in Sacramento CA always have solutions for your comfortable home that will fit your budget and make your life more convenient. Don’t hesitate and make a call – our specialists will lead you through trouble-free bathroom makeover.