Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Guide To Picky Home Owners.

That’s a possibility to recreate a kitchen of your dreams.
If your kitchen cabinets are in a very good condition, but a bit old-fashioned – you can choose kitchen refacing services by our company and change the design of cabinet doors, handles, drawer fronts and hinges. Cabinet refacing saves money, time and frees you from mess in the kitchen. If you decide to change the doors of the cabinets for the new ones, your kitchen will look brand new with only about 20-30% of cost for the full kitchen furniture replacement.
You may contact A+ Construction & Remodeling Company for accurate price calculation or keep reading the step-by-step Kitchen Cabinets Refacing guide.


1. Q&A stage

Before any kind of works get started, it is necessary to discuss the details and go through the stage of questions and answers. Here are most frequently asked questions asked by our customers:

Will It Work with Every Cabinet?

If your kitchen cabinetry is structurally sound, then every single piece of it can be refaced. Besides, a team professional workers and manufacturers suggest building extra cabinetry pieces to match your new refaced design. Cabinets refacing will work with pantries, desks, islands and other cabinet units. It’s a great chance to customize your kitchen and add freshness by using new materials and colors. This way you’ll get more than a renewal, but a steady, adhesive and long-lasting surface of a renewed kitchen furniture. Besides, there are cabinet staining services that offer thorough cleaning of the existing furniture without altering the general design.

Will It Last Long?

Refacing kitchen cabinets means bonding a new layer of wood substrate to the surface of the cabinet itself. This process strengthens the material of the cabinets and provides firm structure that will last for years. Of course, it also depends on the climate and regular maintenance.

How Long Does It Take?

Full kitchen cabinetry refacing may take up to six weeks. However, best companies manage to do that in two weeks.

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company offers a wide range of services in kitchen cabinetry installation and renovation. Regardless of what style, color or texture preferences you have, we can always offer price- and time-effective solutions. By choosing our Company you can be sure you choose the most affordable way to get a brand-new kitchen in no time.

What Materials Are Used?

The main options are RTF (rigid thermo foils), plastic laminates and wood.

The advantage of plastic is an innumerable choice of colors. It will cost you more than RTF. The only trouble is that it doesn’t work with several door styles.

RTF doesn’t have this amount of color options, but it’s sturdy and more durable. Besides, RTF is easily adapted to cabinets of all styles and designs – it will be perfect for doors of all shapes.

Wood is the most expensive material for kitchen refacing. It costs up to 25% more than laminates and RTF. Wood veneers should be sealed professionally; otherwise, your newly refaced kitchen furniture will suffer from moisture and temperatures. If the sealing is done carefully, you won’t have to devote much tie to maintenance.

Our catalog includes refacing materials to any taste: classical and contemporary, minimalistic and vintage, simple and glass-front.

What Benefits Does Refacing Bring?

Refacing cabinets is an environmentally friendly process, because in the result you won’t have to get your worn-out cabinetry to the landfill. Besides, refacing demands a lot less energy and resources than manufacturing a new set of kitchen cabinets. However, the most precious resource for you is your budget, and it will also be saved!

2. Step-by-step refacing process

When our customers have clear vision of the project and our company team understands the scope of work, it’s time to start.

The process of kitchen refacing goes as follows:

  1. The doors and the drawers of the cabinets are taken off, marked and thoroughly cleaned and sanded. Stain companies also deal with slight scratches and imperfections masking them with special tools (that’s why the work is rarely done at the client’s home).
  2. The cabinetry elements are covered with paint of your choice and finished with the lacquer.
  3. Cabinets with unattached doors and drawers are cleaned and painted at your place.
  4. The doors and drawers are installed back.


Depending on the work complexity and customer preferences, the full refinishing process may last up to 15 days, but usually is much faster and takes 3-5 days.
A+ Construction & Remodeling will provide you with high quality services of cabinet refinishing companies and cabinet refacing companies. Make a call for more detailed information about a perfect look of your home and easy sensible ways to achieve it.
Of course, that’s a basic description of the process. Every cabinet should be prepared, cleaned with alcohol and sanding sponge to fix everything tight. Besides, a set of specific instruments will be needed to cut the veneer, measure the size of the cabinets and screw the front parts. The set of tools for kitchen cabinets refacing includes:

  • Drill (cordless);
  • Drill bits;
  • Miter and a circular saw;
  • Nail gun;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Caulk gun;
  • Paper cutter;
  • Laminate slitter;
  • Sanding sponges and alcohol.

For cheap kitchen renovation there are only 3 quick steps to take:

  • Contract our designers to work out a plan for the project.
  • Wait for company technicians to have necessary parts of your kitchen removed.
  • Wait for them again to bring your kitchen cabinetry parts back and install a renewed face of your kitchen.

After the job is done, you get a renewed, comfortable and convenient kitchen with an entirely altered look. Look through before and after pictures in Recent Projects at our website and familiarize yourself with customer testimonials.


Why Choosing A+ Construction & Remodeling Company in Sacramento CA?

  • We offer 5-year warranty for complete refinishing.
  • To get rapid results no cabinet demolition or unloading is carried out. Tt makes quick turnaround possible – most of jobs are finished in a few days!
  • Refaced cabinets are processed with non-toxic protection to make them last long and keep your family safe.

Possible Pricing

Willing to reface kitchen cabinets, but have no idea about possible expenses? Study the graph created by HomeAdvisor.

If you’re inspired to give a new life to your kitchen, contact the specialists of A+ Construction & Remodeling in Sacramento CA and get a brand-new kitchen for the 20% price of the fully replaced one.


3. What A+ Construction & Remodeling Company offers

Basic Renewal.

No color change is done. It works well with surfaces that are not seriously worn out. Our company will help you get rid of stains, greasy spots and minimal scratching. It’s a sort of a quick touch-up that brings new life to the old cabinetry. It’s not a refacing, it’s a basic cleaning job that takes no more than a day. It’s economic, simple and convenient from all points of view – that’s a perfect option if you’re willing to give a fresh look to your home and don’t have enough strength and time to do it yourself. Also, many families invite cleaning companies and cabinet refinishing companies if they’re planning to sell their property and make it look attractive.


Color Shift.

It also works with a slightly worn-out cabinetry. Color shifting removes the yellowish shade from the wooden surface of the cabinets. Color shifting is also done when you’re satisfied with your kitchen furniture, but willing to get a darker shade of wood to make it look new. Many families order the service to get back the color to the doors and drawers faded by the sun. This service demands up to three days of work.


Color Change

That’s the most dramatic change of your kitchen looks. A full color change that takes up to fifteen days of work. The palette of colors in the modern world of cabinet refinishing companies is made up of hundreds of shades of all possible colors. Finding a perfect color to match the style you wish is never a trouble.

The cabinets are refinished by hands with the help of durable materials. You can use antiquing and glazing to make cabinetry even more attractive.

Hardware upgrade

To enhance to functionality of your kitchen, you may be interested in hardware upgrade. This type of services includes replacing drawer slides, installing hidden doors or invisible hinges, rolling library ladders or barn doors and a lot more. Sometimes tiniest details are decisive!

Cabinet Modification & Organizer Installation

If it is necessary to work around kitchen space limitations or make the kitchen layout customized, ergonomic and nice-looking – cabinet modification services rendered by our company are top solution. Besides, we deal with organizer installation to add storage space and make your kitchen more functionally updated.

Cabinet Refacing

This service includes partial replacement of some furniture pieces and new front panels to the kitchen islands, doors and drawers. Cabinet refacing or refinishing costs more than a half cheaper in comparison to cabinet replacing. That’s a cheap and environmentally friendly process saving your time and nerves.

Be confident A+ Construction & Remodeling Company will deal with kitchen cabinet refacing at a cheap price and at the highest quality level! We focus on vanities for bathrooms and kitchen cabinetry. If you’re looking for a nice cabinet to go with your already existing furniture, the company is ready to help you. The pricing is about 40% lower than in most part of American stores. The collections offered are diverse, presented in a variety of styles, materials and designs. You’ll be able to order customized kitchen cabinets to go with your personal style and atmosphere of your home. No matter what you’re interested in – modern or classic furniture, traditional or refined one – you’ll always get an option to your liking.

What color and style options are available?

The color and style of refaced kitchen cabinetry may vary. The options are:

  • Cherry;
  • Black;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • White;
  • Vanities and cabinets with a few functional drawers;
  • Cabinetry with single doors;
  • Classy and Modern style vanities;
  • Vanities with raising panels.

You can consult our company specialists to get the full list of color and style options available now.

Look and get amazed by these before and after pictures of kitchens that went through the process of refacing:

Need help to choose the options that meets your needs best?

Feel free to get a consultation with one of A+ Construction & Remodeling specialists before you purchase anything. There’s a possibility to order a catalogue for free on the official page of the company. As soon as you place the order, you can calculate the exact price with the help of our company managers.

A+ Construction & Remodeling cares about its clients in Sacramento CA and does its best to provide them with relevant information about companies manufacturing high quality furniture and dealing with repairing and renovation works. Make a free call or have an online chat with one of our specialists.

We have brilliant reputation, and this fact is backed up by an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and numerous positive reviews that can be found all over the net. Besides, our pricing policy is adjustable to clients with various needs and financial possibilities. Our team works in collaboration with HGTV and the DIY Network and participates in various TV projects devoted to kitchen renovation.

Want to Get a Brand-New Kitchen?

Buying kitchen cabinets in a new house or replacing them is one of the most important decisions when it comes to organizing kitchen functionality and creating design. A+ Construction & Remodeling Company provides the clients with a wide range of cabinet lines crafted with care and attention. They are:

  • Decora. This line offers a wide range of cabinets of all possible and impossible shapes. They are beautifully crafted and suggest a number of color options.
  • UltraCraft. They are custom spacious cabinets that are available for the personalized pre-ordered design.
  • Diamond. Deal with kitchen cabinetry and participate in Environmental Stewardship Program. They are most trusted in the area. Numerous showrooms all over the USA will give you a chance to have a close look at these kitchen cabinetry pieces.
  • WOLF Classic. Launched in 2011. Provides the clients with bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. The production includes traditional, classy and timeless designs.
  • Aristokraft. Famous for their long-lasting bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Except for the classy options, Aristokraft offers cabinets of different shapes, made of various types of wood and crafted in numerous coloring options.
  • Fabuwood. Famous for the custom cabinetry that includes 5 collections with characteristic traits: Allure, Classic, Value, Geneva and Prima. They want to prove that individuality is affordable for everyone.
  • WOLF Designer. The collection includes cabinetry made of 9 species of wood, about 50 door styles, more than 2500 color combinations, wide palette of decorative options.
  • Roberto Fiore. Famous for neat and clean lines, distinctive grains and delicate textures for modern kitchen cabinetry.
  • Forevermark. Offers cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms at sensible pricing. The cabinets are covered with a special UV coating finish to increase the resistance and protect the furniture from the impact of climate and the environment.
  • Contractor’s Choice. Provides the clients with long-lasting cabinets. It’s one of the most popular manufacturers famous for affordable pricing and high-quality products for your cozy home.
  • CNC. This cabinetry line includes Country series, Classic series and Concord series, each with a distinctive style and custom decorative elements.
  • B. Jorgsen & Co. Taste of French countryside combined with hi-tech flavor for those, who wouldn’t compromise neither design, nor functionality.
  • Zeimlich. Kitchen cabinets of various shapes and durable materials that are affordable for anyone.

Don’t get puzzled by low pricing – the quality of the cabinetry is always on top. You’ll get convenient cabinets and counters with extra drawers, extensions for more kitchen clutter and solid frames out of wood.

If you care about the look of your kitchen, A+ Construction & Remodeling Company will help you out with a huge set of options, ideas and customization. The cabinetry and counters we offer are made on the base of high quality wood, stonework, glass and metallic elements produced by renowned manufacturers from all over the world. It results in durable cabinetry with maximum functionality and minimum trouble. Besides, every single item of cabinetry is made with love for the environment.

Our company also deals with high quality installation services. The cabinets will be levelled and adjusted to your kitchen or bathroom walls together with necessary hardware. You won’t have to worry about anything.

How much does the replacements of my kitchen cabinets cost?

When it comes to price, customers with tight budgets will be happy to discover that the final cost of your new-styled kitchen depends on their preferences. At our company you can order great, durable and low-cost kitchen cabinets. You may look up the industry averages and compare them to our offers to be sure – best prices can be found here.


What do company services include?

Every project is unique. However, the general idea of the routine is quite the same.

  1. Make sure you placed the order via our company manager.
  2. Appoint the date our specialists visit your house to take all necessary measurements and agree on the scope of work.
  3. Our company facilities in CA Sacramento manufactures new kitchen cabinets or coverings in accordance with specified sizes, shapes and materials.
  4. Our staff visits your place again to disassemble old kitchen cabinets to replace them.
  5. The process may take up to 14 days depending on the complexity of work.
  6. We do our business on the base of the motto: “We’re not done until you tell us we’re done.” The job is considered finished only when the customer says the project is completed.


We understand that your home is a very important asset from both financial and emotional aspect. In these aspects, kitchen is valuable like no other places in the home. We want to assist in creating a functional and comfort place for you and your family to enjoy time spent there.

A+ Construction & Remodeling is happy to help its clients all over Sacramento CA with innovative ideas at affordable pricing. We are serious and responsible about every service connected with kitchen cabinetry – from the initial project to the final installation. Our company offers a number of services and creative options to fit the taste and needs of anyone asking for professional help. The pricing is also adjustable – we are glad to offer services at lowest pricing in the area. Contact one of our online specialists and freshen your home!