Kitchen Resurfacing & Kitchen Cabinets Restaining & Restoration

A+ Construction & Remodeling: We renovate houses and homes

We have broad vision and create new realities. We engineer your kitchen cabinets, your home and your lifestyle.

A beautiful residence is not an impossible dream but a completely reachable goal with an award-winning home remodeling company. A+ Construction & Remodeling specializes in:

  • Top-notch house renovation;
  • Personalized design for you kitchen and bathroom;
  • Replacement of windows and doors;
  • All sorts of architectural services.

Committed to the excellence in every detail, our genuine craftsmen, professional builders, and creative designers will make you amazed with great remodeling ideas and stunning home modernization projects. We’ve dealt with kitchen remodeling for years and we’ve experienced a lot with different clients and homes.

An icon of home remodeling contractors, we have been proudly serving Sacramento CA and the surrounding areas since 1997. Despite our depth of experience and service excellence, we are always excited and enthusiastic about starting another house renovation adventure and live out your home dream!

We are not afraid of tricky projects and sophisticated homeowners. Our crew of skilled and handy specialists views every project as an opportunity to take the best practices out of house remodeling art and turn your existing rooms into shining design masterpieces for you and your friends.

Willing to get a more comfortable kitchen on budget? Light renovation will be your best choice. Willing to reconstruct the kitchen? Trust our professionals with planning and making a scale map. Hoping to add value by home renovation for the resale? We’re ready to start whenever you want.

We know how to revive your kitchen and more…

We deal with a ton of kitchen and bath remodeling issues. The A+ Construction & Remodeling’s team of master craftsmen is able to create anything you want for both separate rooms and entire residence while ensuring you save your time, money, and frustration. By choosing A+ Construction & Remodeling as your home renovation contractor, you can rest assured your house will be modernized with the latest technology to your maximum satisfaction.

Our basic services include:

  • Kitchen resurfacing including flooring, tiling, custom cabinetry, countertops resurfacing – we know how to satisfy the most sophisticated clients and we’re not afraid of custom orders;
  • Bathroom remodeling including tile repair, installation, or re-grouting, \ walls repair, plumbing works, insulation, and bathroom fixtures – we cooperate with experienced builders of all types;
  • Whole exterior apartment renovation and repair – we’ll find a perfect budget solutions for your family if needed;
  • Interior redesign and redecoration – we have a ton of ideas due the years of renovation work in Sacramento and its areas;
  • Case furniture refinishing – we restain kitchen cabinets as well as bath cabinetry and vanities;
  • Replacement of doors and windows – we’ll light up every dark corner of your home and add more room to tiny spaces.

Being the source of high-end home remodeling services A+ Construction & Remodeling provides all kinds of the high-grade work in every aspect of house improvement. We’re ready to face a multi-functional luxury kitchen remodeling as well as a tiny valley kitchen renovation. Our competencies include anything you may wish for.

Find our contacts on website to make the first step to your kitchen or house remodeling project and receive an eBook on the finest home remodeling tips – this is all for free!

We have experience

The solid industry expertise and professionalism empower us to handle projects of any complexity:

  • Bathroom, kitchen, or the whole house renovation;
  • Kitchen resurfacing;
  • Flooring and tiling renewal;
  • Windows and doors replacement;
  • Roof and basement repairs.

We fully understand that acknowledgment and success of a reliable home remodeling contractor are based on their ability to anticipate and exceed the re-design requirements of any client in a time-and-cost-effective manner. For doing so, A+ Construction & Remodeling gives a careful attention to the reliability and durability of the materials and quality of the efforts used in all our home renovations.

We deeply respect our customers

We believe that a nice home is a key pillar for family joys and happiness. And this is what we can bring to you! Our goal is to make you proud of your residences and ensure you create the house of your dream. A+ Construction & Remodeling is faithful and passionate about delivering high-end home remodeling and interior beautifying services and we always strive to completely satisfy your most specific house renovation demands, to earn your trust and be worth of appreciation. Your needs and expectations are of the prime importance to us that is why we only work within your schedule and budget doing everything we can to convert your project into a total success.

We have principles

Every householder deserves an exceptional home remodeling experience so that we put dedication, honesty, and scrupulosity in every task we perform to give our customers the highest standards of quality, rate, respect, and commitment. Your satisfaction is our mission. We put people first. We have cultural values. We treat anyone as the only one.

Whether renovating a house, redesigning a bathroom restyling a kitchen or creating brand new cabinetry to fit your lifestyle, A+ Construction & Remodeling every time showcases its talents by religiously adhering to the principles of:

  • Expertise to provide our clients with the upscale home renovation services
  • Accuracy to prove we are the first house renovation contractor to rehire and refer
  • Elegance to convert ordinariness into inspiration
  • Security to ensure the Reliability and Safety of our home improvement projects
  • Availability to make you happy not only with refined rooms but saved money as well
  • Excellence to let you experience tantalizing interior designs with the top-performer amongst remodeling contractors
  • Integrity to earn confidence and loyalty of our customers every day
  • Positive attitude to inspire our members execute marvelous interior solutions
  • Responsibility to demonstrate our actions speak louder than words

We Make Ordinary Kitchens Special

From the modern concept to actual renovation. From the boring old to the outstanding new. From unbelievable dream to a perfect cooking space.
Kitchens bring families together. It’s the heart of every home. It can easily be restored and recovered.
Add flare and value to your residence with kitchen cabinet restaining in a matter of couple days! A+ Construction & Remodeling provides class-leading home remodeling services while taking the stress, fuss, and disruption out of the kitchen modernization process. Transform and refine your existing cabinetry and make your kitchen look astounding again with an icon of home renovation contractors! Create your unique, distinctive, and ultra-functional space by resurfacing worn out and outdated kitchen furniture.

That’s how we recover the elegance of your kitchen

Cabinetry Restaining & Resurfacing

Once you make up your mind to restain kitchen cabinets, the only thing you will have to do is just hiring A+ Construction & Remodeling to let top sawyers convert your kitchen to an eye candy room.
The first thing we proceed with before we start kitchen cabinet restaining is masking and protecting the surrounding interior and furniture to eliminate dust and rubbish and keep everything clean. It’s especially important if you’ve already covered the walls and floors with new tiling or hardwood.

Next, we gently replace countertops, drawers, and doors to redesign side panels and frames of deteriorated cabinets. We fully understand you want unlimited options to choose the style, texture, and finish for your future kitchen cabinets. In our catalog, you can find over two hundred kitchen cabinet variations from the stunning cherry to gorgeously chocolate glazed facing!

Then, we take dissembled cabinets to our own manufactory with the cutting-edge equipment. The latest machinery enables us to quickly perform any aspect of kitchen cabinet restaining while the solid experience of our well-trained technicians ensures any kitchen refinish project will fully meet all the demands and expectations of our clients.

When our masters restain cabinets, they follow several basic steps:

  • Strip away obsolete cabinet finish;
  • Repair or replace cabinet accessories and functional hardware;
  • Resurface the cabinetry;
  • Replace the visual cabinet hardware;
  • Install mount hinges, rails, pulls, knobs if necessary, and re-hang doors.

Once kitchen cabinets are fixed, updated, and repainted (the process usually takes 1-3 days), the team gets the furniture back to your home and installs it up in the same or absolutely different manner if you wish. Your dream kitchen is ready to bring joy back to you and your family!

The whole process of kitchen cabinet restaining may seem quite difficult, time-and-effort-consuming but not for our imaginative interior designers and skilled craftsmen. Their in-depth knowledge and creative approach to every new task allow us to develop truly striking kitchen remodeling projects with all your needs heard and respected! Meeting your expectations is a too ordinary practice. Exceeding them is all that A+ Construction & Remodeling strives for and succeeds in!

Enhancement & Revival

Cabinet restaining includes a lot more than working on the exterior. A perfect kitchen is about functionality. That’s the reason why:

  • We can enhance your kitchen cabinetry with new modules and parts like corbels, columns, and moldings or redesign existing ones for a perfect match.
  • We can reface your cabinets or their parts with solid wood or another protective coating of your choice to prolong the life of your cabinetry.
  • We can promote the convenience of your kitchen cabinets by installing new drawers, replacing bad rails, updating hardware, and adding smart cabinet hardware and new countertops.
  • We can easily and inexpensively redesign your kitchen from scratch including electrical and plumbing systems so that your kitchen will allow more space and accommodate much more appliances.
  • We can not only restain kitchen cabinets but reface or repair any other cabinet in your home: inbuilt units, bathroom vanities, bedroom suites and any other specific piece of woodwork.

Our home renovation constructor provides expert kitchen cabinet restaining services throughout Sacramento CA and nearby towns. We are proud to offer our clients a specialist on-site visit for the free job assessment, consultation, and calculation. The technician will carefully estimate the spread of future work and propose you the best offer that will entirely satisfy your schedule and money capabilities while being in harmony with your lifestyle.

Cabinets Refurbishment

That’s a gradual process. Of course, we deal with every project individually. You’ll have your unique cabinetry design on the base of the existing one. However, the basic steps are always the same:

  1. We accept your order as well as the unique details you’re willing to add to the look and functionality of your kitchen.
  2. We arrange the visit to your household at a maximum comfortable time for you and your family.
  3. We take measurements and make up a scale plan of your kitchen resurfacing basing on your plumbing and electricity systems.
  4. We contact the CA Sacramento facilities and professional building teams to get the cabinetry, the equipment and everything we may need for a complete refurbishment.
  5. Our experienced staff removes the elements of your cabinetry starting from the drawer fronts and finishing with the hinges. We make sure the surfaces are ready for the refurbishment and carry out the prepared concept.
  6. Our masters trim and install the renewed hinges, doors, door handles and other functional elements of your cabinetry to make your cooking space look perfect.
  7. Our specialists check everything and wait for your personal approval. Remember, that we won’t stop enhancing your kitchen until you feel like it’s enough.

Refurbished kitchen cabinets are affordable and give your kitchen a new life making it a favorite place for heart-warming family gatherings, reunions, celebrations and an inspiring place for generating great ideas with a cup of morning coffee.

Does it always work?

Some say restored kitchen cabinets will not look like brand-new ones, so it’s better to rebuild them. It actually happens almost all the time when the kitchen cabinetry is old and shabby. But if the construction is sturdy and intact, you like it and all you need is to reface the kitchen a bit – cabinet refurbishing would be a great and cost-effective project. Our masters are not afraid of scratches and cracks in the wood – they know how to get rid of them and hide them efficiently.

In case the kitchen cabinet carcass (structure) is sound and has a good shape and not swollen and partially deteriorated because of water – our Company specialists can offer you a great deal of options for refurbishing kitchen cabinet doors. Contact our managers for details.

What about longevity?

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company uses materials with protective coatings to get kitchen cabinets refurbished for at least another decade of life. No matter what your cabinetry is made of – dignified wood or cheap, but practical laminate – it needs regular care and cleaning.

In case if you want your new last longer, just contact our specialists for a check and be sure that everything has worked out fine. Our competent pros can help you check the condition of your existing cabinets and advise on keeping their structural integrity for years. They’ll give you advice on further maintenance.

Is it pricey?

We have flexible price policy, so the cost of your restored kitchen cabinetry depends solely on the following issues:

  • The textures you want;
  • The materials you need.

The basic services we have cost no more than any other building and remodeling contractor may offer. To learn more – contact A+ Construction & Remodeling managers, schedule the visit of the pro and make an official estimate.

Will it be long?

Good news: kitchen cabinets refurbishment takes only (вставить диапазон, сколько дней уходит на обновление кухни) days in comparison to a few weeks required for full kitchen remodeling.

We understand that in any house a kitchen is a special place with lots of functions: physical, social and emotional. We care about your experience in your renewed kitchen and do our best to create maximum functionality and comfort. At the same time, we can help you spend your budget smartly and rationally by refurbishing the kitchen cabinetry instead of its replacement. A+ Construction & Remodeling – is a company you can trust!

Wooden Cabinetry Resurfacing & Restoration

Wood cabinets have a very specific feel. It’s the same with all elements of your home made of natural materials – stone, granite, bamboo, natural fabric and more. What makes wood cabinets so special?

Wooden cabinetry PROS:

  • Wood creates a completely different look of the room. Natural oak, maple or cherry wood create a sense of luxury. Wooden cabinetry and kitchen islands combined with stone floors or walls make your kitchen not only durable, but also expensive.
  • Wood adds value to your home and makes it attractive. It’s the same even if you have a simple shaker styled kitchen. You don’t need a brand-new Italian kitchen design to make cabinetry look valuable if it’s made of natural wood. The wood will do everything itself.
  • Wood can easily be recolored. It’s a very versatile material able to withstand anything in case of the regular maintenance.

Wooden cabinetry CONS:

  • Wood loses its previous chic and luster if you don’t take care of it on a regular basis – the natural wood fades and loses its perfection due to sun exposure and wet climate.
  • Water makes the wood worn out especially in the areas of door handles and hinges.
  • Frequent use of wood provokes scratches, dents and hollows making your beloved kitchen cabinetry look sad and unattractive.

However, you shouldn’t get disappointed. Wooden cabinetry is very supple. Natural materials are stable and they don’t need much to look new again. Kitchen remodeling may be a true miracle. Never make you mind to get rid of your old kitchen or bathroom cabinetry out of natural wood before you try the restoration!
Wood cabinet restoration includes several basic steps:

  • Preparing of the surface for further restoration works. It’s deep cleaning, sending and using various chemicals and special agents.
  • Making the surface smooth and getting rid of the tiniest scratches for a perfect finish. All imperfections should be removed including dents, scratches and cracks.
  • Restoring the color and the original look of your kitchen cabinetry with the help of special stains, paints and special brushes. We use only professional materials for the natural look of your kitchen furniture.
  • Giving the final touches and applying the protective finish for longevity. It’s especially important for the natural wood.
  • Replacing of handles and other functional elements of the cabinetry. You may also need to replace the railing.

It takes a lot of skills and experience to restore wood cabinets, this activity requires extra caution. DIY hacks can only worsen the situation and lead to the need of full kitchen cabinetry replacement. Therefore, in most cases, repair and maintenance are much better to be ordered at a professional company specialized in this area.

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company offers a great variety of options regarding wood cabinets restoration. Our company has an extensive experience in this field and treats every project individually. It helps us render only best quality goods and services.

Does it always work?

Yes – in case the cabinet is structurally sound and has no extraordinary surface damages. Is so – our company specialists can offer kitchen cabinet door replacement or other services if requested. To learn more – contact our managers for details. In case you need to enhance the storage space, you may order additional customized cabinets in the same color and style.

What about longevity?

A+ Construction & Remodeling Company uses materials with long-lasting finishes and durable protecting layers provide restored wood cabinets with another decade of life. Our pros may also check the state of cabinets construction and tell how sturdy they are.

Is it pricey?

The precise answer can be given only after one of our professionals examines your furniture and makes up an approximate plan of further actions. You should keep in mind that the cost depends on the complexity of the restoration process, materials used and your personal designer solutions and additions. So, the best way to estimate the cost is to contact A+ Construction & Remodeling managers and schedule the visit of the pro.

Will it be long?

Our experience shows that it takes about (Вставить диапазон, сколько дней уходит на обновление кухни) days to perform a high-quality wood cabinets restoration in comparison to kitchen remodeling.

What are the basic restoration options for cabinets of natural wood?

  1. Basic renewal – helps a lot, if you just noticed some fading and small defects that appeared with time. Basic renewal implies simple refinishing.
  2. Color shift – helps to neutralize yellowish tinge that appears on wood furniture and makes it look outdated. The color becomes richer and a bit darker, it helps cabinets look natural and luxurious.
  3. Color change – is a perfect solution is you want more serious changes than just darkening the surface by a few shades. Make your kitchen look redesigned!
  4. Custom color finish – is a lot more that amateur painting. It helps to revitalize the kitchen by completely changing the color and let the beautiful grain of wood come out. The finishing technique is up to you to choose.

Contact us to get more information on how to restore wood cabinets. A+ Construction & Remodeling – is a company you can trust!

DIY Kitchen Resurfacing

There’s nothing bad in a DIY project totally performed on your own. It’s especially satisfying if you’ve already had a successful experience in it. However, the best way out is to trust a professional building contractor, who will save you from potential mistakes and suggest official guarantees. A+ Construction & Remodeling Company offers:

  • Saving time;
  • Saving money;
  • Individual approach;
  • Wide range of kitchen resurfacing services;
  • Effective team work;
  • Officially guaranteed result.

We won’t finish our work unless you tell us you’re satisfied! Our kitchens are seasoned with love and care. A+ Construction & Remodeling has a special power to turn your disappointing and worn-out kitchen space into something new. It will become a place for both meals and enjoyable memories. Take your time and have an enjoyable conversation with one of our online managers. We will give you inspiration and make you realize that kitchen resurfacing and remodeling is not a burden – it’s a true satisfaction.