The Newest Kitchen Design Trends


How can a person “create” a new kitchen without changing too much? Is it possible to do it without spending a year-large salary on it? What kind of kitchen design follows the after-pandemic fashion trend, and what to expect from 2021? Find answers to these and other questions in the article, devoted to the most recent kitchen design trends inspired by changes in the lives of the people.

We now live in a world shaped by the pandemic situation. One year ago, we found out that we will be trapped in our apartments for months, and life changed. We now spend more time at home, working and having rest. The kitchen is, probably, the most popular place inside one’s house to conduct Zoom conferences or simply talk to guests. This area transformed from a place “to eat” into a place “to socialize.”

Every kitchen is usually equipped with a table or a bar counter, a couple of chairs, or a sofa. These furniture units are convenient helpers in the working process and communication. That is why we all are interested in creating a comfortable and attractive space to function inside.

For every homeowner, creating a kitchen design can become an area of self-realization. We all want to produce a unique and self-describing representation of our personalities and do it by sticking to the most recent design trends.

Nowadays, a kitchen might successfully integrate numerous design solutions, which make its functioning easier, more convenient, and more practical. We are now referring to various media systems, hideaway storage, or open shelving.

2021 is the year when humanity started to value the planet and nature with more attentiveness and care, and the color solutions for kitchen design perfectly reflect this atmosphere. 2020 opened for us different shades of green and blue, the natural colors, but 2021 “shaped” them so that they became rather matt than sparkly.

At the turn of the new year or the new season, we always want to transform our place of living, refresh it, and make sure it meets the latest fashion trends. At first sight, it might sound like something expensive and unaffordable, but adding new colors via paint splashes is an easy and relatively cheap way to express yourself and stick to the current kitchen design trends. And you will not even have to buy a new kitchen.

We want you to have a chance to transform your kitchen into the “kitchen of your dream,” that is why we prepared a list of tips you can use to highlight your personality in the design and keep your kitchen functional and beautiful.


If you had a chance to think of a hand-painted kitchen, this is the sign for you to finally try it. Hand painting is another fashionable practice this year. Adding such elements to the overall picture of your kitchen image will allow you to refresh the kitchen any time you want without many expenses. You will only have to choose another color or a shade and re-paint old elements.
From this side, this is a rather ecological solution. Instead of throwing old units of furniture away, give them a new life by re-painting—this sort of “recycling” will keep your finances safe and your kitchen trendy.

As for the practical side of the trend, painted furniture works perfectly with marble and concrete. The mixture of these textures creates an attractive combination of traditional and modern design flows, a flawless balance for perfectionists.

Color decisions

2021 will give us even more green than the previous year. Green is the new black, let’s say. This is the color that strongly associates with nature, thus bringing the Earth vibe into every space, and the kitchen is not an exception.
Green is the color of calmness and relaxation. That is why it is a great design solution for the kitchen since this apartment area has become an everyday battlefield. Working, studying, and other potentially stressful activities performed here must be covered with a shroud of peace brought by this color.

Different shades of green serve different purposes. For example, using dark shades of this color will allow you to create an impression of bigger size even in the small kitchens. This is a useful tip for bigger families. Combine it with wood units to make a perfect combination of numerous details in the small space.

If you have wood flooring, we can also recommend you adding bronze or brass elements to make the kitchen look fresher and, in some sense, to give a touch of nobility.
We all are used to some basic neutral colors like white and grey in different variations. They have been a successful design decision for years. But in 2021, we all want to meet new neutral colors, closer to the natural atmosphere, which will help your kitchen fill its owners with internal harmony.

You can call these colors “earthy” — they are indeed inspired by the relaxing vibes of our planet. You can feel this vibe if you leave the urban area and go to the countryside. This is something you will be glad to add to your kitchen.


For the post-pandemic world, the question of hygiene is rather significant. This is why kitchen designers are thinking of combining health-safe but still creative solutions.
The modern market offers multiple options about how to keep your kitchen clean and safe. Various “easy-to-clean” surfaces are affordable and practical. Some design solutions even include the “no-touch” approach when the amount of touches on the kitchen reduces to ensure safety.

There are also “self-purifying” materials, which fight bacteria with no additional help. It takes 24 hours for them to kill 99% of undesirable organisms on the surface, and no human participation is required.

Anyway, the kitchen now is a highly-visited place in the house, so people want it to remain not only well-designed or expressing their identity, but also safe and comfortable.

Storage & Wine Storage

Storage is one of the main functions your kitchen is supposed to perform. You do not only keep products there but also kitchen appliances, cooking devices, washing elements. Things inevitably occupy some space and your job, as a designer, is to find the best way to store all these items.
Hidden storage is a popular decision, especially if you want to optimize space usage. Clever kitchen storage solutions are spreading all over the world as well. These ideas, like a cupboard behind pocket doors, allow people to use their kitchen space in the most practical way without damaging the overall kitchen style.

And yet, the most recent trend in kitchen optimization is represented by the canopy-style of storage. You can create a canopy under the ceiling, so you get additional storage space, and if designed correctly, it will not ruin the overall look of your kitchen.

Those who appreciate good alcohol will especially appreciate this trend of 2021. More and more people start adding wine coolers to their common device set. This is not only a practical and convenient solution for your kitchen but also a chance to demonstrate your status because many people perceive having personal alcohol storage as a status symbol.
If chosen properly, this no longer expensive kitchen device can fill the gap at your place and become nice complementation to your design.

Sink & Tap

A sink is an extremely important place in the kitchen. People use it to wash fruits and vegetables, to get water for the dishes, to clean the place after cooking. In other words, people spend a lot of time next to the sink. This is the reason why we all want our sinks to be both attractive and practical.
In 2021, bigger sinks are becoming more and more widespread. They remind people of the sinks they might have in their country houses. This village-reminding vibe is probably, the general trend in kitchen design nowadays.

This year you can choose stainless or ceramic materials—those which will work better with your kitchen style.

As for the water tap, this is a device that you will most likely meet in every kitchen as well. In 2021 it continues to be one of the most useful and the most functional kitchen appliances for food preparation.

A boiling water tap is a smart solution that will help to solve the main cooking tasks times quicker. You will not have to wait for the water in the kettle to boil—you will always have quick access to the hot water to get a cup of tea.

Besides, this is an environmentally-friendly decision. Having such a tap will help the homeowner to save energy on water boiling. This type of water heating and keeping it warm is ten times more efficient in comparison to the ordinary kettle.
All the taps vary in their nature. You can choose the one that fits your tastes and the style of your kitchen best. And you will always have quick access not only to simply hot and cold water but also chilled and filtered one.

A working space

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic inevitably affected the functions of the kitchen. Since it is no longer only an “eating” place but also a working space, the average kitchen requires some modifications to become more convenient for work and study.
In 2021 you will see more integrated solutions with breakfast bars and standing desks since these options perfectly fit the notion of a “working kitchen.” They will allow people not to interrupt their working process during the food preparation.

Such sort of worktables also let homeowners obtain more additional space for storing. Extra-spaces visually extend the kitchen, making it more attractive and comfortable to work in—more space—less stress, and the freedom of thoughts, required when working from home.


Open shelves are a wonderful solution for those who want to express themselves via adding some decorative elements into the kitchen but without changing too much. These shelves are open for everyone’s sight, so you, as a homeowner, can put here whatever you want, whatever fits your kitchen style or your personality.
This switch from closed shelves to open ones will continue in 2021. Such a design solution is not only a practical way to keep appliances but is also an occasion to bring some fresh, colorful items into the kitchen look.

Clever zoning

An open floor plan is another 2021 trend, which seems to be obvious because of the lifestyle people have to lead in the case of pandemics. Now, when the kitchen has become a working + studying + eating space, clever zoning is indeed a smart solution.
This is a great option for those who live in the open-space apartments and have dining sections and “having rest” sections on one territory. If you want to keep some sort of distance between them, some division, a broken-plan is the best alternative.

There are different ways to create clever zoning in the kitchen, and one of the most popular ones is building nest-like nooks for various purposes. Use one for relaxing, one for cooking, and one for work, or mix them the way you want.

The pantry

Pantry is a special space in every kitchen. This is a place where homeowners keep their kitchen appliances and elements of decoration. That is why it matters what is inside: you will always choose a pantry that has an “internal world” that corresponds to the overall style of the kitchen.
In 2021 your pantry does not have to be a “closed closet.” You can have one open. This will allow you to place here decorations that will complement your kitchen design. Keeping a neutral balance between practical and decorative is the key idea of this design solution.


As far as the kitchen was transformed into a working and studying space, and people started to spend here much more time, the need for comfortable seats appeared.
The variety of seats for different purposes is indeed wide. You can choose banquette seating, benches or chairs, or even island seating for your kitchen if you want. Now, it is not only a matter of beauty and general style but also of comfort. Hardly will anyone like to work sitting on a hard wooden chair with no upholstery.

But still, choosing the seating for yourself, try to follow the design of your kitchen. Seats of different shapes, colors, and materials were created to complement the overall image of your kitchen, so do not hesitate to use them.

The kitchen island

Gained popularity long before 2021, nowadays kitchen islands continue becoming more and more demanded. A kitchen island is a separate table-like accommodation, which combines in itself various functions, including a sink and a space for food preparation.
This is a great design solution for those who want to use their kitchen space in the most optimized way. According to Tom Howley, Creative Director at Tom Howley, kitchen islands can occupy only 15% of the space and produce 90% of functionality. Now, this is one of the best options to make sure you will have enough space both for working and for cooking, and in 2021 this trend keeps spreading.

Technology & Progress

Every year technological progress spreads its influence on very different spheres of human lives. For several years kitchen has been a place where new technological decisions can be implemented.
We all are used to such basics as microwaves, for example, but now the devices are becoming more advanced. You can have a smart kitchen, where every device will be controlled via the application on your smartphone. We are now referring to the smart lightning, wi0fi enabled gadgets, and so on.

These technological solutions will help food remain fresher for longer periods of time. This is supposed to have a positive effect on the ecological situation, as the waste is expected to decrease.

Environmental friendliness

Year after year, the mindfulness of humanity grows up, and taking care of the environment is one of the prioritized tasks in 2021. The ecological way of life is becoming more popular, and it inevitably transforms the perception of the surrounding people. Our apartments are our closest friends in this sense, that is why people try to switch to using ecological, environmentally-healthy materials when designing their place of living, and the kitchen is not an exception.

But “ecologically clean” does not mean “boring” or “unoriginal.” Designers all over the world use these materials to create kitchen projects, and this initiative is spreading quickly. And laminate in combination with metal is a nice confirmation of this.

But “ecological” is not only about the materials you use when creating your kitchen. This is a way of life, which touches even small details like bins to collect garbage and then recycle it or using towels instead of paper napkins.


Lightening is a debatable topic among kitchen designers. Different kinds of lamps deserve to exist, but still, some of them are being replaced the others. This is what is going to happen with the pendant light—it will be replaced by the chandelier in 2021.
The general trend is to look for something simple, village-like in the industrial environment. So, spherical, triangular, and coned shapes will dominate in the kitchen lighting this year. You can also meet these shapes in the vintage approach to lightning, which will continue to be in demand this year.

Lightening is also, in some sense, a way to claim the homeowner’s personality, and this is why it is important to choose the lamp that fits both your tastes and the kitchen design.

Two-tone shading

A contrasting scheme is a separate topic of discussion when it comes to the kitchen design. In 2021, this is a popular trend of shading colors using two tones of one color. The most popular solution is a combination of a lighter grey and a darker grey. They attract attention and simultaneously create an impression of fullness.
You can use shading not only with the elements of decoration which we see. It is advisable to stick to this trend even in closed spaces, like the cabinet drawers.

You have to select shades carefully so that the general picture stayed balanced. This trend allows your kitchen to become fresher and more unique.

The wood

For years wood has been a great choice among homeowners, and 2021 is not an exception. Having wood as a material for your kitchen means that you automatically add some calmness to the general atmosphere.
Despite the fact that wood seems to be a simple and ordinary material, it still provides space for imagination. Use can use wood in combinations with other materials to achieve the effect you want. You can also cover wood pieces with oil or wax—this is both a practical and creative move.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing wood is its ecological safety. Wood is a natural material, and it is the best option for those who want to lead an environmentally friendly and conscious lifestyle.

Wood, just like marble, works well with the dark shades of grey, blue and green. This combination brings even more naturalness to the current design.

Splashback technique

Filling your kitchen style with the individuality of the owner is a popular step-in design. A bright way to “declare yourself” is a so-called “splashback” technique—a method of adding splashes in the main color set. This move increases the intensity in the overall look of your kitchen.
This is a personal choice of every homeowner to use this technique or not. And yet, Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones, states that “Slab splashbacks are a great way to dictate the color palette of the room and reflect the light in a soft fashion.”

The marble

According to the design experts, 2021 will bring even more marble to the kitchens. This solution is a symbol of status and elegance. That is why this is a popular choice.
Marble is an option for those who want to highlight the shades of luxury and prosperity. It works well with gold decorations and accessories, and in the complex with dark colors, such as blue or grey, it creates an atmosphere of magnificence.

For the larger kitchens, a nice move will be to use bigger veining in the marble, and for the smaller ones—smaller veining. This “size correlation” will help your kitchen keep an expensive but modern look.

The hidden kitchen

The concealed kitchen is a growing trend. People now want to hide kitchen elements from the living room. As Daniel Bowler, Director of Eggersmann UK, states: ‘The hidden kitchen is a growing trend that appears more like living room furniture than something normally found in the kitchen.’

Dark surfaces

Dark colors are no longer taboo for the kitchen, and if several years ago they were perceived as something to be “careful” about, something, which should only be added in small details, now you can meet dark colors as an independent base for the design.
Dark surfaces work great with the wood, which was discussed a couple of paragraphs ago. They are brave and claiming that is why they will continue to gain popularity in 2021.

Also, you can mix them with lighter shades. For example, a dark grey and a light grey or a dark blue and a light blue will work great together, but try not to overdo with the contrast.

Dark colors will be fashionable and trendy for many years more from now, so you do not have to worry about the condition of your kitchen if you choose them. They are considered to be timeless.


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