Things to do and not to do for the Best Kitchen Remodel

Just about everyone is getting into the kitchen remodeling game, even those who don’t consider themselves DIY experts. Before you start ripping everything out and putting it back together, take steps to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project will go smoothly.

Creating a stunning yet functional kitchen requires careful planning to keep your costs down and make the most of available space. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful. By following this simple guide, you’ll get your dream kitchen up and running at an affordable cost.


The Top-7 Remodeling Essentials

1. Hire a designer

When you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen, the last thing you want to do is break the bank. A good designer will help you maximize value with a choice of materials and layout to ensure a successful project for years to come. The key to choosing a designer for your kitchen remodeling is to find someone who will take into account what you need. Ask them about their design process and make sure they are interested in what you want, not just their preferences.

Experienced designers have connections with different contractors, and he/she will represent your interests in dealing with the contractor, streamlining the project flow and minimizing the costs.

2. Choose appliances in advance

If you decide to design your kitchen by yourself, make sure that you know what exact equipment will be used. It’s even better that you buy it in advance because, by the time you’ve finished all the groundwork, the appliances you were supposed to use might be out of stock or sometimes even off the production line.
You should also consider buying pre-owned equipment in order to cut the overall cost. Kitchen appliances, just like cars, depreciate in price once you’ve got out of the dealership. If you choose a good seller and double-check the condition of the equipment, you may save a few bucks.

3. Storage is the key

Your kitchen design is incomplete without proper storage. From under-sink organization to kitchen island cabinets, you need functional storage areas to keep your cupboards clean and organized. Kitchen storage is incredibly important. It’s the lifeline of your kitchen and holds everything from food to tools, cooking utensils, pots, and pans—you name it!
Don’t let fancy designs fool you. The kitchen may look good in the picture and in real life, but if you can’t store all your appliances comfortably, you will suffer for years.

A kitchen must suit your cooking style. If you often cook for a big family, everything must be at the reach of your hand to minimize the time of preparing food and making the process easier.

4. Consider Traffic

When designing your dream kitchen, you want to have all the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets and enough cupboards to accommodate them all. But if you don’t also think about how you, your family, and guests will move around the space, you may end up with a dysfunctional layout that’s no fun to work in – with all the latest appliances and gadgets. I’ve put together some tips to consider when designing your kitchen to avoid clogging and poor flow.

5. Make sure you have enough light

If your worktop and stove are not sufficiently lit, not only will the quality of your food suffer, but so will your health! Improperly organized lighting in the kitchen is often the cause of increased strain on eyesight, neck, and back muscles.
Lighting in the kitchen should consist of several parts. Lighting is needed not only for the cooking surface but also for the work area and the apron. For sufficient lighting, install fluorescent, halogen, or LED overlays on the bottom of hanging kitchen cabinets. A stream of light will be directed at the countertop, which will provide a safe and comfortable cooking experience.

Faint lighting of the work area in the kitchen
No less beautiful and functional look glowing panels with frosted tempered glass, which can be used instead of a working apron, or original lamps on clothespins. They can be attached to the open shelves above the work surface and direct the light to the work area.

You can implement different ideas for light arrangement, but the main lighting should be left. Additional lights and sconces can help illuminate the room with soft and atmospheric light. In addition, with the right size and placement, they will become an element of the interior.

6. Organize space properly

Storing small appliances in overhead cabinets is uncomfortable. It all tends to fall on the person who opened the cabinet and, just as unpleasantly, to break on impact. To avoid this mistake, when planning your kitchen, consider lower cabinets with drawer pullouts. Deep drawers with standard doors are less practical: anything placed along the far wall is usually not used for years. In drawers, you can immediately see what’s inside without having to pull out all the contents.

An impractical solution – cluttered countertop with cups, ladles, and other necessary kitchen stuff. This is due to the lack of rails. On the hooks, you can beautifully place any kitchen equipment. For more comfort, you can equip the rails with holders for paper kitchen towels or coasters for cookbooks. They can be complemented by open shelves, which allow the proper use of space in small kitchens and do not create a sense of clutter.

7. Think about power outlets in advance

What housewife wouldn’t want a blender, toaster, multicooker, steamer, bread maker, mixer, and other household appliances? These appliances make cooking easier and faster. In order to use each of them conveniently, you need to think in advance about where to store them, as well as install the appropriate number of outlets. Such details are very often overlooked in the planning stage, but in the end, they can make the cooking process uncomfortable. For example, adapters, expanders, and extension cords in the kitchen look unaesthetic and take up a lot of space.

Mistakes in the location of outlets in the kitchen
To avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable to choose a place for appliances in advance and plan outlets with a reserve! Simply count the number of appliances you have now and add 20-25% to the resulting number. This will ensure that there will be no need for unoccupied slots. The best place to place outlets is on the apron above the countertop work surface. Alternatively, you can use built-in outlets on the countertop or in wall cabinets

When planning the number of outlets, consider whether the wiring will have enough power to serve your appliances. Of course, you won’t be plugging in all your appliances at the same time, but it’s best not to forget about simple safety rules. Careful miscalculation will help you to plan all the necessary work correctly to make your kitchen not only beautiful but also functional

In Conclusion

Only if you think through everything to the smallest detail in advance can you get the kitchen of your dreams. It will be as convenient, functional, and beautiful as possible. In addition, it is important to choose such materials, the care of which will not cause difficulties.

We hope that our recommendations will help you to avoid mistakes in planning and to repair your kitchen.


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