Why Choose Tile Flooring for Home Remodeling

It is true that a broad selection of flooring options can complicate the process of making the final decision. Each material has a number of advantages and disadvantages; however, the most important competitive qualities become clear only after practical application. In this aspect, among all types of floor coverings, tile has proven itself as the best option. A large number of customers who have chosen the tile flooring, speak of it as the cleanest and most reliable floor coating, even after many years of use.

If you are planning to make a reconstruction of the whole house or a separate room, then A+ Construction & Remodeling will help you to complete the project you have conceived. The masters from this company will perform the work in the best possible way, will set the most efficient vector of renovation development, and will always help with advice on any issues, including the picking of flooring.

In this review, we will talk about all the pros of floor tiles and hope that after reading the dilemma of choice will disappear.


Top Seven Strengths Of Floor Tiles

We identify seven competitive advantages of tile, which distinguish it against the background of such coatings as laminate, linoleum, or parquet.

1. Water and Moisture Resistance

Every client who makes a renovation wants the appearance of the apartment to always remain the same as on the first day after accepting the final job from the contractor. However, mechanical impact, active life, as well as various everyday incidents very often violate these plans. No one is immune from an accidental pipe rupture or a milk bottle falling off the shelf. Most often in such situations, the floor suffers, and, therefore, its coating material must be resistant to the effects of various liquids. In this context, tile is the best option, because no liquid will cause bubbles or delamination of the coating, as is the case with linoleum and parquet.

In addition, the tile is perfect for places with high humidity and, accordingly, a high risk of mold, because mold simply can not get a foothold on ceramics. The only possible option may be the appearance of mold in the joints between the tiles, but modern chemicals can help remove all traces in a few minutes.

Overall, if you choose a tile, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the floor covering in case of exposure to any kind of liquid and dampness.

2. Durability

Continuing the topic of reliability, it is important to note that the tile, in addition to moisture, is also resistant to various contaminants and practically does not wear out compared to other materials. If you still stained the tile and left spots or streaks on it, then it is very easy to remove them. In most cases, it is enough to use a wet cloth or a regular rag, because no substances can eat into the tile. In principle, the tile is the easiest flooring to wash, as you can easily remove any greasy traces, soot, food residues, and much more. You also don’t need to spend a lot of time choosing a detergent, because the tile is resistant to any chemicals.

Regarding the period of use, it can be argued that the tile you have chosen will last for more than a dozen years. The tile is not erased, does not lose its pattern, and does not fade under the influence of sunlight. The only option for deformation and damage to the tile will be the fall of a very heavy object, for example, a brick. However, if you drop something from household items on the tile (a pot, a frying pan, or a jar), then it will withstand this impact and at most a scratch will remain.

Overall, if you need flooring that can be easily cleaned of any substances and will last for many years, then the tile is the unconditional number one among all coatings.

3. Environmental Component

We all try to maintain the purity of nature as much as possible. When you do the reconstruction, there is a great chance to contribute to the purification of the environment by choosing environmentally friendly materials. In the case of flooring, this is the tile, since it is made from either recycled materials or natural ones. In most cases, this is sand, glass, as well as red or white clay. At the same time, it takes a lot of wood to create one batch of parquet, and in some cases, these are some rare trees, and linoleum is made using a variety of chemical and non-degradable compounds. Of course, there are environmentally friendly and natural types of flooring, but they are very rare and expensive.

4. Style Variation

Floor tiles are an ideal option to emphasize the unique design of the room because the choice of tile patterns is huge.

We have prepared a list of five patterns that we think will soon reach the peak of trendiness:

  • Graphic ornaments, such as strokes, wavy lines, or Christmas trees.
  • Copying natural materials, for example, wood tiles or marble. This is also another plus to the environmental friendliness of the tile.
  • Abstract ceramics.
  • Eclecticism, that is, mixing different styles into one pattern.
  • New shapes that replace squares, rhombuses, or triangles.

You can follow one of these directions, however, the main advantage of the tile is that if you have not found a suitable pattern, then you can always order the printing of the design that you want to see in the final version of the reconstruction.

5. Great Investment

One of the tasks of high-quality reconstruction is to increase the cost of living space with a possible sale in the future. In this regard, it is necessary to think over each element of repairs and calculate how it will affect the total cost. In the case of the choice of flooring, everything is very simple, because if your final pick falls on the tile, then everything is unambiguous: tiled floors will increase the cost of a house or apartment. This trend can be explained through comparison. For example, linoleum breaks down very quickly, as it is subject to almost any external influence. In this regard, to increase the value of the house when selling, you will need to change the linoleum, and these are additional costs that do not pay off.

Parquet is a more reliable floor covering, however, all chips and scratches are visible on it, as well as stains because it is almost impossible to remove a spot from the parquet without a trace. Since the floor catches the eye most of all, all these shortcomings will be visible when selling the household, which will lead to a certain decrease in the final cost.

Thus, by all parameters, floor tiles are the most profitable option in terms of potentially selling a house.

6. Reasonable Price

If we take three basic floor coverings — tile, parquet, and linoleum — and rank them by price segment, it turns out that the most expensive option is parquet, and the cheapest is linoleum. The high price of parquet can be explained by the fact that it is made of special types of trees, for example, red oak, and the low price of linoleum follows from the evidence that cheap dyes, fabrics, and special construction flour are used in its production.

Of course, in all three categories of flooring, there are exceptions in the form of luxury models, which differ significantly in price. However, if we take into account all the above advantages of floor tiles, we can find out that this is the best option in the price-quality ratio. Firstly, the high price of a parquet does not add to its durability and visual advantages. Secondly, the low price of linoleum indicates its unreliability and most likely, after a short period of time you will have to shift it, and these are new costs that might not have been if the choice had fallen on the tile.

On the whole, floor tile is super reliable, durable, stylish, and will pay off perfectly over time, however, this is not its last plus.

7. Easy To Install

Any specialist from A+ Construction & Remodeling will tell you that the most convenient coating in the reconstruction is floor tiles. Almost all modern construction brands cut out tiles according to one template so that the result is smooth parts that are adjacent to each other without gaps and distortions. In the case of parquet and linoleum, we can not say the same, because very often you can find components with broken locks and curved edges in a set with parquet boards, which complicates the process of installing. The same situation with linoleum, because in inept hands after repair, air bubbles, irregularities, and folds will remain on the floor.

When we talk about working with floor tiles, it is simply impossible to meet such difficulties due to the simplicity and practicality of this coating. Laying tiles takes much less time without cosmetic defects. Overall, floor tile is the perfect coating that will last you for many years, will not require much effort for cleaning, and will add more style and elegance to the room.

If you have any questions about the flooring, the masters from A+ Construction & Remodeling are always there to advise you and resolve any misunderstanding. The company is ready to undertake any reconstruction of a separate room or the entire house, while the client is guaranteed high-quality work in the shortest possible time.


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