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A lot of construction contractor companies deal with little designing: and quite often the projects are revolved around the needs of the homeowner, who is searching for references, sketches, pictures and wish-lists. This is mostly applicable to home remodeling projects. For such tasks the design options appear to be limited, severely depending on provided conditions. This is more about design-build, but our goal is to provide a comprehensive design services for new homes or large-scale remodeling projects.

A design and construction studio offers professionals, who are ready to come up with fascinating ideas to make customer wishes come true, share the reliable budget estimates and offer creative plans.

Sacramento Designing Contractor

When searching for top-notch designing services in Sacramento, CA, we suggest that you pay attention to the A+ Construction Pro company. There you will find dozens of trained specialists, ready to head to your home and provide you with the insights.

What designers usually do?

First-level design incudes a detailed floor plan and some built-in features, for example, the layout of cupboards. More sophisticated designer’s services include the selection of matching colors, suggestions about materials, decorations, accessories and even includes assistance in shopping activities. In some cases the work of a designer is closely related to the work of an architecture, but these two fields are different.

Here are the top factors, which influence the choice of a designer contractor:

  • Qualifications of designers. In some American states designers need a separate license, while in other states they don’t. Our staff has a professional degree, moreover, you can always ask for references, reviews and other customer’s feedback about the projects to have a clear idea of what they can offer.
  • Hourly rates. They may sufficiently vary depending on the level of the project, the scope of work, the homeowner’s preferences and many other factors, the rates may vary four-fold. There also can be a minimum project fee, but A+ Construction Pro always meets the demands of customers and is ready to discuss the specifics of each project individually. According to rough estimates, 8–15% of your whole renovation budget should be allocated for design.
  • Experience of the contractor. As a rule, contractors are in charge of the entire project to ensure the job is done according to customer expectations. The contractor’s studio makes the price estimates, draws a contract, suggest the services of plumbers, carpenters, other narrow-trained workers. At our company there are in-house designers and architects to do the job for you. We offer qualified and licensed specialists, in full accordance with the legislation of California, therefore are ready to deal with permits with local authorities.

Hire Designing Contractor in Sacramento, California

Regardless of your project size and value, we are there to assist. If you are about hiring a designer for a consultation, require a layout created online-only, or want a comprehensive project with dozens of tasks — ask for a quote now, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

The designers working for our company are skilled both in the structural vision of the project and about the aesthetical aspect to show you a highly functional yet fresh way your home can look like.

Is it better to hire a designer or an architect?

Both specialists have common goals: make the space safe, beautiful and functional.

At the same time, architects create the way interior and exterior layouts create the common environment. Designers think of the comfort, add beauty and consider details and their combinations, primarily, within the building. The collaboration of a designer and an architect for a project can be extremely fruitful and provide with a 360-degree coverage of the interior and the exterior spaces.

Pros of selecting A+ Construction Pro as a designing contractor in Sacramento, CA:

  • We provide all advantages a general contractor can offer and can create and one-stop shopping experience for construction and design, if you need it. Just as well designing services can be purchased separately.
  • You can avoid disputes and communication difficulties between contractors and designers. No argues about the only “correct” way to build. Working as a team speeds up the results, minimizes the chance of mistakes in design and saves a lot of money.
  • Possible cost savings due to a single-line project can be spend on additional design features, better materials and more of your dreams coming true.

Sacramento Designing Services

Having a stylish, fresh-looking customized design of your home in Sacramento is hardly possible without using designing services provided by professionals. Design is a lot more than making things pretty. Designers are professionally trained to plan spaces in all building types, including homes, hotels, offices, and more. They create drawings to create functional, rationally used and attractive interior space. It follows by the allocation of fabrics, selection paints, furnishing items and lots of tiny details, which create the unique feel of the room.

Here is a plan of cooperation with a designing contractor:

  • Selecting a designer based on communication, portfolio or suggestions;
  • Site analysis (strengths and weaknesses of the place, limitations, opportunities and ideas);
  • Sketches, fee proposal and contract;
  • Concept design;
  • Design development;
  • Final design;
  • Pre-approval, planning of construction structures;
  • Design detailing;
  • Approval.
  • What to begin with, when planning to use designing services?

Carry out a preliminary research to understand your lifestyle and demands. Also, it would be useful to decide on the baseline budget and see what inspiration and advice sources you can use in the future.

Make sure you hire a designer based on their capacity to ensure the type and style of the space you describe in a brief. Sacramento belongs to the mild climate zone, so a lot of sophisticated projects can be implemented without any risks. A+ Construction Pro designers can provide their indemnity insurance, a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Our designers coordinate a team of consultants, which consists of geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, sustainability consultants, and more, if necessary. Make sure you discuss the optimal level of involvement in the project — our team is also flexible in this regard. Discuss the peculiarities of your place, like orientation, solar access, views, overshadowing, facilities and other things that may impact the final impression of the design. Such an analysis at the early stage can help you a lot later.

Now it’s time to sign a contract, if it hasn’t been signed yet. Consider the ratio of rigid conditions and flexibilities, as well as the conditions, in which the budget can or cannot be expanded. Review the brief and the preliminary budget. Remember, that the size of the venue matters, as well as the construction systems, and a lot of other details. Carefully listen to the tips, as designers are interested in the effective outcome as much as you are.

Make your selection decision considering the following facts:

  • Details of the floor plan and building form;
  • Types, sizes and orientation of windows;
  • The location of appliances and systems;
  • Taste in interior design, finishes, lighting and details;

You can follow the project to be done and ask for updates, if you want to be in control of the process or just order the services on a turnkey basis.

Remember, the skills of our designers go beyond aesthetics: they are trained in the adjacent areas, like architecture and construction and work in cooperation with other specialists.

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    Designing Contractor near me?

    Let’s discuss your project. You may be willing to slightly renovate a couple of rooms, to change the layout of the entire floor, change the colors in the interior, replace furniture or get a design for special needs (wheelchair accessibility, seniors, children or family members with special needs).

    Our team of designers is there to carry our product research and make valuable suggestions, give you general inspiration and deal with spatial planning of your home.

    Also, we work with color selections, lighting schemes, layout furniture planning, compare material costs, and a lot more.

    You can hire the designer in to time, but make sure you prepare the answers to the following questions:

    • What is a wish-list for your custom home? Do you know exactly what you want?
    • Do you have websites with ideas, saved photo galleries or other pictures you would like to share?
    • What is a general idea of your lifestyle? How many family members are there? How often do you invite guests?
    • What are your long-term plans for this home: it this going to be a lifetime residence or you are planning to move? Maybe you are designing the home for sale to increase its resale value?

    Don’t forget to discuss the following points with your designer:

    • What expectations from the project you have;
    • When the design plan is going to be ready;
    • What third-party specialists will be involved in project (if any);
    • How to handle the approval stages and the communication in general.

    Once you find the right designer for your project, you can be sure the team will do the best work possible within your budget: reliable and honest. The designers will create a space matching your needs. There are valuable recommendations on additional purchases (furniture, materials, details), but they can be discussed.

    Our talented staff of licensed designers neatly guides you through the process of transforming your home and creating a new experience of the space, making it authentically personal and reaching the top level of functionality to ensure the rooms are well-organized, comfortable, and good-looking.

    We are there to:

    • Create room for children, transform the rooms for teenagers;
    • Add a comfortable place to take care of an elderly relative;
    • Plan the structural and design elements for years ahead;
    • Create entertaining spaces to meet guests or make family gatherings more often;
    • Renovate not only the look, but the feel and the functionality of your place;
    • Express your tastes and preferences with the help of a unique design style.

    Contact us now, fill out a form on the site or call us to get a detailed information on what to begin with and what kind of projects we have already created. We guarantee individual approach to your needs, honest contract terms, competitive pricing and responsible attitude to every single step you are going to take along with A+ Construction Pro designers.

    A+ Construction & Remodeling Certifications

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    INC. 5000 Ranking

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    LIC #1007869 CSLB

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    What Makes A+ Construction & Remodeling Unique


    Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.


    We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
    Benefits - BIGGER SAVINGS


    In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.


    Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.
    Benefits - NO HIDDEN COSTS


    We provide detailed estimates showing you what you get for your money.


    Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
    Benefits - TRUSTED SOURCES


    Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
    Benefits - ECO FRIENDLY


    Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
    Benefits - NO PRESSURE SALES


    We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.