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Regardless of what you’re into — wood, stone, tile, or vinyl. The floor should be installed appropriately and serve you for years before you decide to renovate or reinstall it. Flooring is one of the critical essentials for any home. It’s especially important for the bathroom and the kitchen. These are places with a lot of traffic subject to constant physical contact with our legs, humidity, and changing temperatures.

A+ Construction & Remodeling is one of the most renowned renovation companies in Sacramento, offering a wide range of renovation services, starting from luxurious improvements for a home with a custom design, finishing with a basic renovation for destined to add up value to your home.

Hire Hardwood Flooring Contractor in Sacramento, California

Sacramento has become very popular in the last couple of decades. People are coming from all over the world, searching for a better climate and more convenient living. Hiring a home renovation contractor ready to deal with the challenging tasks might be hard for a newcomer willing to improve his or her living space.

Hire a general home remodeling contractor to stay on the safe side when it comes to flooring. We’ve been through 20 years of work in Sacramento and its districts, and we know that the most challenging projects are usually connected with the installation of the staircases, floors, and roofing. We are committed to quality aiming to provide the local residents with attractive hardwood and vinyl flooring.

If you’re new here, you might be interested in the other companies except for ours. Well, it’s reasonable. You should take your time to compare the building firms, communicate with the representatives, and understand what kind of services will be suitable for you and your household.

Here is our advice on how to choose a decent contractor ready to face your flooring issues, as well as the other remodeling procedures:

  • Ask for the insurance and the license. As soon as you make up a list of companies ready to serve you faithfully, it’s high time to find out whether they are decent with you. Contact the management and ask to arrange a face-to-face consultation. Mention that you’re interested in the official documentation permitting the company to work in the houses of Sacramento citizens.
  • Check the examples of the previous projects. Ask for the relevant photographs of the installed flooring performed by the company. These should be pictures with the official logo of the company printed on paper and placed directly on the floor so that you could see that the images are real.
  • Ask whether you could visit the places of recent works. It would be great if you could assess the quality of works on your own. Some of the contractors are ready to demonstrate the current flooring renovations, which are still in the process so that you could see the quality and professionalism of the team.
  • Don’t forget about the references. All reputable companies have references from satisfied clients and businesses who cooperated with them. Usually, a trustworthy contractor starts with the recommendations. You can use these references to get in touch with these people and companies to find out about the contractor’s reputation.
  • Ask for the contacts of people who will supervise your flooring project. It does not necessarily mean that you should call them asking for something. If the contractor gives you the contacts of the building team without hesitation, it means that their relationships are built on trust. It’s a perfect sign.

As you see, hiring a flooring contractor is a bit of a challenge and a bit of research. Unfortunately, not every contractor is ready to bear responsibility for their performed projects. You have to be careful and considerate when it comes to the choice of a company planning to invade your household and make structural changes.

Sacramento Hardwood Flooring Services

Picking out the right materials for the floor is the first and most decision when we speak about the full home renovation. Your flooring is the base of everything. It should be safe and able to last for years, especially if you’re planning your home to be your permanent residence. Your children will be thankful to you.

As well as the other general contractors in Sacramento, California, we offer a basic range of services for the local residents and businesses:

  • Cleaning;
  • Waxing;
  • Repairs;
  • Patching;
  • Full renovation of hardwood flooring and installation of the new one;
  • Staining;
  • Sanding;
  • Refinishing.

You should understand that hardwood is not the only option we offer. We successfully deal with:

  • Vinyl products;
  • Tile floors;
  • Carpet floor;
  • Laminate;
  • Waterproof flooring products for your bathroom and kitchen.

Contact one of our online pros or visit our blog to find out more about the services we offer. Feel free to call if you want to learn more about our services in the Sacramento area. Our email address, as well as the phone number, are mentioned at the bottom of the webpage. You can also contact our online service via a chatbot. Our specialists will answer you asap.

You can schedule a hardwood flooring service so that our specialists could visit your place of residence and have a look at the permanent state of your floors.

  • We’ll help you estimate the potential expenses;
  • We’ll pick out the best-looking design solution from the best suppliers in California;
  • We’ll help you find inspiration in our spacious showroom, where you can feel the luxury of new flooring.

You can also browse through the pictures in our gallery and have a look at the way we deal with hardwood laminate and other types of flooring. The photos in the gallery are subject to copyright laws. They are unique, and you can try to google for them, but you’ll never find a copy online. Our customers deserve to get only relevant information.

We’ve been through more than two decades of experience to understand that business means nothing without customers’ opinions and reviews of our company. Search for the reviews through your regular browser, and don’t forget about the international customer review platforms. 2019 was very fruitful for us, and 2020 is going to be a new revelation for our staff members.

We work in the north and south of the Sacramento area. Visit our office to find out more about:

  • Financing of your projects;
  • Possibilities to cut corners on hardwood flooring installation and on the additional services;
  • Our privacy policy, license information, and official certification.
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    Hardwood Flooring Contractor near me?

    A+ Construction & Remodeling is one of the most popular companies working anywhere in Sacramento, including the north and the south of the area. We offer hardwood flooring of different types:

    • Bamboo;
    • Maple;
    • Rosewood;
    • Walnut;
    • Cherry;
    • Pine;
    • Hickory;
    • Ash;
    • Mahogany;
    • Oak.

    Most of these materials are timeless, and they will look good with regular proper maintenance and cleaning. We can help you with the installation and schedule the maintenance. Together with our experts, you’ll learn how to take care of hardwood laminate and other types of wooden surfaces.

    We’re ready to get to any city in the Sacramento area — you’ll just have to specify the location.

    • What should you do if you want to save on flooring renovation? — Search the experts’ help and stay away from the DIY solutions that will only bring you more trouble.
    • Where to get the best hardwood flooring products? — An experienced building and renovation contractor regularly interacts with the suppliers of high-quality materials.
    • Why should you entrust your home renovation projects and your flooring to the third parties? — You’ll get the official guaranty on all the works performed. Even if difficulties occur, your flooring will be protected with the documented warranty.
    • Is hardwood flooring the only decent option? — Today, it’s not necessary to use natural materials at home. Flooring, manufactured from plastic or resin, is more durable and needs effortless maintenance. Try luxury vinyl or PVC. Here, in Sacramento, both options are among the most popular in sales.
    • What if you can’t find a decent contractor ready to renovate your flooring in line with your needs? — Well, it seems that you haven’t been through enough research. Google for the reviews, visit your neighbors and learn more about the local building companies from the owners of the building stores in the area.

    The state of California is a very densely populated territory, and hardwood flooring contractors can be found anywhere in Sacramento. We strongly recommend you not to cut on your hardwood flooring installation expenses. Reputable and responsible masters try to stay away from the customers spoiling potentially flawless projects with their excessive economy. You should be reasonable about your expenses — this way, you’ll find your perfect contractor. Estimate your expenses wisely.

    Browse through our menu to have a look at our recent projects and video testimonials of our regular and new clients. We deal with:

    • General renovation services;
    • Architectural designer projects for your home and business;
    • Custom home renovations;
    • Detailed plans and floor layouts;
    • Refurbishment of kitchens and kitchen cabinetry;
    • Studio designs;
    • Bathroom remodeling;
    • Flooring and tiling;
    • Home renovations for people with disabilities;
    • Additions to your existing living space.

    The main thing you should keep in mind is that a renovation should always be an investment in your current living space. You might have a different point of view, but you should consider the following:

    • Are you planning to live at this place for the rest of your life? Invest in the flooring and don’t cut on kitchen cabinetry expenses.
    • Are you planning to sell your house in several years? Make sure the cabinetry in the kitchen and in the bathroom is solid, and the utility systems are functioning well.
    • Do you have a handicapped relative? Invest in durable waterproof flooring able to stand physical damage and accidental falls of different objects. You can also install a walk-in bath, which will be a perfect solution for your elderly or handicapped relatives and an excellent investment in case if you decide to sell the house.

    If you still have got questions, our online expert is at your service. A+ Construction & Remodeling with over 20 years of experience is devoted to the customers. Your flooring will always look appealing and survive several generations ahead in case of proper maintenance.

    Remember that flooring is an underlying platform, a foundation of any room, regardless of its designation. We’ll recreate this basement out of long-lasting and durable materials. You’ll save your money and still enjoy the luxury of professionally installed floors!

    A+ Construction & Remodeling Certifications

    INC. 5000 Ranking

    INC. 5000 Ranking

    EPA Certification

    EPA Certification

    LIC #1007869 CSLB

    LIC #1007869 CSLB

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    Accreditation with BBB

    Member of NKBA

    Member of NKBA

    Member of NARI

    Member of NARI

    What Makes A+ Construction & Remodeling Unique


    Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.


    We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
    Benefits - BIGGER SAVINGS


    In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.


    Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.
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    We provide detailed estimates showing you what you get for your money.


    Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
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    Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
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    Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
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    We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.