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Despite seeming simplicity of such a project, laminate flooring is a major step in construction and redesign: and like most other projects, it is created from the needs and preferences of homeowners. Customers tend to seek for effective and sustainable flooring ideas and quite often they come up with the idea to order laminate flooring. You may already have your favorite shades, textures and other preferences, show us pictures and sketches. Just as well you may rely solely on our experience as contractors with a sufficient experience in remodeling, design and construction.

Sacramento Laminate Flooring Contractor

If you are looking for high-quality durable laminate flooring services in Sacramento, CA, it’s the right time to learn more about A+ Construction Pro. At our company you get to know about qualified and certified specialists, who are willing to help and make the renovation of your home effortless, pleasant and trouble-free.

What are the pros of laminated flooring?

To laminate floors is a relatively budget solution, which offers convenient use and attractive design for homeowners. In case you are interested in renewing your floor cover, consider laminate, as it has a number of advantages:

  • Laminate flooring easy to clean and support its initial state – it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp mop. The use of a special laminate floor cleaner is recommended. Floor waxing isn’t necessary for laminate cover.
  • Laminate can be installed fast and easy, so hundreds of square feet can be installed in a few days (if no extra preparation work is required) – modern technologies allow planks click or fold-and-lock together like puzzle. To cut planks to the desired size, our specialists use special tools or wood saws, depending on the type.
  • Laminated flooring is protected from indentations, scratches and stains, especially in comparison to wood flooring. Laminate is covered by a special layer protecting the underneath material. There are laminate manufacturing brands that offer years of warranty on the wear layer.
  • With an underlayment laminate has a pleasant springy feeling. In addition, this feature helps the laminated floor resist pressure being placed under a sink or cabinets.
  • It comes in a variety of designs, colors and shades, so it’s easy to create a unique look of your home: laminated floor can resemble wood, stone or other materials with no defects or shortcomings that may accompany wood flooring pieces.
  • The resale value of laminate flooring is high due to high-quality texturing, nice reproduction of graphics and multiple ways to renovate the flooring without extra expenses.

What does the laminate flooring contractor offer?

We guarantee the laminate floor will be properly installed to prevent any type of issues: for example, warping of boards or tiles. We start from consulting, discussing the details, selecting materials and checking out if everything is decided correctly. Afterwards, the old floor is removed, the underlayment is placed and the new laminate pieces are installed to form an even surface. Most of the laminate types doesn’t need glue: the manufacturers use convenient shapes and technologies, however, in some cases gluing is required to ensure durability.

You can have a laminate floor in any room, however there are exceptions and our specialist will warn you about them. If you choose our company for the installation of laminate flooring in Sacramento, California, the basic consulting prior to the project implementation is included on the price.

For many laminate types, the inner core of planks is made of fiberboard or natural wood that is prone to damages by moisture. Therefore, laminate flooring isn’t the most suitable choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms or similar places. If you are trying to figure out, if laminate is a good choice for kitchens, there is no clear answer. On one hand, there is not so many moisture and leaking risks as in bathroom. On the other hand, you will have to be extra cautious about wiping up any spills if they appear. When installing laminate flooring in the kitchen, it is necessary to consider the appliances so that they fit their positions after the renovation.

Hire Laminate Flooring Contractor in Sacramento, California

If you are about hiring a laminate flooring contractor, contact us for a quote now. Here is a brief Question and Answer section:

  1. Is A+ Construction Pro company a licensed and insured flooring contractor in Sacramento, CA?

    Sure. Having all necessary licenses and insurance documents is a sign of a trustworthy and legal contractor services, and security of customers. It would be too bold to state that no unexpected things can happen, and they may be not even related to flooring. Anyway, our trained team will help you out on a completely legal basis.

  2. Are there any references and reviews of the previously complete projects?

    There are lots of them, part of the reviews are listed on our website, some of them are related to laminated flooring installation, while some of them – not. Anyway, you can learn more about our approach to projects, consider the issues other customers faced and the ways we solved them.

  3. How long does it usually take to install laminate flooring?

    It’s an important question to ask if you want to prevent the downtime for your place. We discuss the estimated timeframe of the project in details when signing the contract with the customers. The preparation time is always included. The overall duration of the work depends on the number of square meters of floor, but we can guarantee that it won’t last for more than a couple of days at the time, which is suitable for you. A remarkable feature of our company is our promise to meet deadlines or even finish the work earlier, so you can be sure that everything will do just fine. You will be able to meet your guests just as you planned.

  4. Do you clean up after the installation?

    Sure, we can order cleaning services to get rid of dust and dirt after the work is complete to help you enjoy your new flooring right away.

  5. Do I need to remove fragile items, furniture and appliances?

    To guarantee your items won’t be damaged we would suggest storing them in other rooms during the work. However, it can be discussed additionally, and our team can help you find the way out in case it doesn’t seem possible.

Sacramento Laminate Flooring Services

If you decide to have a practical, durable and nice-looking floor, our company in Sacramento, California is there to help. Our team is trained and experienced in similar projects, we are ready to install laminate flooring in a single room or all over the floor at your place.

Pros of selecting A+ Construction Pro as a laminate flooring contractor in Sacramento, CA:

  • Our customers receive everything a general contractor can offer to experience a comprehensive service from A to Z. Preparation work, measurements, moving your furniture and items, installation itself and cleaning up – you can order a couple of services from this list to get your project implemented on a turnkey basis.
  • By cooperating with our company you avoid possible misunderstandings with subcontractors, relieve yourself from paperwork and legwork and enjoy the ready flooring in a few days.
  • Using the services of a professional flooring contractor in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Mohawk, Mannington you benefit from the one-stop-shop approach, save a lot of money and time.

Here is the way a cooperation plan for laminate flooring services can look like:

  • Selecting a contractor after contacting the company, studying its portfolio and reviews of previous customers;
  • Measurements (including specifics of the floor, possible limitations, opportunities and ideas);
  • Discussing the quote, signing a contract;
  • Choosing and approving the laminate type (vinyl, carpet-like, hardwood-like) shade, texture and design, ordering the materials;
  • Preparation work;
  • Installation;
  • Approval.

Also, you are to discuss the reasonable level of your participation in the project – our company is also flexible in this issue. You decide, at what point you need assistance, if you plan to be absent during the work or want to offer your own ideas. Consider the must-haves and designing preferences and match them with your budget. You can be sure our charge is fair and transparent, which is specified in a contract. The footage of your floor is the critical parameter for the quote, just like the materials used and the initial state of the floor. We recommend that you consider the tips of A+ Construction Pro specialists, but feel free to express your opinion if you are not completely agree with the plan.

The competence of our laminate flooring specialists includes not only the aesthetical aspect: they consider every minor factor that may impact the durability and safety of your floor, so you can entrust us with your project with no doubt.

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    Laminate Flooring Contractor near me?

    Our team of flooring specialists will conduct a product research upon your wishes and offer you professional suggestions, give you a general of materials used and guarantees manufacturers offer.

    Also, we assist in selecting colors and shades, textures, style and more. Our team won’t let you get fooled by low-quality materials and suspicious manufacturing companies and will ensure your floor is durable, toxin-free, easily washable and that it matches the industry standards. For example, laminate flooring brands are all rated by the abrasion class (also known as the AC), which is an important characteristic of its quality. Easier scratching means there is a chance for moisture to penetrate in the deeper layer and spoil the part of the floor. A good sign of the core laminate flooring the high-density fiberboard for the inner layer, also known as the HDF.

    As far as the toxicity is concerned, some cheap laminate flooring types contain melamine resin, which we do not recommend for our customers because of formaldehyde content possessing certain health risks. Laminate flooring manufactured in the US has the CARB rating, European brands are marked with E0 to E2 ratings, which is also very good. Ask us about details, we would be glad to explain the difference and help you choose the best ratio of quality to price.

    Our trained staff of licensed workers is there to guide you through the process of installation and building a new feel of your floor.

    Contact us now, if you are up to:

    • Creating a nice neat flooring suitable for your family, including children and pets;
    • Having a great experience of delegating tedious tasks to the flooring contractor in CA;
    • Ensuring high-quality work that will last for years;
    • Renovate both the look and the feel of your flooring, making it functional and easy to clean;
    • Express your ideas and preferences with the help of a professional team of flooring experts.

    Contact us now by filling out a form on the website or call us to get a quote and a general idea of what to begin with. We guarantee full attention to your project by offering a genuine quality work.

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