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If you plan to change the kitchen’s interior, then the best solution would be to order a kitchen remodeling from a professional kitchen remodeling contractor like A+ Construction.

You may order kitchens, according to special size preferences. They are made after drawing up a picture kitchen remodel design that takes into account the parameters of a kitchen interior and the room’s square. This allows you to efficiently use dimensions and sometimes even turn its disadvantages into advantages. That is why, before ordering a home makeover, it is necessary to draw up an exact floor plan, indicating not only the location of doors and windows but also water, gas pipes, ducts, as well as electric wiring.

After that, specialists and kitchen remodeling contractors of A+ Construction will be happy to assist you in developing a luxury layout and select the kitchen cabinetry for your kitchen made by local or international manufacturers. It will perfectly suit your individual needs and preferences.

Are you wondering how to remodel under the budget? We also provide wholesale services for regular customers, and our affordable price policy is very competitive compared to other kitchen contractors in Wilton.

We adapt your ideas to the realities of your budget and schedule. Even small kitchens can be completely renovated from scratch if you appeal for designing and installing the countertops from A+ Construction.

Kitchen Remodeling Company Wilton, CA

We will tell you how to do kitchen remodeling service at your Wilton and Sacramento home based on what you already have. We will cover the entire Wilton remodeling service from planning to implementation. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do remodels.

  1. Understand What You Are Working With
    First of all, you need to understand in what state your pantry is now and what you want to change in it. Consider different options. If you think your pantry is too small, you may need to redevelop it. Consider shrinking or moving some walls. This will assist you in making the kitchen area larger, and therefore more convenient.If the size of your pantry suits you and your husband, then it might be worth making a rearrangement. Just keep in mind that moving bath and ventilation can be very expensive. If you are ready to spend, then you can make a complete redevelopment of the pantry. If you are planning a budget kitchen renovation, it is better not to transfer the sink and ventilation. However, even without transferring shell and bath, you can do a pretty good rearrangement. You can relocate or reorganize food storage spaces and remodel your work and dining space.You can also decide what style you want to create your new pantry. If you don’t have any ideas yet, we recommend that you search for references on the Internet. There you will find many options for kitchens of any layout and size. If you already have ideas for kitchen design, it’s important to combine aesthetics and functionality. Our professional interior designers can advise you on this.
  2. Make a Plan
    Drawing up a competent kitchen plan and the upcoming plan is the key to a successful Wilton kitchen remodeling service. Start by measuring the dimensions of your pantry and the countertops that are there. Once you move your entire pantry to the plan, it will be easier for you to understand what can be changed there.The plan must be made with high class and accuracy so that no problems arise during the renovation process. If you are not sure that you can independently draw up a pantry plan and a Wilton and Sacramento, CA remodeling plan, you better seek professional advice. Our Wilton and Sacramento remodeling service experts will assist you in putting together a plan and building permits. Since they have experience, they will be able to offer you more convenient and profitable Wilton remodeling services, first of all taking into account your needs.
  3. Estimate a Project Cost for the Job to Be Done
    We recommend that you contact the designer for a cost estimate since it is almost impossible to calculate everything yourself. When ordering a Wilton kitchen remodeling project in our business, our Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor will make for you a free estimate of the price of the upcoming work.Doing your assessment runs the risk of unforeseen costs and uncertain deadlines. Most likely, you will not be able to independently calculate the risks and make an objective assessment of the time to complete the Wilton remodeling service.
  4. Get Rid Of Unnecessary
    If you have furniture or appliances that you are going to get rid of, take your time to throw out your belongings. If appliances are in good condition, you can resell them online—that way, your kitchen remodeling can pay off partly. If things are no longer in perfect condition or they are not working correctly, you can donate them for recycling or charity.Wilton’s kitchen remodels almost always carry a lot of rubbish. And you better think in advance about what you can do to prevent this garbage from ending up in the ocean and polluting nature.
  5. Start With The Hardest
    First, you need to take everything out of the pantry and free up your workspace. When the kitchen is empty, you can start working.If you are planning a redevelopment, it is better to start with it. Tear down any excess walls, but before doing so, make sure that the structure of your house is not affected by this. If you wanted to move windows or add windows, this is also best done at this stage.Also, take care of your plumbing. If you want to move it, make sure it is possible and will not damage your pipeline. Before starting the remodeling, we recommend that you check the health of your plumbing. It is better to carry out the necessary repairs now than in an already finished pantry. Check to see if you have hidden leaks or blockages that are spoiling your plumbing.
  6. Order Or Make Furniture
    Depending on what dimensions your pantry has and what sort of furniture you plan to arrange, order ready-made furniture or make it to order.If you have a very small Wilton kitchen, it is worth considering making custom furniture. So you can optimize the space to the maximum and not create cramped conditions. Modern kitchen cabinets specialists are ready to offer many innovative and convenient projects for small kitchens.If the size of your pantry allows, feel free to choose ready-made kitchen cabinets. There are many shops in Sacramento, CA, Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills, Wilton, Elk Grove, Granite Bay area, Cameron Park, where you will find new cabinets for all tastes.

Enjoy the Final Touches

When the remodeling is almost done, you can start with the decor and finishing details. This step will help you make your pantry a special place for the whole family.

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General Information

Wilton is a small community situated a short drive away from Sacramento.

Moving to Wilton is a perfect variant for those, who are searching for a comfortable and quiet place located away from the noise and the dust of a large city. It is a suburb with the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the calm and friendly atmosphere.

Wilton is the tight-knit community, where people know each other thoroughly. But that’s an advantage, since it facilitates the safety. According to statistics, the crime rate is minimal there. So, you can safely move there with kids.

Naturally, many Wilton residents are involved in farming. There are dozens of ranches and farms, specializing in producing varied crops and breeding animals. But, since Wilton is situated close to other bigger cities, including Elk Grove and Sacramento, there is a wide selection of job options, you can easily keep working outside the town. For example, the distance from Wilton to Sacramento is about 30 km, and it will take you about 30 minutes to cover it by car.

Still, one should take into account that to feel comfortably living in Wilton, one needs a car, since the local infrastructure is not so well-developed. There are a few shops and facilities for pets and farm animals, but most locals prefer to drive to bigger cities to do shopping and deal with other routine issues.

Key Facts about Wilton, CA:
  • Wilton is the census-designated place in Sacramento County.
  • The total area of Wilton is about 75 sq km.
  • As of 2010, the population of this community was 5,363 people.
  • The zip-code of the suburb ― 95693.
Things to Do in Wilton

Although Wilton is a small town, the local life can hardly be called boring. There are a lot of facilities that enjoy popularity among both locals and guests from neighboring towns and cities:

  • Fog Willow Farms. Many US citizens make a trip to a farm every year before Halloween in order to join celebrations and to choose pumpkins. But a visit to the local Pumpkin Farm is a completely different experience, since this place is transformed into a real entertaining center for the entire October. Little visitors can have fun climbing the giant haystack, see and feed more than 50 farm animals, take tours by creative trains, ride a pony and enjoy lots of other exciting activities. Sure, the farm also offers souvenirs and delicious bites, including classic caramel apples. There is also the Science Farm, where kids of different age (including pre-school) can explore physics, chemistry, biology and more by watching the life of animals and taking part in fascinating and entertaining experiments. Such lessons will definitely encourage them to pay more attention to studying and to broaden the outlook.
  • English Rose Farm. It has been operating in the community for more than 15 years and has established the reputation as the facility with the top-quality service and high safety standards. Besides traditional riding lessons, it offers special training programs for those, who take horse breeding seriously and plan to engage their lives with it. For example, you can take equine first aid lessons there. By the way, if you own or plan to buy a horse, you can use their boarding services.
  • Hawthorn Ranch. That’s another popular horse riding spot in Wilton, which provides personal and group classes for jockeys with different experience. This ranch boasts an extensive territory covering 20 acres. There are varied riding arenas, including the ones equipped for jumping and other tricks. And if you do not have the opportunity to enjoy riding during the daytime, you can use a special illuminated arena.
  • The Alta Mesa Gun Club. This is the non-profit family organization that conducts regular shoots that are open to the public and promotes shooting sports, including trap shooting. It is the place, where locals come to spend some time together with friends and families and to match aiming accuracy with each other. It is truly crowded on weekends and holidays.
  • Brave Horse Winery. Winemaking is one of the key industries in California, so, if you live in this sunny state, to taste at least a couple of local wines is a must.
  • The clothing-optional resort Laguna Del Sol. There are four different pools, a fitness center, tennis courts, volleyball courts, shuffleboard areas, pool tables, a ping pong table and other amenities for playing sports, exercising and just relaxing. There is even a dog park.

Certainly, in Wilton, there are also other farms and ranches that offer varied training and entertaining options.

Since Wilton is a rural place, most local facilities are connected with farming and breeding animals. So, the diversity of activities is limited. But, if you prefer to spend free time in a different way, you can always take a drive to Elk Grove, Sacramento or other city located nearby. There are so many varied attractions in the Sacramento Area.

Neighboring Places:
  • Elk Grove is located to the west of Wilton;
  • Vineyard is situated to the northwest of Wilton;
  • Rancho Cordova lies to the north of Wilton;
  • Rancho Murieta is situated to the northeast of Wilton;
  • Herald is located to the south of Wilton.
Public Transportation in Wilton

The key transportation means in Wilton is personal cars. There are no railway or bus stations in the town.

There are two highways lying near Wilton: State Route 99 and State Route 16.

Kitchen Remodeler Wilton, CA

A+ Construction team will develop a unique plan project for Wilton kitchen remodeling. We are taking into account all preferences specified by a customer.

Development of your kitchen design project, whether it is a plan for a small kitchen, a dining area, or a kitchen combined with a living room. We use each ability to make the most of the existing space functional. Our designer will help to measure fronts, floor plans, and plan solutions for the furniture, select the best options for your needs, making the most of your room’s space reserved for the kitchen. Does your apartment have a non-standard structure? Let’s make such furniture which will favorably emphasize the uniqueness of the room. Niches, podiums, combined rooms — all these specifications can become a highlight for your kitchen renovation.

When deciding to order a kitchen design project, you can familiarize yourself with a photo of typical works on the Internet and determine what you want. However, an individual design plan is always something new. But its development will require taking into account the size of your pantry room.

What should also take into consideration:

  • Your need for storage in your renovated kitchen;
  • The number of tenants and durability of materials;
  • The necessity of zoning out your pantry.

Why hire a kitchen remodel contractor in Wilton?

What kind of kitchen have you always dreamed of? Big, bright, full of the sun? Modern, technological, with a strict design? Nice, home-like, cozy? A+ Construction has been constructing and installing the custom projects for kitchen and Wilton bathroom remodeling. Basically, we create designs for kitchens in 3 major styles — Italian Classic, U.S. and European Countryside, and Modern Tech designs. Check our photo gallery with high-quality images.

You may also visit our Wilton office and get a glimpse of how beautiful and multi-functional our kitchens are. For every makeover project, we combine your ideas and our experience, fashionable trends, and new technologies, experiment with images and colors. We have everything to make your dream kitchen a reality.

A+ Construction works to make clients happy with the results:

  • Work without delays and according to your schedule;
  • No additional or hidden fees — all costs are calculated before we start the work;
  • We provide full-time services — from creating a design to installation of appliances, equipment. You’ll have a perfect combination of colors, materials, and textures picked by design experts;
  • Multi-functional kitchen with main trends included

Glass and, at the same time, heavy-duty fronts of kitchen cabinets are resistant to scratches, bumps, and scuffs. We are the only ones in Wilton who are installing glass and cherry wood front panels for the kitchen. We also create transparent countertops for kitchen islands.

We create kitchens with smart floor plans, efficient doors, decorative cabinets with panels, and high-quality furniture. We also provide the showroom with custom-made kitchens made by U.S. and European (Italian kitchens) manufacturers, well-thought-out ergonomics, and long service life.

Consider looking into kitchen remodeling in Woodland, CA.

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      Other Renovation Services in Wilton

      Serviced ZIP codes: 95693

      How much does kitchen remodeling cost in Wilton, CA?
      If you turn to our company to remodel the kitchen in Wilton, CA, we will work out the project suiting both your needs and financial capacities. The final cost will depend on your choice of materials, equipment and design solutions.
      Kitchen remodeling where to start in Wilton, California?
      The first thing to do is to have a consultation with our manager and to discuss in detail the interior of your new kitchen in Wilton, CA, and the design solutions that will meet the available financing.
      What to consider when remodeling a kitchen in Wilton?
      If you want to take the most out of remodeling your kitchen in Wilton, CA, and to be absolutely satisfied with the result, be sure to stick to the expert tips and recommendations provided by our specialists.
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      Testimonial Patricia Smith
      Patricia Smith
      We recently completed a renovation of our Bathroom Vanities and Master Bath Shower and Floor. The result was a beautiful transformation and we are immensely pleased with the job that A+ Construction & Remodeling did, from start to finish. The crew and staff are real professionals and true craftsmen. I would not hesitate to call upon them in the future for any work that I may need done, and would certainly recommend them to others. A Job Well Done!
      Testimonial Hilary English
      Hilary English
      Before moving to our new home in California, we decided to give the kitchen a more personalized feel. We contacted A+ Construction and Redemoling as a recommendation from a friend. Their designers took us through a number of designs. Today, all friends admire our kitchen. They truly didn't disappoint.
      Testimonial Richard Easter
      Richard Easter
      A+ Construction and Remodeling guys are the best! They helped us make many home repairs to prepare for listing our old home and are helping us right now with the set up in new house. The production team was fast and professional, and I love my new remodeled kitchen. Wouldn't hire anyone else!
      Testimonial Robert Ackerman
      Robert Ackerman
      They did an amazing job on our bathroom! Workers were friendly, clean and on time. They always kept in touch with us regarding anything that came up and even gave us updates on the work. Very responsive to my texts/calls if I had any questions. Will definitely use them again for any of our other remodel projects.
      Testimonial Jerry & Sheron S
      Jerry & Sheron S.
      We hired A+ Construction & Remodeling to convert our garage to an ADU. Both our project manager and the construction team were pleasant to work with. They were always on time and managed to finish the project even before the deadline they set for it. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. We would recommend A+ to anyone considering a home remodel or new construction.