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The task of finding a solar installer may be really challenging. The problem of searching turnkey solar system providers, who offer the solution and relieve from any hassle and additional decision-making — is that they usually charge extremely high prices to get the job done. However, the market strategy of A+ Construction Pro is different: we carry of the homeowner’s needs, provide solar equipment and a complete range of installation services at a reasonable price.

For sure, homeowners can purchase the equipment and then hire a contractor for assembly and installation. However, this plan lacks any type of reliable warranty and takes a lot of time or market analysis, searching, legwork, signing contracts and monitoring every step of the work performed. Not all the time the savings are truly worth it, but at our company we discuss every single situation and make up a plan together with the customer.

Hire Solar Contractor in Sacramento, California

No matter, you are new to solar equipment and installations or already know the basics, our company is there to help you with the task. We are ready to recommend to solar system manufacturers, give you the pros and cons of each option and on the whole render a detailed consultation on the installation.

Is A+ Construction Pro a certified solar installer?

Certification as a solar installer is only a tiny advantage that we offer. What’s more important is our track record of quality work, hundreds of happy customers and installed solar systems that are working flawlessly and effectively. Solar certification is a sign that the installer is highly interested in learning all the nitty-gritty about this type of energy supply, they took a test and in some cases even pursued the continuing education credits. That’s exactly what we possess: great interest on doing our job according to the highest standards to match customer’s expectations.

Along with a general electrical contractor’s license, code-compliant certifications are a must for solar contractors in Sacramento, California. The certificate is highly valuable in the industry: not all companies that offer solar system installation can boast to have one. It guarantees handling the wiring and all of the electrical components of the system to make it ready-to-use.

Does the company offer insurance on the job performed?

Our company offers insurance to help customers feel secure: the property is protected from damages and any other issues that may go wrong during the project. Absence of insurance is unfortunately a practice that still exists, some non-legitimate solar contractors just don’t offer it. It is dangerous as it may lead to time-consuming legal activities to get your money back and claim making repairs.

However, if you choose our company as a reliable solar contractor, you can safely forget about problems like this — our trained team has been in the industry for years and gathered sufficient experience. Add a good insurance for all the job performed and you get assurance in impeccable services to have your solar system installed, working for you and helping to reduce or completely eliminate the electricity bill.

What are other most important factors to consider when deciding to go solar?

Solar is a special industry with extended product lifespan and warranties for the installation services. Usually, our customers take their time to decide on the cooperation, prepare questions, and ask for recommendations on planning out their solar systems and panels.

All that leads to a logical conclusion: it’s a great advantage to work with a time-tested contractor with an impressive and steady performance on the market. And our company belongs to this type: you can be sure the job is done when you say it’s done. You can rely on our team in terms of warranties and additional future maintenance (for example, replacing inverters, if necessary). Long-standing reputation and lots of honest positive reviews from other customers are the key parameters for choosing a reliable solar contractor in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento Solar Services

How long does the installation of a solar system take?

Most solar contractors specify that it takes up to a week to have all the elements installed. We say that the terms are negotiable, and our professional crew of 2–4 people can manage it faster without making you wait or have any inconvenience because of the work. This way we are talking about physical installation. Our company also takes care of all the paperwork and permits necessary for such a project.

The factors that extend the solar installation timeframe include: inviting the team of specialists a couple of days earlier to pour footings and ensure all is set. Perhaps there might be an old electrical service panel to be updated. In some cases, additional preparation activities may be required, such as roof mounts (in case it suddenly turns out the roof isn’t structurally intact due to damages).

All that is specified in advance to let you plan your time and select the most convenient timeframe for the workers to do their job.

Who is doing the solar installation if I order it at your company in Sacramento, CA?

Our goal is to avoid disjointing the installation process for customers to speed up the timing and enhance the quality and add value to the project. Other companies may operate as both sales and lead companies and hire unreliable subcontractors. If there are cases for which we need do that, it’s our task to ensure the effective cooperation between all parties, smooth work and flawless results.

Most of the work is carried out by our in-house team members: specialists in solar installation who are recommended by many.

How many installations have your company carried out?

According to the recent statistics, we make about 80 solar installations in California every year to provide customers with thousands of dollars monthly savings. A lot of our projects are done in Sacramento area. It means, A+ Construction Pro experience in utility interconnection, applying for permits for utilities, and finalizing the task is great. For over 10 years on the market as a general contractor, we implemented lots of tasks, and high-quality solar equipment installation is an incentive we can be proud of.

Why type of solar equipment you install?

There are lots of panel manufacturers out there offering their products at different price range and with a varying degree of quality. Ask us about brands, suggestions and quotes by using the Contact Us section of the website.

What guarantees you provide as a solar contractor?

We will do our best to protect you from risks and issues we heard about from our customers:

  • The system activation is delayed due to failed submission of the papers and failing to obtain a permit;
  • The contractor ignored the damages in the roof, and the installation collapsed, and/or the contractor damaged the roof itself;
  • The installation wasn’t proper to pass the regular city inspection;
  • Issues with sub-contractors arose, and a lien was put on the property;
  • Poor quality inverters were installed that damaged the entire solar system.

Unfortunately, we hear a lot of similar stories and do every effort to ensure none of these stories ever happen to our customers.

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    Solar Contractor near me?

    Benefits of working with A+ Construction Pro as a solar contractor in Sacramento, CA:

    • You get all the pros of dealing with a general contractor to have a comprehensive experience in solar system install, if you need it. Just as well designing services can be purchased separately.
    • No misunderstanding and no extra time spent on communication with several parties: we undertake the full scope of tasks in selecting the equipment, preparing the roof for the installation and ensuring it all works as designed.
    • Guaranteed of high-quality work by a licensed solar contractor near you.

    What are the quotes? How reliable are they?

    There still are severe price fluctuations in the solar industry. There is little transparency in pricing approaches, so contractors tend to charge different rates. These rates hardly be compared as they include a various amount of tasks and the various level of responsibility.

    Just as well there are a couple of ways to provide quotes, as for instance:

    • Price per watt or cost-per-watt approach — this approach usually doesn’t include equipment costs, so they are added separately.
    • Fixed bids — usually include the price of the equipment plus its installation.
    • Installation-only quotes — specify the general price for the mounting services.

    Some contractors have sales teams for quoting and are able to provide accurate price estimates right away. Others may initially agree on a lower price, but afterwards a number of additional services is included, and the rate goes up twofold or more.

    Customers always compare prices before they buy goods and services — and that’s explainable. Nevertheless, as a general rule of thumb, choose the solar installation contractor based on the experience, reviews and the number of successfully implemented projects.

    Also, make sure the solar quote incudes:

    • The maximum wattage and volume of solar power the array generates. Don’t forget to measure the wattage in AC watts.
    • Keep in mind that solar systems is more than a sum of solar panels. The quote should include a structured list of materials, for example, inverters, cables, meters, scaffolding and more.
    • Reliable quotes include all the services provided: survey, design, the installation itself and warranty terms. Conditions for extra charges must also be clearly specified. In order to avoid hidden costs and unfair charging — this point is a must-have.
    • To compare costs use the cost-per-watt of generated electricity. Take the total costs and divide it by the maximum capacity.

    To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you deal with an experienced contractor, which offers honest and transparent pricing and terms of cooperation. Contact us for a quote now.

    After you examine the quote, it’s time to sign the contract. Analyze the combination of fixed conditions and flexibilities and realize that A+ Construction Pro is a market leader in Sacramento, California.

    Our team of solar installation engineers is there deal with the product research and introduce informative suggestions, get you informed of pros and cons and finally have the project done. Each team member is licensed to render this type of services, ensuring your safety and the implementation of the economically sound solar electric system.

    To reach us out, fill out the contact form or call us to get answers to your questions, receive a bid or place the order right away. We will gladly share the disclosable information about our previous projects, offer competitive prices, tax compliance and guide your along the journey of transforming your electricity supply.

    A+ Construction & Remodeling Certifications

    INC. 5000 Ranking

    INC. 5000 Ranking

    EPA Certification

    EPA Certification

    LIC #1007869 CSLB

    LIC #1007869 CSLB

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    Accreditation with BBB

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    Member of NKBA

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    Member of NARI

    What Makes A+ Construction & Remodeling Unique


    Our process is organized, streamlined and designed with you in mind.


    We hold many awards and certifications in the industry.
    Benefits - BIGGER SAVINGS


    In-house team means vendor savings passed on to you.


    Professionally designed showroom with you in mind.
    Benefits - NO HIDDEN COSTS


    We provide detailed estimates showing you what you get for your money.


    Furniture-grade quality products at affordable prices.
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    Our showroom carries the latest materials from trusted brands.
    Benefits - ECO FRIENDLY


    Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.
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    We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.