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We’re glad to greet you on our website devoted to all sorts of renovations starting with basing painting and staining, finishing with general home remodeling in Sacramento. We’ll help you redesign your bathroom and make it more convenient by means of simple tools and tricks. Now your elderly and handicapped relatives don’t have to suffer when getting into a bath or trying to take a shower. Today we want to tell you more about one of the most miraculous discoveries of the modern world of renovation: walk-in-tubs.

Hire Walk-in Tubs Contractor in Sacramento, California

We’ve been dealing with bathroom and kitchen renovation, as well as with the overall home reconstruction for many years in Sacramento and its neighboring districts. If you need our service, look for the telephone number or for an email address on our webpage and get in touch with us. We strongly advise you to meet us face-to-face in our office or in our showroom. You can arrange a meeting via one of our online specialists.

Now we want to tell you about the walk-in tubs, their pros, cons, and practical use.

A walk-in tub is something your elderly relatives will be fond of. It will also be suitable for anyone who has to spend time at home recovering after the surgery somewhere in the Sacramento area.

If you’re in no mood of reading this long text, pick up the phone and make a free call using the number you see on our website. We’ll tell you everything we know about these issues and share catalogs and detailed information about the process via email.

Walk-in tubs and showers should become the essential parts of homes belonging to people with disabilities, elderly residents of Sacramento, or anyone who experiences chronic muscle pains.

A walk-in bath or a shower is designed the way that you don’t have to step over a tall threshold. A bath like this has a door so that you can:

  • Open the door;
  • Enter the bath;
  • Close the door;
  • Fill the bath with water;
  • Wash;
  • Drain the water;
  • Open the door to get out of the bath.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of people have no idea about the existence of bathtubs or showers like these. If you’re planning to remodel your bathing area in the house where you’re planning to live for years and years ahead, we strongly advise you to use this idea. The amount of models and variations of these baths is incredible. There are even models for those who have to ride a wheelchair.

The main advantage of this bath is that your partially disabled relative can feel independence. No one wants to feel incapable of taking a bath or a shower on his/her own. That’s why walk-in showers and bathtubs were created as conversions of the regular ones.

We’ve got a lot of remodeling projects, reconstructing the bathing area and making it friendly for people who don’t have the possibility to do everything they want. They are restrained in motion. A walk-in design will save them from unwanted emotional and physical tension. Make your home comfortable for anyone. Let your relative or friend feel the way you feel when getting into a bath or planning to have a shower.

A walk-in tub is very comfortable because:

  • It is very deep and has a very tall threshold when the door is closed, allowing the user to enjoy a full immersion into the water while seating.
  • The overall depth of a bathroom like this is about 20 inches, and the seat is about 17 inches.
  • Many walk-in bathrooms are designed with additional lighting options, hydrotherapy possibilities, and a warming seat that will provide you with comfort as you wait until the tub is full of water.

The main advantage is that solutions like these provide users with safety, comfort, and self-confidence. A walk-in tub is a new way of saying your nearest and dearest that you love them.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages are present as well:

  • You’ll have to wait until the water drains. Well, it’s common sense — you can’t open the door of the bath when it’s full of water. Some of the baths need about 15 minutes to get filled with water and vice versa. Nevertheless, there are pricier options speeding up the process.
  • One more disturbing issue is the temperature. The trouble is that you have to control the temperature while staying seated in the bath. There’s a chance that the water is so hot that it burns the skin. Make sure that your bathroom has a special valve giving the possibility to turn the hot water off instantly.
  • The installation of a bath like this is pretty pricey. Nevertheless, having a bath like this at home is a very beneficial thing. There’s a number of families with handicapped members looking for houses with bathroom equipped with walk-in tubs and handgrips for those who have difficulty walking. You’ll have a possibility to sell your apartment or house faster and more cost-efficiently to those who are interested in it in Sacramento.

Sacramento Walk-In Tubs Services

Our home remodeling ideas will help look at your home from the other point of view. Contact our specialists to find out what else we can do to rearrange and renovate your bathroom so that it will be suitable for the needs of all your family members. A reasonable approach is our main policy:

  • We never persuade our customers to deal with us if they do not express a firm decision;
  • We share recommendations on the renovation works free of charge;
  • Our staff is like a real family made up of specialists of all ages — we will help anyone come up with the right solution about different remodel issues in Sacramento;
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is our main focus because these rooms are the most valuable parts of your homes;
  • We can create the remodeling custom design project for your bathroom starting from the tiling on the walls and floor and finishing with the lighting placed within certain zones and areas
  • Each of our bathroom remodeling steps is thoroughly documented and scheduled so that you could follow the renovation process together with us;
  • We insist on our help with the demolition processes in the bathroom so that we could preserve the plumbing elements.

Each of our specialists is fond of what he or she does. Our integrity is expressed in the ability to stick to the right solutions for the right people. We will never make you purchase bathroom equipment that you cannot afford. There are cheaper options that will probably need a bit more maintenance, but they will last a lifetime if you’re a sensible and careful person.

You don’t need an expensive walk-in bathroom if you are physically disabled for a short period of time. It will be cheaper for you to hire someone who will help you have a bath. A walk-in bath is one of the best remodeling solutions for people in their 60s and 70s. In this age, their muscles get weaker, and the bones get more fragile. Unstable pressure and heart problems often make the elderly lose consciousness and fall unpredictably. It often happens in the bathroom, where temperature changes are inevitable.

Do you know anything about the additional features of walk-in tubs?

  • Handrails;
  • Whirlpool jets;
  • Warm seat;
  • Self-cleaning system;
  • Non-slip surfaces;
  • Good seals;
  • Quick drain system with two drainers.

A walk-in bathroom is not an over-indulgence. It’s a very reasonable and thought-out solution for those who care about their family members regardless of their age and physical abilities. Your home should be a convenient environment for everyone because it’s the only shelter where you can relax and detach yourself psychologically from the rest of the world.

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    Walk-in Tubs Contractor near me?

    A+ Construction & Remodeling contractor in Sacramento has been dealing with the renovation needs of customers of different ages. We know that family is your main priority. On our website, you’ll be able to find a walk-in bathroom or a walk-in shower design in line with your needs and the desires of your elderly or partially disabled relatives.

    We deal with the installation in the shortest time possible. After a conversation on the phone, we’ll need to see you in person to discuss the financial details. Then, we’ll schedule a visit to one of our specialists to your home so that he could take the measurements of your bathroom and proceed with the installation.

    • The installation of your new bath will not take long in case if everything is all right with your plumbing and the other utility systems.
    • If a bath you want is out of stock, we’ll have to preorder the one you need from the supplier.
    • We deeply care about the safety of our clients and let you request any documentation and certification you might need to make sure we’re a decent company deserving trust.
    • We only pass on to the remodeling, renovation, and installation works after our relationships are properly documented so that none of us could spoil the preliminary discussed project. It’s the same with the installation of the bathroom.

    We are members of a very competitive building, construction, and renovation market in Sacramento because of a very dense population. We try hard to preserve our reputation and name. Look for the feedback about our work on multiple customer review platforms or visit our Facebook page to find out what our clients think about our activity in 2019.

    We opt for:

    • Safer projects for your home;
    • Convenient renovations that will last a lifetime;
    • Uncommon ideas for people with disabilities;
    • Decent remodel options adding value to your home;
    • Handy and user-friendly bathing and cooking areas.

    Anyone wants to shower in a comfortable atmosphere — we are ready to create it with our high-quality bathtubs. Anyone needs a bit of privacy within the home walls — we know how to separate the space so that anyone feels comfortable and safe. Anyone in Sacramento wants to be protected with a privacy policy, and we understand this as well.

    We never demonstrate the photographs of our clients’ bathrooms unless they permit us to do it. We have no right to flaunt the information about your partially disabled relatives to anyone on the internet.

    If you still have questions about our work and services, use the email presented on the webpage or a telephone number for a direct conversation with our personnel. We’ll be waiting for your call, and we are always glad to meet you at our showroom where we demonstrate our materials and skills.

    The renovation comes with a bit of destruction, and there’s always room for renovation.

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