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Pre-Approved ADU Plans

Pre-Approved ADU Plans Sacramento, CA

Pre-approved ADU plans are a great tool you, property owners, can now use if you are planning on building an accessory dwelling unit in your backyard. When you are designing your future ADU, the permitting process is usually what takes the majority of the project completion time. Luckily, now the process of receiving building permits is much shorter, thanks to the pre-approved ADU options. A pre-approved ADU plan can be issued by the government, a city planner, or architecture and design firms. With a pre-approved plan, your ADU project will not only save you time but also reduce the fees that you would have to pay for the approval of the plan of your accessory dwelling unit. The great news is that you do not have to search for a separate architecture firm or an original designer. With A+ Construction & Remodeling, you can now get approved standard plans for accessory dwelling units of any kind. Significant savings in time and money will make your ADU project even easier to implement.

ADU Pre-Approved Plans Sacramento, California

A pre-approved ADU plan is a permit-ready plan that already has the approval of the city authorities. Such ADU plans are created in order to reduce the duration of the building permit submittal process, which requires a thorough analysis of each site plan to be in compliance with state and local law regulations. Permit issuance is usually what takes a lot of time during the construction of accessory dwelling units. Therefore, having a pre-approved ADU plan is suitable for an interested ADU owner who does not want to deal with long bureaucratic processes. Note that ADU pre-approved plans are typically much lower in cost compared to the original architectural plans.


How do Pre-Approved Plans Work?

As I have mentioned, the permitting process for a pre-approved ADU is much faster than for the customizable options of these plans. So, what are the differences, and why do pre-approved ADU plans work this way? The secret is in the pre-approved designs that are reviewed by government representatives in advance. If you go to your city’s official website, you might find pre-approved plans for accessory dwelling units there. This means they have already undergone the process of examination for compliance with the legal requirements. Such documents already have the square footage, height, and room planning that are needed for the permit application submission.

Pre-Approved ADU Plans and Building Permit

Property owners can pick a preferred ADU design from the pre-approved plans and then submit them for the permit. When you submit ADU plans that are made by the original architect or designer, you have to pay the fees for your project to be reviewed. The same goes for any pre-approved plan. The only difference is that you do not have to worry about paying extra fees if something in your plan set is wrong. Pre-approved plans do not get under review, as they are basically reviewed in advance. Still, having a pre-approved plan does not mean that you do not have to go through the permit-receiving process. When applying for the permission documents for your pre-approved accessory dwelling unit architectural plans, there are several other planning papers that have to be presented:
  • A site plan;
  • Reports that show compliance with the Green Codes;
  • Reports from property and site surveyors;
  • Geotechnical report.
Thus, while you still have to provide reports on site conditions to receive a building permit, the construction time drastically decreases if you use a plan from the pre-approved program.
What are accessory dwelling unit pre-approved plans?
A pre-approved floor plan for an ADU is a plan that has already been under review by government officials. The preliminary approval of these plans allows homeowners to shorten the long process of receiving a building permit and reduce some project costs.
What are the two categories of ADU pre-approved planning?
Pre-approved documents for the ADU plans can be made either by the city program or by ADU architectural specialists. While the former is often a lot cheaper, the latter ADU designs allow you to choose some specific features of the building that might not be considered by the city architects.
What are the benefits of a pre-approved ADU program?
A program that offers you pre-approved plans from the city or the architectural company speeds up the process of receiving a building permit. Moreover, such plans cost much less than custom-designed ones.
What kinds of ADUs can be pre-approved?
In general, any type of ADU can be built from a pre-approved plan. Thus, you can construct attached and detached units, garage conversion ADUs, and junior structures according to the plans approved by the city.