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Accessory dwelling units are one of the hottest topics in residential construction today. For homeowners with the right property and lifestyle to make an ADU project a success, having access to a design-build team specializing in ADU design build can be invaluable.

Design-build teams and general contractors, such as A+ Company, can provide expert knowledge on the various aspects of an Sacramento ADU contractor project, from feasibility studies and preliminary design to permitting, building management, and completion.

At A+ Remodeling & Construction Company, we specialize in ADU designing and can guide you through every process step, from design to management.

What is an ADU?

An ADU, also known as an accessory dwelling unit or granny flat, is a self-contained living space on the same asset as a single-family home. ADUs can take many forms, such as a guest house, a garage conversion, or simply an additional space added to an existing home. These units can provide much-needed space for family members or be rented out to generate additional income.

ADUs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their many advantages. Other option that may suit well is a backyard cottage ADU building type. They provide an additional living area for families or renters at a relatively low cost and give homeowners the ability to invest in their properties without having to buy more land—ideal for those looking for rental income from an extra unit or just wanting more room for themselves.

ADU Build Benefits

There are many advantages to adding an ADU to your asset. Here are the main ones:

1. Additional square feet: If you have family members who need a place to stay, an accessory dwelling unit can be a great solution.

2. Additional income: Alternatively, you can rent out the ADU as a source of additional income, particularly in the California regions that A+ serves, like the bay area.

3. Custom design: Another benefit of an ADU is the opportunity to create a custom design for your house. Whether you want a small, efficient space or a larger, more luxurious unit, design is where your ideas become tangible.

4. Value: an ADU can also potentially add value to your property. As the demand for housing increases, an ADU can be a valuable asset that sets your property apart from others on the market.

You can work with experienced ADU designers and architects to decide the best use of space and create a floor plan that meets your needs and budget.

ADU Types

Accessory Dwelling Units are a great way to manage sites with limited space. There are a variety of different types of ADUs, including detached, attached, garage conversions, granny flats, converted sheds, and basement apartments.

Each type of ADU has different characteristics that should be taken into account when looking at potential bids for the project. For example, a detached unit will need more changes to the outside than an attached unit because it has to be built on top of an existing building or completely off the ground.


Detached ADUs are freestanding structures that are separate from the primary residence on the property. It can be placed directly adjacent to the house or further back on the lot, depending on local regulations and zoning ordinances. The detached building usually has a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, and other amenities like a patio or deck.


Attached ADUs, also known as attached secondary dwellings, is a great way to increase the livable area of your home while still keeping all amenities within close proximity. These homes can be added to an existing structure or built from scratch.

Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are often seen as an ideal solution when dealing with limited amounts of space because they do not require any new construction outside and can easily convert an existing garage into a livable area with minimal work required.

Converted Shed

When looking for projects to bid on, consider converting a shed into an accessory dwelling unit. Not only do converted sheds offer tremendous value when compared to traditional construction projects, but they also provide an affordable way to add much-needed living space.

If you're considering adding an ADU to your property, A+ Remodeling & Construction is here to help. Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through every step of the process, from design to project management. Contact us to learn more about our ADU design and build services and how we can help you create the additional living space you need.

ADU Build Considerations

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are small living spaces that are built on the same foundation as a single-family home. There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when constructing an ADU, regardless of whether it is a custom ADU or not:


Many ADUs are under 1,000 square feet, but it is possible to build larger units if desired. It is important to keep in mind that the cost of constructing an ADU increases with the size of the unit, so it may be wise to try to keep the size as small as possible in order to save money.


This can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the unit, as well as the location of the asset. It is usually cheaper to build an ADU in an existing space, like a basement or garage, than to build a whole new building


One important thing to consider when building an ADU is the location of the unit. Many people choose to build an ADU in their backyard, as this can be a convenient and affordable way to add living space. However, it is important to make sure that the location of the ADU is appropriate and that it meets all local zoning laws.


Knowing the specific requirements for building such a structure in your area is important. Despite the fact that state and local governments have been working hard to make regulations easier for homeowners looking to build ADUs.

How ADU Build company can help you?

When designing an ADU for your house, it is essential to work with a company that has experience with designing small spaces. The contractor should be intended to provide a complete bid for the ADU, including all materials, labor, and other costs. Once the bid is accepted, the contractor can proceed with the building process, managing the project from start to finish.

Building an ADU can be a complex process for most homeowners, but it can also be a great way to save tons of money on living expenses. By working with a reputable general contractor, clients can simplify the process and have peace of mind knowing that their project is in good hands. A general contractor can provide a one-stop shop for the whole project, including design, engineering, construction, and working with permits.

A typical general contractor includes a variety of specialists that can provide expertise in different areas. Our team includes an interior designer to help you create a functional and attractive living area. In addition, we work with an architect or engineering specialist to ensure that the ADU meets all local building codes and regulations.

In summary, building an ADU is a great way to add additional space to a house, but it is important to carefully consider the size, cost, and location of the unit. Working with a reputable general contractor who can provide a one-stop shop for the whole process can help to simplify the process and ensure that the project is completed successfully.

By following these considerations, clients can build an ADU that meets their needs and helps them save money in the long run.

ADU Design-Build Process

At A+ Remodeling & Construction, we offer a comprehensive ADU design-build process that takes you from start to finish. Here's an overview of what to expect:

Design phase

Our team of experienced ADU designers and architects will work with you during this stage to decide the optimal layout for your house and develop a set of specifications tailored to your preferences and budget. We will also help you choose materials and finishes that match your style and budget.

Construction phase

Once the design is finalized, we'll begin the construction phase. Our team of general contractors will bring your ADU to life, paying close attention to detail and ensuring that the work is completed to the highest standards.

Project management

Throughout the build process, we'll provide housing management to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We'll handle all the details, including coordinating with subcontractors and navigating the permitting process.

ADU with an ADA-compliant bathroom
This 1200 square foot ADU was built with the client's parents in mind. It features a full-size kitchen, ADA-compliant bathroom, and two comfortable bedrooms. The functional design and accessibility features make it a perfect solution for the client to stay close to their parents while providing them with their own independent living space.
Stylish living space
The outdated garage has been transformed into a stunning addition that now features an office in the back, and a spacious living room with a kitchenette and island overlooking the beautiful backyard.
Tiny home for a young family
A small backyard home that perfectly meets the needs of a young family. This comfortable ADU includes a full-size kitchen, bathroom with a tub, and even a separate nursery room, all designed with efficient use of space in mind.

Thousands of Customers Can't be Wrong! Reviews

Jess & Chip R.
A+ Construction & Remodeling designed and built an addition to our home. The work was timely and excellent, and we didn’t have to worry about anything from the very beginning. The staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the addition looks like it has always been there. Highly recommend.
Emily J.
I decided to build my parents an addition so they live next to us. If you are looking for a company that strives to provide excellent quality and workmanship this is as good as it gets. They work hard to keep the customer happy. My folks cannot be more pleased with their new home. And I couldn’t be more pleased with communication and amount of attention to detail.
Michael & Rebecca H.
This is the second project we have had A+ Construction and Remodeling do for us and can't be happier! They provided the highest quality workmanship, took good care of our backyard and cleaned up afterwards! We would recommend them to anyone, you just can't go wrong, and their pricing was fair!
Brett & Jill P
We came to A+ Construction looking to have an addition built for our daughter. They prepared a beautiful rendering of the new place and we immediately got over-the-top excited about this project. The execution didn’t disappoint. The crew worked really hard! In the end, we are all very happy with the new addition in and will recommend A+ to our friends and family.

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Can I have a 2-story ADU?
It depends on the specific regulations and zoning laws in your area. In some cases, two-story accessory dwelling units may be allowed, while in others, only single-story units are permitted. A+ Remodeling & Construction can help you determine what is possible for your property and guide you through the permitting process to ensure that your ADU meets all local regulations.
What are the disadvantages of an ADU?
The expense of constructing an ADU and the time and energy required to obtain the necessary permits are two potential drawbacks. However, the advantages of having additional living space and the potential for increased property value may outweigh these considerations. It's important to carefully evaluate the costs and advantages of an ADU construction project to decide if it's the right choice for you.
Is an ADU worth the investment?
It ultimately depends on your specific situation and goals. For example, if you require additional space or are looking for a way to generate additional income, an ADU can be a great investment. However, it's important to carefully analyze the expenses and potential return on investment to decide if an ADU is right for you. A+ Remodeling & Construction can help you evaluate the potential costs of an ADU construction project on your property.
What is ADU design?
ADU design refers to the process of creating a plan and exterior design for an accessory dwelling unit. It involves working with architects and designers to determine the best use of space and incorporate features such as natural light and efficient use of square footage. A+ Remodeling & Construction offers ADU design-build services to help homeowners create the ADU of their dreams. Our experienced designers and architects will work with you to create a custom design that meets your needs and budget.
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