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    About Company Questions
    Do you offer financing?
    Yes, we offer several financing options. We work with great lenders that can work with you, if you choose to finance. Please call us at (916) 970-0047 to go over the financing options we offer.
    What is your warranty?
    We offer a 1-year limited workmanship warranty. Materials are covered by the manufacturer warranty.
    Do you have insurance?
    Yes, A+ Construction & Remodeling is fully insured on all of our services, giving you one less thing to worry about.
    Why should I trust you with my kitchen remodel?
    Our company guarantees satisfaction and our skilled team of workers lives up to that satisfaction through its workmanship. We work with you every step of the way, from design to appliances. We have only the best people working on our team and they dedicate their time and expertise to you.
    Do you have references of previous customer satisfaction?
    There are numerous testimonials on our site from many of our happy customers, feel free to read them before getting a quote. We’re also highly rated on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Buildzoom, so you can see additional reviews on any of these sites.
    How do I know I can trust A+ Construction & Remodeling in my home?
    Most of our employees have been with us many years, and ALL are certified, licensed and trained to be the very best. We absolutely guarantee that our estimators and installers will treat you and your home with the utmost respect. In fact, we have hundreds of comments from our customers stating that they couldn’t have imagined a better kitchen-remodeling experience. We assure all of our customers that we will not leave their homes in any state of disarray and we live up to that promise on every job.
    Can we see examples of your previous work?
    Absolutely! Just visit the Recent Projects page on our website, or navigate to the Kitchen Remodeling page to see examples of our stellar work. There, you will see how we’ve taken old kitchens and completely transformed the aesthetic to make them more modern and stylish.
    What areas do you cover?
    We are based in Sacramento and have become well-known as one of the most recommended contractors in the Northern California area. If you’re not sure whether or not your home is within our service area, just call our office at (916)970-0047 and our team will be able to tell you if we service your area or not.
    How experienced is A+ Construction & Remodeling?
    We’ve been servicing communities since 1997 and have undergone over 500 finished kitchen remodels and have installed thousands of kitchen cabinets with positive feedback from our satisfied customers.
    All About ADUs
    How long would it take to build an ADU?
    Usually, the entire process of designing, permitting, and building a custom ADU will take 4-6 months of preparation and 6-9 months for construction. Some counties have pre-approved ADU standard plans (PRADU), so with pre-approved plans the permitting time is cut down to just 2 months.
    What are the payment terms?
    We create an individual payment schedule for each client. You can pay by cash, credit card, bank transfer, or check. You have the option to pay online, by mail or in-person. We can also work with any financing institution of your choice, if you're financing your project.
    How big can an ADU be?
    Depending on the county you live in but anywhere from 800SF to 1200 of livable space. Other spaces such as a garage or sunroom can be added in addition to those square footages.
    How much does it cost to build an ADU?
    The cost depends on many factors such as your house/site conditions, type, style and size of the addition, which finishing materials you decide to use, etc. Our main goal is not only to deliver the best construction product but to keep the entire process clear and understandable for you from start to finish. After the initial meeting, we will provide you with a preliminary estimate and will work with you to connect it to your budget. As a design-build company, we will take care of all the steps — from design and blueprints to construction, inspections, and everything in between. A dedicated project manager will be with you during the entire project to help you and answer all your questions!
    Is an attached addition more expensive than a detached one?
    That would depend on the condition or the existing structure we are adding on to. Sometimes there are things that need to be addressed with your existing structure in order to be able to add on to it, in which case building a detached structure would be less in cost.
    General Remodeling Questions
    Is a full kitchen remodel always necessary?
    No, you can choose the level of your kitchen remodel depending on your desires. Some people want to completely remodel theirs and make it look entirely different, while others choose to remodel certain aspects of their existing kitchen.
    How long does a kitchen remodel take?
    It depends on what you want accomplished in your kitchen. Some basic remodeling jobs have taken us a matter of days, while the more complex ones can span over the course of a few weeks. Before we undertake any job, we aim to give an estimate of how long it will take, so you’re given a timeframe.
    What are the benefits of a kitchen remodel?
    The benefits vary depending on what you do in your remodel. At the very least, you’ll benefit from having a nicer looking kitchen that improves the way your home looks. But, you could also see a more functional kitchen that provides you with additional space and makes life a lot easier. Not to mention the fact that you extend the life of your kitchen, and can actually add value to your property as well.
    How much do you charge for quotes?
    Our quotes are completely free of charge. All you need to do to schedule a free quote is call (916) 970-0047.
    Am I obligated to proceed with a remodel after getting a quote?
    No, you don’t have to go through with the kitchen remodel after receiving your quote for the service. It’s a no-obligation quote, but we’ll be more than happy to offer suggestions on how you can lower the price to make it more affordable.
    How much does kitchen remodeling cost?
    Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have one set price. It all depends on how much work you need done and the materials you choose. We would work with your budget to give you the kitchen of your dreams. The cost of your remodel will be estimated beforehand, and you’ll be given a quote.
    How do you remodel a kitchen?
    Our remodeling process begins with you, and it’s as simple as listening to your requests and turning them into reality. Our construction team works quickly and efficiently to remove any old parts of your kitchen and replace them with new and improved versions. Essentially, we take everything you don’t like about your kitchen and make it better – both practically and aesthetically.
    Process Related Questions
    When should I pick all the appliances?
    We recommend you choose all the appliances as early as possible. Preferably, you’ll have your choices laid out during the design stage so we can purchase and install them as the project progresses.
    Do I get to pick out all the appliances for the kitchen?
    Yes, you don’t just choose how your kitchen looks, you also get to choose the appliances in it. There is a broad range of options to choose from and we can help along the way.
    Who handles the kitchen design process?
    We handle all the design work to ensure your dreams become a reality. You tell us what you want your new kitchen to look like, and our qualified design team does the rest.
    Do I get to choose how the kitchen looks?
    Yes, you get to choose everything to do with the way your kitchen looks. This includes choosing the cabinet design, flooring type, and everything in between. Our design team will work with you every step of the way.
    Can I track the progress of the remodel?
    Of course, we’re always available to give you updates on how the remodel is going along. This lets you know if we’re on course to finish within the predicted time stated before the work began. We’ll constantly provide updates, but you’re more than welcome to request them at will.
    Is a permit required?
    Permits requirements are discussed on case-by-case situations. Not every project requires a permit, for example doing cosmetic changes such as changing out your countertop would not require a permit. Our remodeling specialist can tell you if your project would require a permit.
    Do I lose power/access to utilities such as water and gas?
    You might, but only if certain jobs need to be completed such as installing new appliances or fitting new features. Some of these tasks need us to temporarily switch off your power/utilities, but only until we are finished.
    Does my family have to move out during the remodel?
    If you’re only getting a kitchen remodel, then there’s no need for your family to move out during the work. When possible, we handle the toughest tasks first, such as installing new cookers or fridges, etc. This means you won’t have to try and survive without a functioning kitchen. We will let you know of the project plan beforehand so that, if needed, you can make arrangements.
    Do you handle any plumbing and electrical work during the kitchen remodel?
    Part of our service means we might have to fit new sinks or other kitchen features that require plumbing or electrical work. In instances like this, we will handle all the plumbing and electrical work to ensure everything fits perfectly and your new features work efficiently.
    Will there be a lot of mess?
    It’s fairly impossible to remodel a kitchen without creating a bit of mess. This is simply the nature of the tasks of a remodeling project. Having said that, we will clear up all our mess at the end so you won’t have to deal with it after we leave.
    What is kitchen remodeling?
    Kitchen remodeling is simply the process of taking a kitchen and improving the way it looks and functions. A lot of kitchens become outdated, meaning they need to be remodeled into more modern spaces to improve the look and function of the kitchen.
    Is kitchen remodeling disruptive?
    Some projects are more disruptive than others but your project manager will be able to tell you how disruptive the remodel will be so that, if needed, you can make arrangements. No matter what type of remodel you are considering, seeing the finished project far outweighs the temporary inconveniences and once you settle into your new space those disruptions are quickly forgotten.