Terms And Conditions

Personalized Design

Schemes, pictures and concept designs you can find on our website were uploaded to help you create a general idea of what your future kitchen may look like. They are the basic visual images you can use to develop your personal kitchen design. They are not an actual guaranteed design you will get at install. Every aspect of design will gone over with at your design appointment.

If you choose a 3rd party supplier for any additional kitchen items, we bear no responsibility for their functionality and durability.

Instructions & Customization

There is always a risk of mutual misunderstanding. That is why we accept all measurements and specifications on paper or through emails. It is the basic step before we process with your order.

Notice that the time frame can be altered due to health issues of the staff, availability of the materials and other non-predictable issues. Of course, you will be notified in advance about all possible delays and time frame changes.

If you need to install a range hood, you need to understand that we’ll have to deal with specific cut-outs and electrical sockets. If this issue wasn’t officially mentioned before the installation, you’ll have to make an extra payment.

A customer will have to coordinate the collaborative work of an electrician, a range hood installer, and our workers.

Both the customer and the installer are responsible to check all of the items for size and quality. Only then we will be able to proceed with the installation.

Note: Do not be alarmed if you get some of the items larger in size. Some of the kitchen furniture elements will be altered in the process of installation. This is usually specified beforehand.

Fixing and screws in the packages are for the assembling of the cabinetry only. If you decide to install the cabinetry before you finish with the flooring, you may have troubles with dishwasher and fridge placement. The height levels of the cabinetry may become uneven.
Changing the thickness of the toe-kicks will cost you an extra value.


All of your appliances will be installed together with the newly designed cabinetry in case if you give us correct information about their size. Of course, we are not able to guarantee that your appliances will be suitable enough for your new kitchen furniture.

The customer is responsible to give the right measurements of the appliances. We’re ready to deal with reasonable adjustments of the cabinetry. However, if you’ve got unique appliances of non-standard proportions, you’ll have to make an extra payment for the additional adjustment work.

Also, the customer should check the compatibility of the kitchen appliances. If the appliances get damaged in the process of installation because of the incorrect information about the sizing and measurements, we bear no responsibility for it.

When customers make warranty claims, they need to present officially signed papers to prove that the cabinetry has been purchased from our company.

General wear, scratches, and tear are not included in the guarantee as well as the damage caused by water or high temperatures.

The doors of the cabinets have special thermal protection. However, it can still be affected by water and overheating from closely placed appliances. The position of the powerful overheating appliances should be discussed with the installer if you don’t want to damage the coating.

If your cabinetry gets cracks, scratches or chips because of the sharp and heavy things dropped on it, we will not give you a refund. Of course, you may have unpredictable and unexpected cabinetry damage. This is usually explained by manufacturing faults and it’s our responsibility to provide you with replacements or free fixing labor.

We are liable only for the quick change and restoration of the faulty furniture elements.
Besides, we have reasonable pricing policy for the designing and the installation. Our experts never deal with impractical or dangerous installation. If you install any additional kitchen elements on your own thus spoiling the original layout, it’s only your personal responsibility. We never try to use semi-permanent fittings or unstable structures not to ruin the bench top.
If you want to replace one of the cabinetry elements due to warranty issues, you’ll have to present it to us for the inspection. That’s a standard procedure of quality control where our expert examines the fault to understand whether it’s a defect or not.

If you need access to more detailed information about the pricing policy, assembling or additional costs, contact one of our agents by phone or email. You can find our contact information on the webpage. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us and we will gladly assist you in any way we can.