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There often comes a time when we understand that the amount of living space that we have inside our home is simply not enough for the members dwelling in it, and there is no possibility of dividing some bigger room into two to give a homeowner or other dwellers a bit more privacy. But what to do in the case that you do not have enough money to buy or build a new house? Maximize your living space by building backyard cottages on the land property with a help of professional ADU Builder in Sacramento area.

A backyard cottage or an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is an additional cottage home designed on your property land for the purpose of creating additional living space near your main house, and it is considered to be an independent dwelling with its own bathroom, kitchen, and living room/bedroom where a certain amount of people could relax after a long day.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds to build a backyard cottage on your property: a lot of different criteria need to be considered for you to complete the project, legal ones as well, which is why you would benefit from hiring a professional contractor like A+ Construction & Remodeling in your city to do the entire job of new construction for you!

If you are interested in learning more about aesthetic backyard cottages or Accessory Dwelling Units that could be designed on your property land and how not to mess your projects up, then we would suggest you keep on reading this article!

Different Types of Backyard Cottages

There are many different types of backyard cottages that you can build on your property's land, but they all are united by two of them: detached and attached accessory dwelling units.

A detached backyard cottage is built separately from your main dwelling and acts as an independent accessory dwelling unit on your property. It is usually bigger in size than an attached accessory dwelling unit and is designed in order to place elderly relatives or noisy guests there or use it as an additional income that would come from renting this living area out.

An attached backyard cottage, on the other side, is built by sharing one wall with your main dwelling and can serve you as an extension of your home. One of the most popular attached ADU projects involves an unused garage. And although it would probably be smaller in size than a detached accessory dwelling unit and not as private as a detached one, there is still a chance that you could rent this place out for another family, but of course, the pricing would be lower.

Any type of ADU project would require the contractors not only to create a beautiful design for your new home but also to take care of plumbing and lighting that should be installed and lots of other structural problems simply because any ADU that is built on your land is considered to be an independent home.

Backyard Cottage Construction 101

Both types of backyard cottages have their own benefits, which is why the following list of their differences might help you understand what kind of accessory dwelling unit you actually need:

Sizing Regulations

As we had already said, there are plenty of different regulations that you need to oblige to while building backyard cottages in your location, and sizing is one of them.

Thus, it is usually the case that the structure of the attached backyard cottages should be limited to half of the size of the main dwelling that is placed on your property land. In some cases, the regulations are stricter, allowing your attached accessory dwelling unit to be only 30% of the square footage that your home has.

As for detached backyard cottages, the regulations are a bit milder. In most regulations placed in California, your detached accessory dwelling unit could maximize your living space by up to 1,200 square feet. And no matter in what part of California you live, your detached backyard cottages could always have a size of 800 square feet.

Construction Costs

It might be already obvious to you that detached backyard cottages would cost more than attached ones, but we still would like to clear up the reasons why this is the case.

First of all, as detached accessory dwelling units are located separately from your main house, they would need their own structure with a new foundation to be built, which means that more raw materials and bigger construction hours would be required from your contractors. May be Detached ADU is a better option

And on the contrary, it is often the case that an attached guesthouse, due to the fact that it shares a wall with the main living space, does not need a new foundation.

Parking Regulations

As always, regulations would vary from one place in California to another; here, we will discuss the most common parking regulations that you might face while making additional living space in your backyard.

Thus, it is often the case that you would need to provide your detached backyard cottages with their own off-street parking space. However, there are some exceptions to that rule: for instance, if you live in a historic district, you might have some benefits that would allow you not to make additional parking spaces for your new home.

Attached backyard cottages, on the other hand, often do not need to be provided with additional off-street parking space. However, you still would need to check your local laws to be sure.

As you can see, there are many different details that should be considered while building an additional living space in your backyard, with some of them being quite difficult to overcome or oblige to. And as we are all working people with our own lives, it is often the case that we do not have enough time and resources to deal with such construction problems and thus need to trust our projects to professional contractors like A+ Construction & Remodeling!

Choosing a Professional Contractor for your Project

It is not easy to find a decent contractor for your project, especially if you still do not know your own needs and desires. Thus, you would need to start your search for the perfect contractor not by reading reviews but by figuring out what it is that you want to implement in your backyard space, as it will give you a direction for the contractors that are capable of doing what you want.

And once your desires are identified and the idea for the style of the project appears in your mind, you could start searching for the contractor that you would want to hire by considering A+ Construction & Remodeling. Here are some reasons why many other people prefer this company as well:

Decent Reputation

A+ Construction & Remodeling has been in this business for many years and has only grown its loyal clientele, something that tells a lot about the trustworthiness of this company. Thus, you can always expect excellent customer service and top-quality craftsmanship for the projects you implement with an A+! The company will help you to save both your money and time while building a new home on your land.

Excellent Portfolio

Another thing that tells you a lot about the company and the quality of the services provided is its portfolio. From it, you can see the variety of different projects completed by the company both for interior and exterior parts of ADUs, as well as get some ideas for your own backyard cottage. And fortunately for you, A+ always keeps its portfolio open for you to see on its website.

Professional Employees

A+ tries not only to satisfy its clients but its workers as well. Thus, the company always makes sure that the skills and knowledge of its employees are updated in time and that the equipment used by them for remodeling or renovation projects in your living space is the newest.

ADU with an ADA-compliant bathroom
This 1200 square foot ADU was built with the client's parents in mind. It features a full-size kitchen, ADA-compliant bathroom, and two comfortable bedrooms. The functional design and accessibility features make it a perfect solution for the client to stay close to their parents while providing them with their own independent living space.
Minimalist backyard cottage
This minimalist and contemporary backyard ADU features a full-size kitchen, spacious living room, a separate bedroom, and a full bathroom with a built-in bathtub. It is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish living space. The use of light shades makes the space feel light and airy, and the slanted roof makes it feel even larger.

Thousands of Customers Can't be Wrong! Reviews

Jess & Chip R.
A+ Construction & Remodeling designed and built an addition to our home. The work was timely and excellent, and we didn’t have to worry about anything from the very beginning. The staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the addition looks like it has always been there. Highly recommend.
Emily J.
I decided to build my parents an addition so they live next to us. If you are looking for a company that strives to provide excellent quality and workmanship this is as good as it gets. They work hard to keep the customer happy. My folks cannot be more pleased with their new home. And I couldn’t be more pleased with communication and amount of attention to detail.
Michael & Rebecca H.
This is the second project we have had A+ Construction and Remodeling do for us and can't be happier! They provided the highest quality workmanship, took good care of our backyard and cleaned up afterwards! We would recommend them to anyone, you just can't go wrong, and their pricing was fair!
Brett & Jill P
We came to A+ Construction looking to have an addition built for our daughter. They prepared a beautiful rendering of the new place and we immediately got over-the-top excited about this project. The execution didn’t disappoint. The crew worked really hard! In the end, we are all very happy with the new addition in and will recommend A+ to our friends and family.

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What is a backyard cottage?
A backyard cottage is an accessory dwelling unit designed in the free space of your property land that contains its own utilities and can act as an independent home that could be used when your guests, such as friends and family members, come to visit you or as an additional space to rent out and create higher income.
What is a house in the backyard called?
Backyard cottages are also called ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, that many homeowners build in order to create an extra living area for family members or guests. It has its own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, which is why it is a great method that helps people to expand their home space without the need to buy a new dwelling or create an additional source of income as well.
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