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Sacramento Tiny House with Garage - Turnkey Design & Build

Have you ever thought about getting a contemporary tiny home studio or additional storage space where you can finally move all those important and space-consuming things from the main house? Of course, you could opt for a basement and a barn. However, if you are a fan of aesthetic structures, we have a better offer.

If your family belongs to the car owners, then maybe you should consider our option. Tiny house plans vaunt their variety.

A tiny home with a car garage is an building type that is available with chosen ADU Building contractor. That is, this is such a space, separate from the main house, designed to store additional things and do things that you can't do at home due to a lack of extra space or, for example, because of the special dirtiness of work. The built-in garage can accommodate cars, a truck, or other items, depending on its size.

This article will highlight the different possible designs of such extensions offered by A+ Construction & Remodeling, their benefits, and their purposes

What Can A+ Construction & Remodeling Offer you?

Tiny houses depend on the size of your garage and are classified according to their purpose of use. Below are some options on how you can profitably expand your space with A+ contractors:

1. A tiny house with a one-car garage

Like a loft, this wooden home has high ceilings, and it is built atop the garage. Here you can set up an ideal storage space for some things, and you can also use it as a tree house for your children or for yourself to run away to your safe haven from the chores in the main house. In the end, living small can sometimes be a happy life.

2. The carriage house

This ADU is a living space that sits adjacent to the garage on two floors, with a small kitchen and living room on the first floor and an upstairs bedroom. The second floor is often decorated with a cozy stone fireplace. A dash of ingenuity and our experts can also arrange a deck for you where the top of your garage is, with direct access from your bedroom. You can even set up seats so your guests can enjoy the fresh air and natural light at a small table.

3. Tiny home with an open-air garage

This option is good only if the climate allows it. Such 300-square-foot houses are sometimes informally called "casita kuneho" (translated as "little rabbit"). There is not so much room in them; however, a small home in this style has two floors, where you may have your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The upper open part serves as a deck/porch from which you can watch sunsets, paint landscapes, sunbathe, etc. But be careful; the space from above is not fenced, so it's easier to get into it. Do not leave valuables unattended.

4. Home studio

Small, only about 400 sq ft, this studio is ideal for storing extra items. Tall windows and vaulted ceilings give the space a touch of a simple life in a small loft. But it's not alien to the elements of life's conveniences, such as the kitchen and bathroom with the bathtub, dryer, and washer. Consider building In-law Suite ADU as another ADU construction type.

5. Tiny house with a two-car garage

The larger (nearly 500 sq. ft.) but still small wooden house sits above a garage with a storage capacity for two cars. Equipped with amenities such as a bath in the bathroom, a built-in desk in the kitchen, one or two bedrooms, and even a picturesque backyard. The front entrance, located near the garage, has easy access from the main floor and up the stairs. What a magnificent building to escape the hustle and bustle or to engage in solitary pursuits.

6. Tiny house garage with deck

This tiny house also neighbors the two-car garage. This option differs from the previous one in that if you have one car and there is extra space in the second garage, then you can arrange a deck or a porch for hosting guests right at this place.

7. Tiny house on wheels

A very original building designed for those who do not like to sit still. The transformation of a motor home into an ordinary house occurs after you cover the wheels with some earth. The truck itself, with the help of which you were taken to your place of permanent residence, easily fits into the garage under the house. Hurry up to get a transformer if you like the mobile lifestyle.

Whatever your choice of foundation, with such a variety of ways to organize your garage space, everyone will find something that suits them. The main thing is not how many square meters you have but how effectively you organize them. Our experts from A+ Construction & Remodeling will help you compose floor plans so that both the car and your additional things fit in. And also left a place for guests and activities.

Why Should I Choose A+ Construction & Remodeling to Build my Tiny House with a Garage?

If you are interested in the idea of creating a cozy living space in a secluded, well-arranged tiny house instead of a simply detached garage, then you're in the right place.

A+ Construction & Remodeling company can offer the following benefits:

  • No unplanned costs
  • Before embarking on a project, we offer our clients a free estimate of the upcoming work. Prepare your tiny house plans, agree on a time to visit, and wait for field experts to conduct an on-site assessment.

  • Reputation (clear reviews)
  • Don't take our word for it; check it out with your own eyes. Of course, you are not our first client. Many people have already decided to expand their living space and renovate their one-car garage or two-car garage. The gallery on the website of our company is full of photos of the work done, and here it is presented in the same way as the customer reviews.

  • Discounts on materials
  • With extensive experience in the procurement of materials in the construction market, our employees know how to select materials with an ideal price-quality ratio. If you can buy it cheaper without sacrificing quality, we will definitely do it!

  • We stick to the schedule
  • If we agreed to build a small house at a certain time, we would not make our clients wait. If you have any problems, you can always contact A+ managers to resolve the situation.

  • Licenses
  • Our specialists have certificates and licenses confirming their right to engage in such activities and competence.

  • Constantly in touch
  • Feel free to call at any time, whatever question comes to your mind.

    Tiny House with a Garage
    This tiny house with a garage was custom-built to meet the unique needs of our clients. The cozy living space features all the necessary amenities, while the garage provides ample storage space and room for a vehicle, making it a practical addition for an active lifestyle of our clients.
    Rental House with a Garage
    This addition with a garage was custom-built to serve as a rental property for our client. The design maximizes the limited space, offering a comfortable living area. The garage provides added storage space and offers tenants the convenience of off-street parking. It is an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking to generate rental income while providing a unique and eco-friendly living space for tenants.
    Minimalist House with a Garage
    This minimalis and eco-friendly tiny house with a garage features an efficient and sustainable design, making it an ideal living space for our clients seeking to minimize their environmental impact. The attached garage will be used as a workshop space.

    Thousands of Customers Can't be Wrong! Reviews

    Jess & Chip R.
    A+ Construction & Remodeling designed and built an addition to our home. The work was timely and excellent, and we didn’t have to worry about anything from the very beginning. The staff was friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the addition looks like it has always been there. Highly recommend.
    Emily J.
    I decided to build my parents an addition so they live next to us. If you are looking for a company that strives to provide excellent quality and workmanship this is as good as it gets. They work hard to keep the customer happy. My folks cannot be more pleased with their new home. And I couldn’t be more pleased with communication and amount of attention to detail.
    Michael & Rebecca H.
    This is the second project we have had A+ Construction and Remodeling do for us and can't be happier! They provided the highest quality workmanship, took good care of our backyard and cleaned up afterwards! We would recommend them to anyone, you just can't go wrong, and their pricing was fair!
    Brett & Jill P
    We came to A+ Construction looking to have an addition built for our daughter. They prepared a beautiful rendering of the new place and we immediately got over-the-top excited about this project. The execution didn’t disappoint. The crew worked really hard! In the end, we are all very happy with the new addition in and will recommend A+ to our friends and family.

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    Is it cheaper to buy a tiny ready-made house or to build one?
    If there is already a garage, then the building will be more profitable. After all, you yourself pick the materials for your tiny home as well as the configuration yourself (on the top of a one-car garage, a carriage house, an open-air garage, or even a detached garage and separate tiny home). If you buy a garage that is already made, then you have to accept all its advantages and disadvantages, which then can hardly be corrected.
    What states in the US allow tiny homes?
    They are legal in any state. However, some states have strict regulations, so if in doubt, you should consult a lawyer.
    How do I contact professional contractors for building my tiny home?
    If building an ADU is in your plan, number us when ready. You can also choose the type of tiny house for garages on our website, write to us by mail, or chat with our assistant.
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