New ADU boom in USA pending

ADU is a special way of living that is gradually gaining popularity. This abbreviation stands for the accessory dwelling unit, and currently, more and more people have been aware of it. Meanwhile, ADU is increasingly being heard by ordinary US citizens, as the country’s leading political leaders address them in their announcements. But there is an important reason to mention them, and this is connected with the problem that covers the country.

It is very interesting to know that initially, ADUs managed to earn extremely bad publicity in the US. Their building wasn’t legalized, but nevertheless, many people knew about this form of home construction and often built them. It also happened that ADUs were built where it was unsafe to build anything. As a result, some of the accessory dwelling units were destroyed as a result of earthquakes, landslides, or avalanches. In recent years, it has become much easier to get permission for ADUs construction, but they are placed very patchy across the country, and that is still a huge problem.

ADUs can be presented in several different forms: they can be a small house attached to the main building, for example. The comfortable garage space or an attic for storing food are also supposed to be ADUs.

What is the nature of the housing problem in the US? Let us figure it out together!

An American problem that ripples the US citizens

In the United States, the problem of inadequate housing In the property market is unusually big. In almost all localities, the offering of worthy quality accommodation is extremely low. This problem has especially become aggravated over the last five years as residential space has become more and more inaccessible. People and families in the low-income bracket may face such difficulties more often than others.

This is the problem that most concerns the residents of the United States and the American public representatives. However, a solution to such a problem is already being developed and, moreover, has already been proposed by the American President.

What role does ADUs play in resolving such a problem? Read below to find out the answer.

American President’s ADU announcement

The administration of the American President published a special Plan of Action aimed at solving the housing disadvantages. A list of law-giving and executive measures are included in the Plan, and they are all focused on reducing housing costs for American citizens.

The first step is to create and save as many as possible entities of affordable housing. These measures should be taken within the next three years. It is supposed to create hundreds of thousands of units affordable for living in.

The Plan also assumes some split-level transformations for ADUs. These reforms will help ADUs creators to make more high-quality and cool projects. As a result, the building up of the ADUs will become more accessible for people with low income. The reforms promoted by Biden could virtually create more than 1 million of ADUs throughout America.

The Plan also provides for the revision of the loan program. The Federal Housing Administration pursues some research aimed at clarifying the ways of support through credit easing. It is planned to make current credit arrangements more adaptable and tolerable for those whose earnings are small. More ways of housing funding will become available for American residents, and that means ADU is becoming folksy to people.

There are many possible ways to use ADUs wisely, and among them, we need to highlight the following:

  • Homes for the elderly: they will be able to live comfortably next to their children and grandchildren, who will take care of them;
  • Part-time home for students whose financial situation does not allow them to rent separate housing;
  • The way for leasing holders to get additional revenue;
  • The opportunity for homeowners to move into a smaller house by renting out the main building.

From this perspective, the Declaration made by the Biden Administration is favorably disposed toward ADUs, this very interesting form of living.

The increase in the number of ADU

One of the items of the latest presidential budget for next year is a large grant for monetary support of ADUs projects. The total cost of this grant is $25 billion dollars, which is a very impressive amount.

This amount will be allocated to the following main areas:

  • construction of real estate for several generations of residents;
  • capital assistance towards ADU building projects;
  • expansion of the network of local housing programs.

Thus, the main significance of the new measures taken by the presidential administration is the rapid growth in the number of ADUs, and we will be able to observe this growth in the very near future.

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