New ADU Construction Trends

With current changes in the economy and legal field, some new trends started to develop in the ADU construction industry as well. If you are a homeowner who is planning to build an accessory dwelling unit in addition to your primary housing, you might want to consider these new approaches to construction and design. By implementing some of these most recent trends in your own ADU plan, you can achieve the most efficient and cost-effective ways of building an ADU.

Extending the Functionality of Your ADU

When it comes to creating an ADU, we often have a plan of what it is going to be used for. However, sometimes, the limited amount of space does not allow us to build all the elements we want our ADU to have. That is when multifunctional ADU elements come in handy. By designing the space in a specific way, you can use your accessory dwelling unit space in several different ways.

For instance, one of the trends in 2023 is to implement multifunctional furniture in ADU’s interior. When the amount of free space is limited, folding-down furniture can be a lifesaver. Whether it is a table that can be folded and hidden or a couch that you can pull out and turn into a bed, every little detail might be useful. With such furnishing elements, you do not have to worry about placing your guests or having some open space for your kids to play around. Everything can be adapted to the situation, and your ADU will serve multiple purposes at once.

One more option for creating a multifunctional ADU is to have bigger rooms with several uses. For example, if you mainly use your ADU as a home office, one room can be dedicated to your working space and another one to the dining area. However, adding a comfortable couch to the office room and comfortable chairs to the dining room will easily allow you to accommodate some visitors. With such furniture solutions, you can turn your two rooms into a comfortable bedroom and a cozy living room without much effort.

Multifunctional ADU elements allow you to get more use out of the space and implement it in many different situations. With some proper planning, you can achieve efficient results without spending too much money on adding more living space.

Increasing the Size of ADU

A bigger ADU might be more attractive for people who will potentially rent your place. Moreover, as the size of your ADU grows, the price for renting increases as well, meaning you get a higher income from it. If your main purpose of building an ADU is to receive some additional money, then you might be interested in extending the space as much as possible.

While some homeowners might think that building a bigger ADU is quite expensive, it is, in fact, not true. When hiring a contractor for the construction of your ADU, you also pay for services like planning, designing, and building. What is more, the cost includes creating rooms, like a bathroom and kitchen, which can be expensive but still crucial. Therefore, you would still have to pay for all of this, even if your ADU was small.

Adding some more floor area does not increase the price that drastically. It can be even more efficient for you to opt for an ADU of bigger size, as later it can be used in many different ways. The functionality of a bigger space is an advantage to everyone who will potentially live in your ADU.

Adding Another Floor

Another solution for increasing your ADU is to have a two-story unit. Whether you do not have enough space to extend the ADU or you do not want to decrease your backyard area, this is a great option for planning an ADU. You can either use both floors as the dwelling space or just add the ADU on top of a garage. The second option also allows you to keep the parking space, which can be important for any car owner.

Another benefit of having a two-story ADU instead of a bigger one-story one is that you can match it with your main residence design. Especially if you are building on top of the existing structure, the addition can be easily designed accordingly. If you live in a neighborhood where the appearance of the housing is valued, this might be quite convenient.

When considering building a two-story accessory dwelling unit, pay attention to the legal regulations that need to be followed. Unlike a standard ADU, this type of unit has more requirements and rules of zoning. Another point to keep in mind is that a two-story ADU can be more expensive due to the need to improve the sturdiness of the whole structure.

Choosing Practical Materials

In 2023, the trends are all about efficiency and practicality. That is why many homeowners opt for materials that do not require much maintenance. Whilst an ADU might be an important addition to your primary housing, you probably would not spend more time there than in your own home. Therefore, choosing materials that are quick and easy to clean or take care of is highly recommended.

If you are looking for ADU materials that do not need much maintenance, consider the following ones:

  • Solid inserts;
  • Quartz countertops;
  • Vinyl plank floors.

Getting a Second Position Loan with a Fixed Rate

If you have started planning to build an ADU, you have probably considered the fact that the refinancing of your existing mortgage might be required. However, for the construction of an ADU, you can also take a second-position loan that has a fixed rate. This loan is not a part of your main mortgage. Therefore you do not need to refinance the latter, and you are not required to repay it as a priority.

Such a loan would give you the advantage of keeping your initial mortgage rates, especially if they were lower at the moment of taking the mortgage. Another benefit is that a second-rate loan has a stable rate that is fixed for the whole period of repayment. Thus, you do not have to worry about paying even more on top of your mortgage. What is more, such loans can be taken for longer periods of time, which allows you to distribute payments in a way that is the most convenient for you.

In 2023, new ADU construction trends have taken over the industry. More and more homeowners are trying to find ways of creating an ADU efficiently and extending its functionality. With several suggested options for ADU construction, you will be able to create the accessory dwelling unit of your dreams while still saving your precious resources, time, and money.

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