Top Flooring Plans for a Perfect ADU

ADUs are basically tiny houses. So before the direct construction of the ADU, you will definitely need a flooring plan. Why is it needed at all?

There are several main reasons:

  • A flooring plan allows the builder a complete picture of what exactly ADU is to be built, measure the volume and time of work;
  • A flooring plan gives you the opportunity to calculate the approximate costs of ADU materials and construction work;
  • A flooring plan is required for submission to state authorities and obtaining ADU construction permits according to the legal requirements.

ADU flooring plans are a necessary part of the preliminary preparation, but the visual component, or more precisely, the form of presentation, may differ in detail.

Types of ADU Flooring Plans

Most ADU building companies offer several of the following options for visualizing floor plans to choose from:

2D flooring plan

Such traditional plans for ADU construction are printed flat drawings with a view from above. They give an idea of the rooms, windows, doors, and furniture arrangement. Their advantage is cheapness, and their disadvantage is that the final product is poorly silhouetted in the head as the presentation is based exclusively on the generic scheme.

3D “Dollhouse” flooring plan

This view is a more realistic material visualization and gives a sense of the objects’ height as well as their relationship with each other. Such floor plans are also more visual in terms of design solutions, allowing you to see firsthand the intended composition.

3D digital plan

At the moment, some ADU builders offer even more visual, modern solutions – 3D modeling. In addition to a better sense of dimension, such plans also allow for through-space movement and zooming into specific areas. The accuracy and possibility of detailing are maximized when using such a program.

There are two ways to make a flooring plan: by hiring an architect in advance or working with an ADU builder’s designer. In the first case, you can take more of your individual requirements into account since the process is longer and more gradual: first, drawing up a plan, then transferring the plan approved by you to the ADU construction company.

On the other hand, in the second case, the process will be much faster since people from the same team will constantly interact with each other. It may also come out cheaper in the end.

Best ADU Flooring Plans: Configurations

Depending on the area of the desired extension and purpose, the most successful ADU plans can be divided into:

  1. Two bedrooms ADU (750 s.f.)

This option is the most economical in terms of material costs and impact fees. At the same time, an ADU with two bedrooms is a smaller copy of a normal residential house: with a kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small living room.

  1. Long two bedrooms, two bathrooms (750 s.f.)

This option is identical to the previous one in terms of square footage and content but differs in the location of the rooms. In such rental ADUs, the rooms are arranged so that the tenants’ paths minimally intersect with each other. The kitchen and living room are located in the middle, and on both sides are the bedrooms and bathrooms that are remote from each other.

  1. Efficient three bedrooms and two baths (1000 s.f.)

L-shaped ADUs are also a good option, allowing the owner to earn passive income from the rent. However, instead of two tenants, such an ADU can accommodate three tenants at the same time.

  1. Open dining and living area (1200 s.f.)

Assuming larger dimensions than the previous version, this plan also has a configuration of the letter L. This option is perfect for families who want to live in a small, economical house but do not want to give up the amenities. The strategic location of all the bedrooms on one side allows you to use the remaining large unfenced space at your discretion – for entertainment, food preparation, hobbies, etc.

  1. ADU for college students (2 floors, four bathrooms, and three bedrooms)

In the popular university areas, there can be no better investment than building a two-story ADU for rent. On the first floor, there is only one bedroom and a lot of open living space, and the remaining bedrooms are on the second floor. In such a case, you can charge four tenants using just a small 600 sq. ft. piece of your land.

Whatever ADU flooring plan you pick, make sure you’ve chosen a reputable ADU builder that will make your prefab dwelling unit accommodating to your needs the best.

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