What to Consider Before You Build an ADU

Sometimes we realize that our existing home is not enough anymore, and we need more space to keep feeling comfortable. There are several ways to solve this question: the first obvious decision is to move to another house or apartment that is bigger.

However, this solution does not work for everybody. What if you love your neighborhood so much that there is no way you will move to someplace else? Or maybe the house you live in right now has a huge history behind it that you cannot leave?

In such cases, many homeowners decide to reorganize their space and make it bigger. They hire a team of professional remodelers, purchase new furniture, and complete other actions to enlarge their living space.

Although it is a smart move, there is another option that might be more attractive and fit you in plenty of situations: building an accessory dwelling unit or an ADU.


What Is an ADU Anyway?

An ADU is an additional building, normally up to 1,200 square feet, that either stands next to or is a part of an existing dwelling unit. It is often called a granny flat because many residents use it to reunite with their older family members.
There are different types of ADUs, and every homeowner can find a perfect option for his primary house:

  • Detached

These ADUs are quite popular because you get a separate building, and regardless of who will live there, cohabitants will not bother each other, and everyone will feel comfortable.

  • Attached

Such ADUs become a part of your existing dwelling unit.

  • Converted

A converted unit means that you take a garage or a basement of your existing house and turn it into a fully-fledged ADU.

  • Junior

This one has a size limit of 500 square feet.


Why People Build ADUs

Before we tell you what to consider when you think of building an ADU near your primary dwelling, we will provide you with the reasons why people prefer creating a separate building on their land plot instead of remaking their existing house.
This decision typically comes to one’s mind because of the following circumstances:

  • You are expecting your parents or grandparents to move in

As we have mentioned above, this is one of the most popular reasons why people start building an ADU. Sometimes your existing house has no separate room for elder relatives and, believe us, having a separate ADU for them will make the situation much more comfortable for all of you.

  • You are waiting for a child who will need a separate room eventually

This is another point that forces people to build an ADU. In this case, an attached one works well.

  • You want to organize a space for your home office or studio

During COVID-19, which started in 2020, we all realized that working from home is not only possible but also rather convenient for many employees. However, plenty of people cannot focus when working at home due to noise from their families, feeling uncomfortable because of mixing their workplace and home, and many other factors.

If you are such an employee, consider moving your work stuff to a separate building. Another reason to build an ADU is a hobby that takes up a lot of space in your home and needs a bigger room.

  • You plan to get additional revenues from renting the place out

An ADU is a great investment because you can build one and rent it out! The building will surely pay off through rent, especially if you make a simple yet great design there that will attract potential lessees.

  • You often have friends and guests coming over

If you love parties or guests visiting you all the time but cannot stay over because there is no space, building an ADU where everyone will have their own sleeping spot is a great solution!

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If the idea of building an ADU makes sense for you, it is time to think about it seriously. Below, you will find a list of recommendations explaining what to consider before you start creating another unit on your land plot.


Building an ADU: What Should You Consider?

Of course, you will not be the first person on Earth to build an ADU, and thousands of homeowners have experienced this before. So, you can avoid various mistakes and use their recommendations to make a perfect construction plan. Why ignore something useful, right?
We have gathered the five smartest points you should consider before your remodeling team puts the first brick of your future ADU on your land plot.



1. See if your primary house and land plot suit an ADU

Before you agree to build such a unit near your primary house and make a call to a construction company, you have to check whether creating an ADU near your existing building is possible. There should be a possibility for certain zoning, setbacks, and other features.
To make this procedure easier, we suggest you apply to professionals from the very beginning. They will quickly understand if it is possible to build an ADU near your house and give you their expert advice.

For example, if you reside in Sacramento, the A+ Construction & Remodeling company is a brilliant choice. It has qualified workers who are ready to help you build a high-quality unit in the shortest terms.

Companies like A+ simplify the building process not only because they are capable of the construction but also because they are aware of all the ADU rules in all regions and will tell you what to consider and how to create a proper unit without having problems in the future.


2. Think about your ADU and its purposes through

At the “thinking” stage, before you take real actions, there are two more essential things to do: choosing the ADU’s type and understanding the purpose of its creation.
As you already know, there are different types of units: you can attach one to your house, build a separate one, or convert something you already have.

Define the main reason why you are building an additional yet brand-new unit. If you plan to live with your parents, but your relationship is not perfect, maybe it would be best if you have a separate unit. The same will work for a guest house or a home office. Of course, if you plan to rent out your new unit, it is better to have a separate building, too.

However, if your ADU will serve as a room for a baby that your family is expecting, consider attaching it to your primary home, so you all live together. The same thing works if your parents require additional help and wish to stay with you on one territory.

Understanding what unit you need and why you are building it will allow you to speed up the construction process and formulate the task for your contractor. We strictly recommend you hire professionals for your ADU creation and refuse to build it on your own. Having a trustworthy and experienced team like the A+ Construction & Remodeling company will save you plenty of time and money; besides, you will be less nervous about the project.


3. Learn about your state’s limitations (if any)

This is another thing to consider before you begin building. Every American state offers its set of rules regarding the construction of ADUs. For instance, some states limit units in height; others oblige you to make a unit of the same look and style using the same materials as your first home has.
While some of these restrictions might seem odd, still, you have to learn about all these before you make any mistakes and comply with the requirements. Otherwise, you may face trouble after you spend money and finish your project: paying fines or demolishing a brand new building is not something you plan, right?

To avoid mistakes and problems and make everything correct, you had better trust your projects to specialists who know the rules and know what they are doing. One such team in Sacramento is A+ Construction & Remodeling, which has hundreds of ADUs built in California. Contact the company to find out more details about the unit in your area!


4. Hire a professional team

Of course, we have mentioned this recommendation in previous points; however, here, we want to emphasize how important it is to sign a contract with professional builders instead of working on your unit all by yourself.

When you hire a company, you get a wide range of services:

  • Preliminary consultation regarding your future unit
  • Design plans drafted by a professional designer
  • The help with materials and furniture selection
  • The full construction itself
  • Post-building services (if needed).

Trust us; this is a lot! Having a personal manager who is always ready to help and a team of smart specialists who build many ADUs throughout the year is better than doing it all alone.

Those who claim that hiring a company is much more expensive than creating a design plan and implementing the project on their own often have no idea how high the risks are. Those who build a unit by themselves often say that they should have hired a team of pros.

They add that they have spent plenty of time and unreasonable money, and the mistakes they made should be fixed, and it costs additional money, too.

So, our advice is to relax and hand over your project to someone who will not let you down.


4. Consider some design tips to make the space look bigger

An ADU is normally smaller than your primary house, and you might need to make it look more spacious. A professional designer who will develop a plan for you if you hire a company will explain to you how it works and what you should do.
But before you meet a designer and discuss your future unit, preparing yourself a bit is an excellent idea.

So, here are some design tips you might find useful when you build an ADU:

1. Insert large windows and glass doors into your interior

Where it is possible, consider installing huge windows and transparent glass doors instead of walls: this will add some space. If you are afraid that your unit’s rooms will lose privacy, do not forget about thick curtains that will cover windows when you do not need them, and install glass doors in well-thought positions.

2. Think about storage spots

You might want to move some items from your primary house to your new unit; if so, choose from smart storage solutions and pay attention to different furniture that helps keep your stuff organized. Creating upper spaces for storage right under the ceiling is a wonderful idea, by the way.

3. Talk about layered lighting with your designer

Layered lighting is something that helps to make your place more harmonious and spacious at the same time. The concept is to use many different artificial light sources that will smartly merge with the natural light and make your unit look bigger than it is.

4. Play with colors

Colors are essential when you build a new unit or renovate your previous house. Ensure that you select only the colors you love that will never make you mad or exhausted. Also, there are many tips you can get from a designer that will help to visually enlarge your place.

We hope that you will get the perfect ADU and have the best construction experience! If you are in California, to ensure the top-notch result, we recommend you contact the A+ Construction & Remodeling team, which will solve the hardest tasks and provide you with top-quality services.

Your project will be finished shortly, the services will cost reasonably, and you will be content with the results. Hire A+ for your project, and you will not regret it!


Building an ADU in Sacramento with help of A+ Construction & Remodeling

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