Cedar-flat ADU Builders

Serviced ZIP codes: 96145, 96140

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    Cedar-flat ADU Builders

    Serviced ZIP codes: 96145, 96140
    #25 in California’s Top list of the fastest private growing companies
    Awards Logos Best ADU Builder 2023 in California
    Awards Logos №1 Constraction Company in Sacramento
    Awards Logos #25 in California’s Top list of the fastest private growing companies
    Featured on Forbes Logo
    Featured on Forbes Logo
    Awards Logos Best ADU Builder 2023 in California
    Awards Logos №1 Constraction Company in Sacramento
    Awards Logos #25 in California’s Top list of the fastest private growing companies
    Featured on Forbes Logo
    Featured on Forbes Logo
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    Cedar Flat ADU Design & Build

    Exceptional turnkey services, from plans and permits to occupancy, that simplify ADU development and ensure your peace of mind.

    Studio ADU

    The 470 sq ft studio ADU offers an efficient open layout, seamlessly combining living, sleeping, and dining spaces. With a full bathroom and energy-efficient design, it's ideal for a minimalist lifestyle or an excellent rental opportunity

    1-Bedroom ADU

    The 550 sq ft 1-bedroom ADU provides versatile living solutions. Ideal for long-term rentals, it offers a self-contained space for tenants or serves as a comfortable in-law suite, ensuring independence for extended family

    2-Bedroom ADU

    The 690 sq ft ADU maximizes functionality with a full-size kitchen, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms, perfect for small families. Its thoughtful design optimizes every square foot for comfortable
    living and privacy


    The 1175 sq ft 3-bedroom ADU offers ample space for a growing family. With 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an open-plan living area with a kitchen, it's perfect for extended family stays or as a rental unit. Designed for comfort and privacy, it provides a spacious living environment

    Fastest Preparation Process Among GCs
    Durable Exteriors Resistant to Pests, Mold & Rot
    3xMore Stable
    Reinforced Seismic-Safe Framing with Precision Calculations
    50%Less Noise
    Noise Reduction with Our Solid Materials
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    Toxic-Free Materials
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    2xMore Durable
    Commercial Grade Durability, Residential Grade Look & Quality

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    Schedule a Virtual or an In-House Consultation with our ADU Consultants to discuss your project

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    Visit our Designer Showroom to review your quote, select materials, and sign the contract to kickstart your project

    3. Preparation

    We expertly manage all permits and planning, ensuring a seamless start to construction. You can trust us to pave the way for a smooth build right from the start

    4. Construction

    We incorporate digital technologies into our construction processes to be more efficient

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    Most people, both real estate market experts and ordinary city residents, note that there has been a housing crisis in California in recent years, and homeowners are less likely to decide on global changes. However, there is one option that will allow you to increase the value of the property and the quality of life without any damage to your budget, namely, the construction of an accessory dwelling unit with the help of an ADU builder.

    Accessory dwelling units or ADUs are tiny homes that are equipped with all modern amenities and which can serve various purposes, for example, as a guest house or studio shed. ADU can be an excellent place for family relaxation and fun.

    In this review, we will reveal in detail all the information about building ADUs, tell you about their advantages and the most unusual types, and also present a guide that will help you pick a general contractor in Placer county that will meet all your requirements.

    ADU Builders Cedar Flat, CA

    You have probably seen on the Internet how people build a tiny house on the back of the leading property without anyone’s help. It seems simple and even fascinating; however, it’s nothing more than a show. Even the most minor repair project is a very emotionally and physically exhausting process that will suck all the strength out of you.

    Moreover, in the course of work, an inexperienced amateur can make several catastrophic mistakes that will entail additional costs. To avoid such a scenario, it is best to interact with professionals who will relieve you of stress and do everything at the highest level.

    ADU Contractor Cedar Flat, CA

    Choosing the most suitable general contractor will be the easiest step for you in the course of creating the perfect house if you will know the following three key factors:

    1. Availability of a license. This is an essential parameter that, for some reason, people need to pay attention to. Be sure to check the availability of a license and an official permit, as well as the expiration date of the documents.
    2. Reviews of homeowners. You can do this both in the virtual space on the contractor’s website and in real life. To do this, it is enough to communicate with neighbors who have entrusted their houses to the hands of the company. They will tell you about all the positive and negative sides of the contractor.
    3. The necessary experience. If you are planning to build an attached ADU, then analyze whether the company was engaged in such projects and, if so, at what level it performed them.

    Surprisingly, the vast majority of companies in Placer, California, only comply with one of the three aspects, namely the A+ team.

    ADU Contractor Building Types

    There are a vast number of options for how you can improve living space by building an accessory dwelling unit. We will start with the most popular types and finish with non-trivial categories that only some people know about.

    Detached ADU

    The second name of this ADU is an in-law unit or granny flat because, in most cases, it serves as housing for age-related parents. This building is located separately from the main house in the yard and is equipped with all the necessary systems to maintain the quality of life at a high level. Furthermore, you can rent out an in-law unit for passive income.

    Attached ADU

    In contrast to granny flats, attached ADUs have common contact points with the primary residence, often it is the foundation and walls. Also, this accessory dwelling unit can have both a shared entrance with the main house and a separate one to keep the rule of personal private space.

    Pool House

    Among all accessory dwelling units, this option is best suited for an excellent pastime and loud parties. This is a reasonably spacious backyard house, equipped with a large bedroom and a terrace, which at the base goes into the pool. Moreover, the pool house has a small patio for grilling, as well as a playground for playing badminton, basketball, or volleyball.

    The main advantage of this accessory dwelling unit is its wide range of designs, so we recommend consulting a specialist to discuss the structure of construction.

    Garage Conversion

    Most homeowners need to realize how effectively they can use the old space in the g