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      Lately, in the United States, the building of ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, has become more and more popular. Such small houses are convenient for those homeowners who feel like they need a separate building for various purposes. What is especially comfortable is that an ADU is the same property as the main home because both buildings are placed on the same land plot. If you are a property owner living in Auburn, California, and would love to extend your existing space by an ADU, you may find this review useful, especially when searching for an ADU builder Sacramento.

      We will explain how to find a contractor in Auburn that will help with the ADU construction in the city, touch on the state law about ADUs in California, and check the requirements for such a dwelling unit (maximum size and so on) and how should ADUs allowed in Auburn look like. Hopefully, after this review, you will understand more about a separate living unit which is, in fact, what ADU means, and decide to start a new construction close to your primary home.

      Also, we will provide you with the recommendation of a good-quality contractor that has enough expertise and finished projects to start the new construction of an ADU near your existing space. Whether you would like to create an attached ADU or a detached ADU, the contractor we will tell you about is available for you and ready to cover all your needs and wishes.

      Before we start our guide that may help you to select your perfect ADU contractor in Auburn, CA, let us briefly explain what and ADU is. The accessory dwelling unit is also referred to as in-law unit, granny flat, casita, or second unit. Basically, it is a home that becomes one of your real properties and takes some existing space on your land plot.

      Auburn ADU Builders

      There are several different reasons to build such a home and extend your properties, and later we will also touch on that reasons. You can build either an attached ADU, which will be a part of your primary dwelling, or a detached ADU, which will be separate. Another thing to know is that you can build a regular ADU, a junior ADU (junior ADUs, or junior accessory dwelling units, should be no bigger than 500 square feet), or a conversion ADU (a converted property like a garage turned into an ADU with a bedroom). Homeowners who seek an ADU builder in town can see many different companies offering their services.

      However, if you are in the process of your perfect contractor selection for in-law units, there are several things you shall take into account:

      1. Licenses and permissions

      Anytime you search for a contractor that shall build you one of the attached ADUs or detached ADUs close to your primary home, you have to ensure that the company has all the needed licenses and building permits that allow it to perform construction and remodeling works. This will make the deal secure and help you to build a house that is safe for you and your family, without the risk of ruining or having wall cracks in the future.

      2. Experience and portfolio

      There are plenty of entities in the remodeling and construction business, and many of those offer dwelling unit creation for your properties. However, some of these companies may have a different taste and approach to the building process and final results. Before you contact this or that contractor and start working with its team, check its portfolio that demonstrates previous works and proves its experience that lasts for a couple of years at least. If you need to build an accessory dwelling unit on your land plot, pay attention to the finished projects of ADUs in your neighborhood provided by the chosen company.

      3. Reviews and photos

      With internet development, nowadays, you can check all the companies online and read reviews with photos attached. This may help you to find more information regarding the builder that attracts you. Those who build accessory dwelling units with the help of a contractor and feel happy about the outcome are normally willing to leave a positive review online, accompanied by a couple of beautiful photos of their new living unit. If the company has made many families happy, it may be a guarantee for you and your family, too.

      4. Your own budget

      The last but very important point is your budget. When choosing a contractor for your future ADU in Auburn, remember to check whether its services will fit your financial possibilities. When we speak about real property remodeling or building, unfortunately, clients often face unexpected money spending and disappointment. Hopefully, this will not happen when you start implementing your ADU building plan.

      Among many builders and contractors offered in Auburn, there is one that has proven its experience throughout the past years, always willing to help homeowners in the city with completing their land plot and broaden the property line with an ADU of outstanding quality: the A+ Construction & Remodeling company.

      ADU Contractor Auburn

      The A+ Construction & Remodeling company works in the California builders community for many years and provides various reconstruction services in the state. If you search for an ADU creation service in Auburn, Placer County, the company will help you with ease. The team consists of experienced professionals who are interested in each project related to remodeling and building, whether it is a massive home, a small apartment, or a moderate ADU.

      The company can boast dozens of implemented ADUs projects and plenty of clients who have enjoyed the results and surely recommend the service to other homeowners. If your primary dwelling is located in Auburn and you are thinking of building an accessory dwelling unit, now you know who to contact. The A+ Construction & Remodeling managers will offer the best ADU options available today, built with the best quality materials that ensure fire safety and the overall solidity of the property.

      The company can show a wonderful portfolio of granny flats built in California of different sizes and aims.

      ADU Unit Construction Auburn

      If you are still not sure that you need an ADU near your primary dwelling unit, let us explain to you the reasons why you, as a real property owner, might decide to build an accessory dwelling unit close to your primary dwelling:

      • Build an ADU for a separate office or a studio for your work or hobbies

      This has become a popular thing since the COVID-19 pandemic has started. People faced the necessity of staying home and get their rooms converted to home offices or studios. With an ADU, you can easily deal with the problem of having a separate property that will serve you as a place for work or a hobby. Depending on the project and the maximum size of your ADU, you may use it for different aims and activities.

      • Build an ADU for your parents or other relatives

      If the family that lives with you in one living property suddenly grows because your parents or other relatives decide to move in with you, an ADU will puzzle the problem out. Accessory dwelling units can be comfortable enough for retired people or children: you just have to emphasize the aim when talking to your building company.

      • Build an ADU for your guests

      If you live in a single-family residence but often organize various events where guests and close friends of your family are involved, maybe it is time to think of building an ADU next to your primary dwelling. Even if it has just one bedroom, it will already be more comfortable for your guests to stay at your place.

      • Build an ADU to make the property more attractive for renters

      If you rent the house, having an ADU may make it more pleasant for a big family. The more property you offer, the higher are chances to find a perfect tenant. Short-term rentals also might be easier with the additional property where people can stay during their vacation. If you find a family that doesn’t need any additional properties, you can just close your ADU and lower the rent.

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      General Information

      Auburn is a small California city with a population around 14 thousand people. Many people heard of it in relation to the California Gold Rush times. Currently, Auburn belongs to the metropolitan area of Sacramento and encompasses the well-known recreation and active sports area.

      The city is registered as a historical landmark of California. It was founded at the confluence of two forks of the American river in 1848 under a different name by a group of French gold miners, but a year later in 1849 the city-to-be acquired the name of Auburn and soon the location turned into a famous mining town, trading point and a railway station. Gold was discovered on the 16th of May 1848, making the area popular during the Gold Rush episode in the history.

      Throughout its history, Auburn was demolished by fire three times: in 1855, in 1859 and then again in 1863. Today it is a picturesque city with interesting history. One of the key attractions of Auburn is the statue of a miner in the old town neighborhood. Under it one can find drainage tunnels full of graffiti murals that become visible in a flashlight.

      The climate in Auburn is mild and sometimes the summers can be hot, even though the city is located on the western fringe of the mountains Sierra Nevada. The closest commercial airport is located in Sacramento in about 30 miles from Auburn. Private airports are available in the city.


      If you go to Auburn, you should visit the downtown. It is divided in two districts: a historic one, and a modern one.

      In the historic district you should see the impressive Gold Miner statue, the history of which goes back to the times when people arrived to search for gold. It can be found at the crossroads on the Lincoln Way and the Maple Street. If you go there to contemplate the statue, make sure you visit a tiny park behind it.

      Above the historic district area there is a Placer County Courthouse — a small museum located in the courthouse, where travelers can get to know some captivating facts from the local history and additional information.

      The restored Old Town has several houses and other building from the mid-19th century. For example, the fire station and the post office were founded during that years. Gold-mining tools and accessories become the top artefacts found in the Placer County Museum.

      Also, it the old part of the town there is a memorial to Clark Ashton Smith — a fantasy poet and writer, who was born in Auburn.

      You will hardly find any tourist attractions in the modern city district, just stores, other buildings and homes, but it’s a good idea to walk there anyway.


      Auburn is famous for the endurance sports events held here throughout the year. Some people call it the Endurance World’s capital, as many routes for races either start or end here.

      The history of the city and its modern culture are paired with active adventures outdoors. The place has long been a popular pit stop for travelers, whose destination was Lake Tahoe. Lots of people come to see multiple endurance sports events, for example running, trail or equestrian ride, Half Iron Triathlon competitions, bike rides, hiking events, rafting, and more.

      Meet Fast Fridays: in summer most of Friday evenings are taken for speedway racing or other bike competitions.


      Instead of buying plain souvenir magnets, we would suggest that you visit the Second Chance Thrift and the Luther Rd, if you travel to Auburn: it offers high-quality goods that you won’t find anywhere, like jewelry, collectables, furniture and gifts. Also, there are various art galleries and shops, where visitors can buy antiques and interesting things.

      It would also be recommended to buy a bottle local wine as a present to your friends and family as you visit Auburn.

      There are no major shopping malls or lanes full of branded stores, but the city is attractive with the parlors and small businesses that offer unique goods.

      Food and Drinks

      The place is famous for its wineries: so, when visiting Auburn you can take an opportunity to relax and explore the city wine scene. If you are more a beer-person, you should keep in mind there are several successful award-winning breweries in Auburn, famous for its awesome craft beer: Moonraker Brewing Co known for its hazy IPA, and a Knee Deep — a small brewery popular in beer fans for its West Coast-style IPA beer.

      Apart from good wines and beers, Auburn has a lot of good restaurants in the old part of the town. Grapes for wine are not the only crop making this area famous: Auburn is known for delicious citrus varieties. Look for the Mountain Mandarin Festival held annually to enjoy the local atmosphere and enjoy original local foods and drinks.

      Auburn ADU Construction Company

      If you are looking for a professional team providing the construction service in Auburn, try contacting the A+ Remodeling & Construction company. Whether you plan to build one of the junior ADUs or get an attached unit, convert a garage, or create a detached ADU on your property, the A+ will offer different kinds of property and develop a project of your dream with ease.

      With all the developed and finished projects, the company can ensure the best result and guarantee that your ADU will have the quality of a regular house. The company follows all fire safety standards and building requirements in Auburn. Below, we will touch on the legal aspect of ADUs in town.

      ADU Building Auburn

      Every American state and even city usually has its own law regulating the ADU topic. In California, laws are included in the state code, and Auburn follows the offered requirements.

      Each single-family home in the city may have one ADU and one junior ADU additionally. Besides the maximum number of ADUs, there are regulations regarding the maximum height of ADUs in California. The detached ADUs allowed in the state should have a maximum height of 16 ft; for the attached ADUs, the maximum height is 30 ft.

      Regarding the size, accessory dwelling units in the state are typically no more than 800 square feet. You can broaden the size up to 1200 square feet: for this, you shall apply to the Planning Division located in your city or county.

      There are additional parking requirements tied to ADUs construction on your land plot. For instance, if you build a junior ADU, there is no need to have a separate parking space for it; however, a detached or attached unit will require one.

      Speaking of the minimum lot size of accessory dwelling units in Auburn, there’s no such regulation. You don’t have to consider any minimum lot size requirement when constructing the property.

      These are the basic requirements for ADUs in Auburn. Norms and regulations may change, so we recommend consulting with the Planning Division in your area before you start building an additional property.

      Prefab ADU Construction

      This option fits those homeowners who would love to get an ADU and pay less than usual. It is possible to order a prefab accessory dwelling unit. The difference is that there is no designer or architect responsible for the construction. It is quite hard to estimate how much one will spend on a prefab unit; however, roughly, the price for a prefab unit is normally three or four times smaller than for the regular one.

      ADU Housing

      All in all, we have provided you with the most facts known about ADU property in Auburn. If you’re still thinking about whether to build one on your land or not, we would recommend going for it. The regulation of this sphere is not that strict yet, and an ADU can be a great opportunity to either broaden your own living space or to make your real estate more interesting for potential tenants.

      The last thing that we would always advise is to pay attention to the building company you pick for your project implementation. Remember to check all the licenses and permits before signing a contract and start the work.


      What can I convert my garage into?

      Your garage can easily be converted to a great accessory dwelling unit with a small bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The key to success is getting a smart construction team that will help you to create a convenient real property piece with a functional design. You can’t even imagine what your garage can be turned into! If you are interested in converting your garage into a cozy ADU, don’t hesitate to contact a professional team that will provide you with the best building service.

      Do ADUs add value to a home?

      Because ADUs are self-contained places where people can actually live, yes, they surely add some value to an existing property. Even if we talk about moderate junior ADUs, we should admit that they make every real property more attractive because they provide owners or renters with more opportunities. Having a smaller house located to a bigger property lets you play with the space differently and, moreover, invite other people to enjoy spending time together. It is also nice for short-term rentals and large families who visit Auburn for vacation.

      What types of ADUs can I build in Auburn?

      Depending on the project development and your aims, you can choose one of the ADUs types in Auburn: an attached or detached ADU, a junior ADU, or a conversion ADU. We have defined the difference between all the types above. The smart move is to discuss with the building company why you are interested in ADU development, among other properties, and what type is better for you. The company will determine the project type that fits perfectly for you and your family and provide you with the best service.

      Other Renovation Services in Auburn, CA

      Serviced ZIP codes: 95602, 95603, 95604

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      Hilary English
      Before moving to our new home in California, we decided to give the kitchen a more personalized feel. We contacted A+ Construction and Redemoling as a recommendation from a friend. Their designers took us through a number of designs. Today, all friends admire our kitchen. They truly didn't disappoint.
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      A+ Construction and Remodeling guys are the best! They helped us make many home repairs to prepare for listing our old home and are helping us right now with the set up in new house. The production team was fast and professional, and I love my new remodeled kitchen. Wouldn't hire anyone else!
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      Robert Ackerman
      They did an amazing job on our bathroom! Workers were friendly, clean and on time. They always kept in touch with us regarding anything that came up and even gave us updates on the work. Very responsive to my texts/calls if I had any questions. Will definitely use them again for any of our other remodel projects.
      Testimonial Jerry & Sheron S
      Jerry & Sheron S.
      We hired A+ Construction & Remodeling to convert our garage to an ADU. Both our project manager and the construction team were pleasant to work with. They were always on time and managed to finish the project even before the deadline they set for it. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. We would recommend A+ to anyone considering a home remodel or new construction.